Shenzhen Futian Railway Station

Shenzhen Futian Railway Station is a large underground railway station covering an area of about 36 acres (147,000 square meters), equal to 21 football fields.

The station is about 5 miles (9 km) from Splendid China, 6 miles (10 km) from Happy Valley, 5 miles (9 km) from Shenzhen Railway Station, 8 miles (12 km) from North Railway Station and 20 miles (32 km) from Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport.

Address: In the central business zone of Futian District
Futian Railway Station See-off Service

Schedule and Ticket Booking

As an important station along Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High Speed Rail Line, Shenzhen Futian Railway Station mainly operates bullet trains to/from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Humen etc. It takes only 14 minutes from Futian Station to Hong Kong.

 Major Rail Lines from this station to:

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Guangzhou South
C7006, C7006, C7120, C7120...
253 departures from 06:17 to 23:20
0h29m - 1h48mCNY 90/ 74
USD 13/ 11
Hong Kong
G5611, G5601, G5601, G5607...
90 departures from 06:44 to 22:07
0h14m - 0h28mCNY 109/ 68
USD 16/ 10
Beijing West
G336, G82, G80, D728 from 06:55 to 14:188h9m - 22h00mCNY 1,572.5/ 389
USD 231/ 57
Changsha South
G1022, G336, G6058, G1312...
53 departures from 06:54 to 18:33
2h49m - 6h1mCNY 603.5/ 388.5
USD 89/ 57
G1022, G336, G1312, G280...
42 departures from 06:54 to 17:52
4h10m - 7h41mCNY 838/ 538
USD 123/ 79
Zhengzhou East
G336, G1312, G280, G82...
19 departures from 06:55 to 16:31
5h47m - 11h00mCNY 1,063.5/ 676.5
USD 156/ 99
G1022, G336, G6098, G6058...
35 departures from 06:54 to 20:40
1h24m - 1h46mCNY 264/ 179
USD 39/ 26
C6802, C7282, G6352, D7148...
62 departures from 06:30 to 22:15
0h17m - 0h45mCNY 14/ 9
USD 2/ 1
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.
See more Shenzhen Train Schedule 
First Class Carriage
First Class Carriage

Station Plan

Futian Train Station has been built totally underground, with three storeys.
 -1F: transfer hall for metro and bullet trains, ticket office, hot drinking water, entrance, elevators
 -2F: waiting hall, check points, toilets, hot drinking water, entrance, left luggage, Passenger Transport Office, police, elevators, lifts
 -3F: platforms

How to get to the train station from downtown area?

 Arrival by bus:
At the station: 59, 327, E18, M221, M413, Gaofeng 62, Gaofeng 96
At west of Civil Square: 32, 102, 223, K204, N4
At Civil Center: 38, 41, 60, 64, 107, 123, 234, 235, 236, 374, 398, Gaofeng Special Line 96, M262, M390, M454, K578, N9

If arriving by bus, passengers will get off at the Civil Square. After, pay attention to the bilingual direction boards and follow them to find the entrance of the station. For those having booked a ticket in advance, enter the station directly and then go to the waiting hall on -2F to wait for the departure; for those without a ticket, the ticket office is on -1F. Go there and buy a ticket. Afterwards, go to the waiting hall.

Please note that there are three convenient entrances for passengers holding tickets, either E-ticket or paper ticket to go down to -2F directly.

 Arrival by metro:
At Fu Tian: Line 2 (Shekou Line), Line 3 (Longgang Line), Line 11 (Airport Line)

 Arrival by taxi:
For those arriving by taxi, they will be dropped off at the Civil Square.
From Duration (Minutes) Cost (CNY)
Shenzhen Railway Station 25 30
North Railway Station 20 35
Splendid China 15 25
Safari Park 30 50
Bao'an International Airport 50 90

Ticket Check and Boarding

Please read the ticket information carefully before checking-in and know exactly where to have your ID certificate bearing the ticket checked. After checking-in, follow the direction signs to the platforms on -3F to board.

How to exit and leave the station?

Upon arrival, all passengers will get off on -3F. Afterwards, take elevators or lifts to the transfer hall on -1F to exit and then take bus, metro or taxi to leave the station. Please note that altogether 36 exits are available in the station. So passengers should read the direction boards carefully and don't get lost.

 Leave by metro:
Passengers can take metro at the transfer hall on -1F.

 Leave by bus or taxi:
Passengers can find bus stops and taxi stands at the east side of the transfer hall on -1F. Or passengers can go up to the ground to take a bus or taxi.

 Transportation to other places:
 Splendid China:
After exiting from the station, walk 700 yards southward to Gou Wu Gong Yuan and then take metro Line 1 (Luobao Line) to Hua Qiao Cheng, getting out from exit D. And then walk 400 yards southeastward to the destination.

 Window of the World:
Take metro Line 2 (Shekou Line) to The Window of the World.

 Happy Valley:
Take metro Line 2 (Shekou Line) to The Window of the World and get out from Exit A, after that, walk 1000 yards northeastward to the happy valley.

 Shenzhen Railway Station:
1. Take metro Line 2 (Shekou Line) to Da Ju Yuan, and then transfer to metro Line 1 (Luobao Line) to Luo Hu. Afterwards, walk 400 yards westward to the station.
2. After exiting from the station, walk 700 yards southward to Gou Wu Gong Yuan and then take metro Line 1 (Luobao Line) to Luo Hu. Afterwards, walk 400 yards westward to the station.

 North Railway Station:
First, walk eastward to Shi Min Zhong Xin and then take metro Line 4 (Longhua Line) to the north station. Or one can also take a train to go there.

 East Railway Station:
Take metro line 3 to get there directly.

 Bao'an International Airport:
Take metro line 11 to the airport. The journey takes 45 minutes and ticket fare is CNY7. 

Facilities and Services

 Ticket Office
Two ticket offices are located on -1F, at the south and north side respectively. Passengers can go there to purchase, refund, or change tickets. There is also the barrier-free ticket window for the elder, weak, sick, disabled and pregnant. In addition, passengers can find a pay-upon-arrival ticket office on -2F.

 Waiting Hall:
Passengers can find the waiting hall on -2F. The hall can hold about 3000 passengers at a time and there are 4 check points available for passengers' convenience. Besides, other services such as luggage storage, hot drinking water, toilets, and passenger transport office are provided inside the waiting hall.

 Information Desk:
The information desk is set up inside the waiting hall on -3F. Passengers can go there and ask about the direction or ask for help when having any doubts.

 Bilingual Direction Signs:
There are many bilingual signs inside and outside the station. By following those signs, passengers can easily go where they want to go.
- Last updated on Apr. 02, 2024 -
Questions & Answers on Shenzhen Futian Railway Station
Asked by Sammie from USA | Jun. 12, 2024 17:36Reply
Hello I'm Travelling from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to Shenzhen Futian Station and will need to
Hello I'm Travelling from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to Shenzhen Futian Station and will need to this hotel, Lanez Hotel Shenzhen Huaqiang Road Subway Station
蓝尔兹酒店(华强路地铁站店) Next to Antianmin North Dumplings.
How do I travel there by high speed train? Also from the Futian station to the hotel?
Answers (1)
Answered by Marcy | Jun. 12, 2024 20:50

After getting off Hong Kong - Shenzhen Futian high speed train, you can take metro line 1 at Futian Train Station to Huaqiang North, exit D out and walk north for 500m to find the hotel.
Asked by T from SINGAPORE | Apr. 01, 2024 18:10Reply
Is Futian Station operational now?
I am staying at a hotel near Windows of the World.

I intend to travel to Hong Kong via high-speed train on 12th April 2024 (Friday).

Is it more convenient for me to board the train at Shenzhen North or Futian Station?

Are there immigration counters for foreigners at both stations?

Is Futian Station operational now?

Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Keith | Apr. 02, 2024 00:27

Futian Station is more convenient, only 25min by metro.
You will go through the immigration of both HK and China Mainland when arriving in HK West Kowloon HSR Station.
Futian Station is operational now.
Asked by Thomas from GERMANY | Feb. 28, 2024 08:06Reply
Leave Shenzhen to Hong Kong without Visa possible from Futian Railway Station
I will imigrate 9th of march from Hong Kong to Shenzhen without Visa (German Passport). Is it possible to leave Futian Railway Station by speed Train to Hong Kong two days later 11th of march?
Answers (3)
Answered by Helen | Feb. 28, 2024 18:30

Yes, it is!
Answered by Thomas | Mar. 01, 2024 00:30

Thank you!

Is it also possible to enter Shenzhen by Express Train from Hong Kong to Futian Railway Station around 6-7pm without visa for two days?
Answered by Tina | Mar. 03, 2024 19:43

Yes, it is okay.
Asked by Barbara from FRANCE | Jun. 09, 2020 18:42Reply
Do the trains available from Futian to Hong Kong at the moment?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Jun. 10, 2020 19:33

Not yet. Due to the virus, all trains between mainland China and Hong Kong are stopped. Please check again at a later date.
Asked by Obed from CAMBODIA | Aug. 01, 2019 00:53Reply
Is there any train from Futian Station to Guangzhou North Train Station?
I can only see Guangzhou South online.
Answers (1)
Answered by Nathalia from POLAND | Aug. 01, 2019 17:57

If you want to go to Guangzhou North Station in particular, there are indeed 2 high speed rides a day: G6072 (07:52/08:59) and G6264 (20:14/21:23). Other rides all went to South Station.
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