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Beijing to Yangzhou Train

Up to now,  Beijing Railway Station handles 1 train to Yangzhou Jiangdu Railway Station, taking the total travel time of about 5.5 hours.

The train ticket fare for a second class seat is CNY 451 and for a first class seat is CNY 747.

For more railway travel options, one may make a transfer in Nanjing, taking 7 - 7.5 hours. 


Beijing - Yangzhou Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G2571:
Beijing South
Yangzhou East
Details of the Train G2573:
1Beijing South -12:08
2Tianjin South 12:4212:44
3Dezhou East 13:2813:30
4Jinan West 13:5413:59
5Zaozhuang 14:4914:52
6Xuzhou East 15:1015:13
7Suining [Jiangsu] 15:3915:41
8Suqian 15:5315:55
9siyang 16:1016:12
10Huaian East 16:2916:32
11Gaoyou North 16:5416:56
12Jiangdu 17:2117:23
13Taizhou [Jiangsu] 17:42-
Beijing South
Details of the Train G2577:
1Beijing South -14:52
2Langfang 15:1415:31
3Cangzhou West 16:0716:09
4Jinan West 16:5517:00
5Tengzhou East 17:4518:03
6Xuzhou East 18:3018:32
7Huaian East 19:3019:32
8Baoying 19:4819:50
9Gaoyou 20:0720:09
10Jiangdu 20:2720:32
11Taizhou [Jiangsu] 20:51-
Beijing South
Details of the Train Z29:
1Beijing -21:33
2Mingguang 06:2206:26
3Yangzhou 08:00-

Transfer in Nanjing for More Options

Beijing South to Nanjing South Nanjing to Yangzhou  Nanjing to Yangzhou  Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G101 06:43 - 11:14 D5522 13:20 - 14:11  7h28m CNY 443.5 + CNY 37.5 = CNY 481
G143 07:50 - 11:55 D5526 13:56 - 14:44 6h54m 
G55 08:10 - 12:42 D5532 14:47 - 15:36 7h26m
G129 12:10 - 16:26 D5536 18:13 - 19:06 6h54m 
G137 13:35 - 17:50 D5542 19:56 - 20:46 7h12m
G43 14:05 - 18:26 D5546 20:30 - 21:18 7h13m 
From Nanjing South Railway Station to Nanjing Railway Station, one can take metro line 1. The travel time is about 30 minutes.

Top Things to Do in Yangzhou

As the representative of traditional Chinese man-made garden, Slender West Lake presents many architectures with elegant styles. 24 scenic attractions can be found in the lake, like the White Pagoda, the Five Pavilion Bridge, Xiaojin Hill and etc.
 Bamboo and rocks are the principal elements in the garden. The combination of bamboo and rocks is the perfect mixture of the North and the South. In addition, one can also see different rockeries in four different rockery areas such as 12 rockeries shaped like 12 zodiac animals of China, rockeries like clouds and mountain peak, and rockery shaped like lions.
 The garden was once a private garden. It consists of Sliced Stone Mountain Villa, Residential Area, East Garden and West Garden and tourists can visit the garden in an orderly way.

Taste Yangzhou Fried Rice

Yangzhou is also a city full of famous foods. Yangzhou fried rice is reputed as the finest among them, you should try it when you arrive at Yangzhou. In addition, when travelling to Yangzhou, you shouldn’t miss other local specialties like pickles, sticky candy, ginkgo, Qionghuayu liquor, Nanshan green tea, Baoying lotus root starch, Jiangdu short pastry and etc.

Appreciate Yangzhou Embroidery

Yangzhou Embroidery is famous for its clear composition, elegant colors and various stiches. Figures, flowers and birds, and mountains and rivers are most frequently used as the material to embroider in the silk. If you want to take some souvenir when you go back home after your trip in Yangzhou, embroidery should be your top choice.

Yangzhou to Beijing Train

1 train runs from Yangzhou to Beijing, taking about 5.5 hours.

 Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:
 Major Rail Lines from Yangzhou to:
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Questions & Answers on Beijing to Yangzhou Train
Asked by Agatha from RUSSIA | Apr. 01, 2020 17:08Reply
What would happen if I missed the train to Yangzhou when changing train in Nanjing?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Apr. 02, 2020 17:07

Thank you for your inquiry.

Considering the time to travel between Nanjing South and Nanjing Station and also the boarding time at Nanjing Station, it is between to have no less than 1.5 hours between. If you did missed the booked train, please try to change to a later train at Nanjing Station. Please find the ticket change window and let the staff to find you a later train. According to the policy, ticket can be changed one time even after original departure time. Hope this information can help you.
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