Tianjin Metro Maps

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Tianjin Metro Map
Tianjin subway map

Tianjin is the second city in China owing the subway system following Beijing. Currently, five metro lines are operating, including line 1, line 2, line 3, line 6 and line 9 (Light Rail Line). The extending section of line 1, line 5, line 6 as well as the south sections of line 4 and line 10 are under construction. They will serve the public in the near future.

Tianjin Subway Logo Tianjin Metro:

Operating Metro Lines:

 Line 1: Liuyuan ⇔ Tianjin University of Finance & Economics
 Line 2: Caozhuang ⇔ Binhai International Airport
 Line 3: Xiaodian ⇔ South Railway Station
 Line 6: Nancuiping ⇔ Nansunzhuang
 Line 9 (Light Rail): Tianjin Railway Station ⇔ Donghai Road

Lines under Construction and to be Constructed:

 Line 5: Beichen Science & Technology Park North ⇔ Liqizhuang South
 Line 4: Xiaojie Street ⇔ Civil Aviation University of China
 Line 7: Dabizhuang ⇔ Liyuantou
 Line 8: Xiaodian ⇔ Zhangjiawo High-Speed Train Station
 Line 10: Xinhua Road ⇔ Erjing Road
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Tianjin Metro Planning Map
Tianjin Metro Planning Map

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