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Shenzhen to Yangzhou Train

At present, 1 Shenzhen to Yangzhou train is shuttling from Shenzhen East Railway Station to Yangzhou Railway Station. The Shenzhen to Yangzhou train needs about 25.5 hours to complete the trip as long as 1,770 kilometers (1,100 miles). The ticket price of a soft sleeper is CNY 666 and of a hard sleeper is CNY 438.

Basic Facts of Shenzhen to Yangzhou Train

 Travel Time: 25.5 hours or so
 Travel Distance: 1,770 kilometers (1,100 miles)
 Operated at: Shenzhen East Railway Station, Yangzhou Railway Station
 Major Stations along the Way: Shenzhen East, Dongguan East, Huizhou, Ganzhou, Nancahng, Jiujiang, Anqing West, Tongcheng, Lujiang, Hefei, Bengbu, Mingguang, Chuzhou North and Yangzhou.

Shenzhen to Yangzhou Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train D376:
1Shenzhen North -06:27
2Huizhou North 06:5807:00
3Heyuan East 07:2207:29
4Xinfeng West 08:3508:37
5Ganzhou West 08:5609:02
6Xingguo West 09:2909:39
7Jian [Jiangxi] West 10:1410:16
8Xingan [Jiangxi] East 10:4110:43
9Nanchang West 11:2311:32
10Yongxiu 11:5211:59
11Dean 12:1412:16
12Lushan [Jiangxi] 12:3212:34
13Qianshan [Anhui] 13:1413:16
14Anqing 13:3913:43
15Tongling 14:1314:15
16Wuhu 14:4314:45
17Nanjing South 15:1515:19
18Zhenjiang 15:4715:49
19Yangzhou East 16:1816:20
20Baoying 16:4716:49
21Huaian East 17:0417:06
22Lianshui 17:1817:20
23Lianyungang 17:57-
Shenzhen North
Yangzhou East
Details of the Train K92:
1Shenzhen East -17:55
2Dongguan East 18:3418:40
3Huizhou 19:2319:27
4Heyuan 20:1720:23
5Longchuan [Guangdong] 21:1821:22
6Ganzhou 00:5400:58
7Nanchang 05:2905:51
8Jiujiang 07:0807:14
9Huangmei 07:5908:02
10Tianzhushan 09:1009:13
11Huaining 09:3609:42
12Tongcheng 10:1510:19
13Lujiang 10:4410:47
14Hefei 12:1312:57
15Bengbu 15:3015:58
16Mingguang 16:3616:39
17Chuzhou North 17:2217:25
18Yangzhou 19:1919:22
19Taizhou [Jiangsu] 20:0220:05
20Nantong 21:17-
Shenzhen East

Where to Go in Yangzhou

If you want to appreciate the beauty of man-made scenery, you should go to the Slender West Lake. In ancient times, Chinese literary man came here to chant poems or write poems praising the beauty of Slender West Lake. As a result, you can see lots of places relating to ancient Chinese literati in the scenic area like Chess Room and Music Room. Renting a boat to appreciate the beauty of Slender West Lake is the best way to explore its beauty. On the boat, you can see trees, pavilions and other architectures in both sides with their shadow reflected on the clear water.

Dongguan Street Historical Area

There are lots of historical relics in the area such as Zhang Yuliang Memorial Hall, Li Changle Memorial Hall, Hua Family Garden and Wu Daotai Family House. If you are interested in arts, you can visit Zhang Yuliang Memorial Hall where you can see lots of paintings and things she used. The Hua Family Garden also deserves a visit. You can wander in the garden, or just appreciate the man-made lake and rockeries in different shapes. Moreover, you can taste some local specialties including rice dumplings with lotus power, dumplings with noodles and Huangqiao sesame seed cake in Dongguan Street after your visit.

Macro Polo Flower World

Macro Polo Flower World embodies about 10 million flowers from different countries in the world. In the theme Park, you can see various flowers in World Flower Art Exhibition Area. You can also see flowers in Dutch Fantasy Flower Field, Italian Flower Carpet, European Style Garden, Creative flower sculptures and so on. If you want to see more about flower art, you can explore further in the area. Then you will find 7 theme flower gardens relating to Venice style and Mediterranean style there.

Most importantly, you will have the chance to see the art flower sea in the world-level size, and the first fantasy flower hills in the world. If you are tired and don’t know what to see, don’t worry, you can walk along the flower stream, listening to birds’ singing and the sound of running water. Here come to the conclusion: whatever relates to flowers in your mind can be found in the exhibition area.

Yangzhou to Shenzhen Train

1 Yangzhou to Shenzhen train is in service from Yangzhou Railway Station to Shenzhen East Railway Station, taking about 24 hours.

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Major Rail Lines from Shenzhen to:
Major Rail Lines from Yangzhou to:

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