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Shenzhen-Hangzhou Train

Currently, there are 9 pairs of trains running daily between Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Among them, 7 pairs are bullet trains running in daytime and 2 pairs of normal types running overnight. Except these rides, some bullet overnight sleeper trains are available on appointed dates each week.

Besides, there are many flights between taking around 2 hours, but the price is usually higher than rail service. During the off season, the airline would offer discounted ticket and the flight may become more competitive. You may check both ways of transfer and then make a final decision.

High Speed Trains

All of them are running between Shenzhen North Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station at a top speed of 155 mi/h (250 km/h),

7 pairs rides are running in the daytime and available on a daily basis. Their duration is around 10 to 11 hours for the 910-mile (1,464 kilometers) trip.

4 high speed overnight sleeper trains run from Hangzhou to Shenzhen but only available every Friday to next Monday. They take around 9.5 hours for the same route. There are not only second class seats but also deluxe soft sleepers and soft sleepers onboard.

These overnight D types can be a good way to save hotel cost and daytime for visit. Passengers who are interested in these rides are recommended to choose the sleeper to guarantee a good rest. Their price for is not fixed, it changes from time to time based on the adjustment of Railway Authority. The price can rise up during peak season and decrease during off season.

 Shenzhen to Hangzhou High Speed Train Schedule:

(Last Update on December 6th, 2017)
Shenzhen Schedule
Nos. Duration
D3126, D3108, D2284, D2282...
7 departures from 07:00 to 11:24
10h25m - 11h9m

D906*, D932*, D936*, D942*
4 departures from 20:00 to 20:20


 Hangzhou to Shenzhen Bullet Train Timetable:

(Last Update on December 6th, 2017)
Hangzhou Schedule
Nos. Duration
D3111, D2287, D3125, D2285...
7 departures from 07:33 to 12:29
10h11m - 10h34m
D941*, D931*, D935*, D905*
4 departures from 20:55 to 21:10
9h33m - 9h43m
1. * Available every Friday to next Monday.
2. Timetable here is for reference only. For the most up-to-date schedule, you can search for it by the tool on the page top.

 Ticket Price (CNY):
First Class Seat Second Class Seat Deluxe Soft Sleeper Soft Sleeper
CNY819 CNY512/ 432 CNY1,420 CNY850
Note: There may be discount for the overnight sleepers in low seasons. What shows in the above table is the full fare of the lower berth.

Stopovers along the way: Huizhou South, Huidong, Houmen, Shanwei, Lvfeng, Kuitan, Puning, Chaoyang, Chaoshan, Raoping, Zhaoan, Yunxiao, Zhangpu, Zhangzhou, Jiaomei, Xiamen North, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Putian, Hanjiang, Fuqing, Fuzhou South, Lianjiang, Luoyuan, Ningde, Fuan, Xiapu, Taimushan, Fuding, Cangnan, Aojiang, Ruian, Wenzhou South, Yongjia, Yueqing, Shenfang, Yandangshan, Wenling, Taizhou in Zhejiang, Linhai, Sanmenxian, Ninghai, Fenghua, Ningbo, Zhuangqiao, Yuyao North, Shangyu North, Shaoxing North.

Normal Trains:

 Shenzhen to Hangzhou Train Schedule
:  T212, T102 at 13:08 and 16:02
 Hangzhou to Shenzhen Train Timetable
: T211, T101 at 13:45 and 15:17
 Running Length: 943 miles (1,517 kilometers)
 Duration: 16.5-17 hours
 Ticket Price (CNY): 597.5 per person for Soft Sleeper; 393.5 per person for Hard Sleeper; 219.5 per person for Hard Seat

Different from high speed type, normal rides use Shenzhen Railway Station instead which is close to the Luohu (Lo Wu) Port between Hong Kong and mainland.

They are also overnight sleeper trains, but cost less, hence are good options for budget travelers although take longer time on the way. If traveling by them, it is highly recommended to book a sleeper, so that you can have a good rest and start the visit next day energetically.

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 Major Rail Lines from Hangzhou to:
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