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Shenzhen to Zhongshan Train

2 Shenzhen to Zhongshan high speed trains are in service. It takes about 1.5 hours to finish the journey with a distance of 172 km (107 mi). G6338 serves every day, while D944 serves from Saturday to next Tuesday every week.

The second class seat of G6338 costs CNY 114.5 and the first class seat of this Shenzhen to Zhongshan train costs CNY 149.5. For D944, the second class seat costs CNY 87, the new soft sleeper costs CNY 435.

Both of these two trains start from Shenzhen North Railway Station, and arrive at Zhongshan Railway Station.     

Basic Facts of Shenzhen to Zhongshan High Speed Train 

 Open Date: January 3rd, 2017 
 Duration: 1.5 hours
 Running distance: 172 kilometers (107miles)
 Top speed: 300 km/h (186 mph)
 Intermediate station along the way: Guangmingcheng, Guangzhou South

Shenzhen to Zhongshan Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train D944:
1Shanghai Hongqiao -19:55
2Hangzhou East 20:5220:54
3Ningbo 21:4521:48
4Taizhou [Zhejiang] 22:4522:48
5Shenzhen North 06:2706:31
6Guangzhou South 07:0307:24
7Zhongshan [Guangdong] 07:5808:01
8Zhuhai 08:28-
Shenzhen North
Zhongshan [Guangdong]
Details of the Train G6142:
1Shenzhen North -08:20
2Qingsheng 08:4208:48
3Guangzhou South 09:0109:05
4Chenzhou West 10:2210:24
5Hengyang East 10:5711:01
6Xidu 11:2511:27
7Shaodong 11:5611:58
8Shaoyang 12:1212:15
9Longhui 12:3512:37
10Dongkou 12:5512:57
11Anjiang East 13:1913:21
12Huaihua South 13:36-
Shenzhen North
Zhongshan [Guangdong]
Details of the Train G6338:
1Meizhou West -11:08
2Jianqiao [Guangdong] 11:2411:26
3Fengshun East 11:3411:36
4Jieyang 11:4711:49
5Jieyang Airport 12:0112:03
6Chaoshan 12:1212:32
7Puning 12:5312:55
8Shanwei 13:3013:32
9Huizhou South 14:0814:10
10Shenzhen North 14:4014:44
11Guangmingcheng 14:5314:59
12Guangzhou South 15:2615:44
13Zhongshan [Guangdong] 16:1316:15
14Zhuhai 16:42-
Shenzhen North
Zhongshan [Guangdong]

Where to Go in Zhongshan

Zhongshan Zhan Park:

Located 22 kilometers (13.5 miles) southwest of Zhongshan Railway Station, Zhan Park is the largest private classical garden in Southern China at present. Taking boats, passengers can enjoy the water villages, experience filial piety culture, watch Sichuan Opera Face and magic show, and taste Xiaoxin pie, the specialty of Zhan Park. Passengers can walk to Zhongshan urban rail station, take bus 005 and get off at Chengnan Coach, and then transfer to bus 206 at this station and get off at Zhongshan Zhan Park bus station.    

The Museum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen:

Located 24 kilometers (15 miles) southeast of Zhongshan Railway Station, the Museum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen is a memorial museum featuring the former residence of Sun Yat-sen. Exhibition of Folk Houses in Cuiheng Village, Zhongshan Movie Town, and Cuiheng Village are in the neighborhood. Passengers can deeply experience the life of Sun Yat-sen and get to know the local customs. From the Zhongshan Railway Station, passengers can walk to Zhongshan urban rail station, take bus K26 and get off at the Museum of Sun Yat-sen. 

ZhongShan Movie Town:

Located 23 kilometers (14 miles) southeast of Zhongshan Railway Station, it is regarded as one of the top 10 film and television bases in China. Combining tourism, patriotic education, and film and television shooting, it is a large-scale comprehensive tourist area. Passengers can take photos at various exhibition areas, experience the amusement facilities and revisit the Zhongshan period. From the Zhongshan Railway Station, passengers can take Zhongshan urban rail B12 and get off at Linggang stop, the Linggang bus station is only 15 meters away, then transfer to bus 12 and get off at Zhongshan Movie Town.       

Zhongshan to Shenzhen Train:

2 Zhongshan to Shenzhen high speed trains are running daily, containing G6340 and D942, taking 1.5 hours. D942 is available from Friday to next Monday every week. Therefore, passengers should check carefully when booking.

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