10 Best Places to Visit in Tianjin for First-time Visitors

Tianjin, next to Beijing, is a large tourist city in northern China. Most of the attractions in Tianjin are cultural sites, which witnessed the tough modern history of the city even China. There are also a few scenic areas for tourists to enjoy the natural beauty. Below is the list of top places to visit in Tianjin, which are those most-visited for your reference.

Five Great Avenues is a must Tianjin place to visit. Originally, it was the foreign concession, so you can see more than 2,000 old buildings in western styles in the block, including over 300 well preserved ones in British, Italian, French, German, and Spanish styles. It might be the most complete western architecture complex nationwide. If interested, you could ride the horse cart to go through the avenues, which make you feel like travelling to the past. Other interesting ways to visit those exotic houses are taking a rickshaw or riding a bicycle.

Jinwan Square

Jinwan Square, in the city center by Haihe River, is the busiest area and the best site to capture the cityscapes in Tianjin. Standing there, you could see the former French concession with various western buildings and hundred-year-old Jiefang Bridge. Behind, the landmark Century Clock and Tianjin Railway Station show you modern cityscape of Tianjin. Thus Jinwan Square becomes one of top places to go in Tianjin, to see both the old and new look of the city. The night views are even more beautiful with the help of colorful lights. 
Among all places to visit in Tianjin China, Ancient Cultural Street is the best for culture lovers. Centered on the Temple of the Queen of Heaven, it preserves many time-honored shops selling featured handicrafts and local food. You could admire the traditional porcelains, lacquerwares, embroideries, colored clay sculptures, wood-block paintings, etc. and taste mouth-watering Goubuli Steamed Buns, Pancake Rolled with Crisp Fritter, and more local snacks. Around Chinese New Year and the 23rd day of the third lunar month, there are grand temple fairs, making the ancient street the most bustling place in the whole city.

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Tianjin Eye is a giant ferris wheel constructed on a bridge over Haihe River. Sitting in the carriage of Tianjin Eye, you would overlook the cars driving past the bridge and the magnificent cityscapes along Haihe River as the carriage reaches its highest point of 120 meters (394 feet). Especially, the brilliant night cityscapes are more charming. So Tianjin Eye is listed to be one of Tianjin places of interest. The carriages move slowly, and you can enjoy a ride as long as half an hour.

Italian Style Street

When traveling to Tianjin, how could you miss visiting Italian Style Street? This is a Mediterranean style block seldom seen elsewhere all over China, so being a unique Tianjin place to visit. You will feel like entering an Italian town. Mostly built in early 20th century, these old Italian style buildings have been preserved well, many of which are former residences of the celebrities back then, such as that of the military leader Feng Guozhang, the famous scholar Liang Qichao, and so on. After visiting, you could step into a restaurant there to taste the Italian cuisine, or other western foods.
If you’re interested in aircraft carrier, you cannot miss Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park. It’s a special place to see in Tianjin, where you can see an aircraft carrier of the former Soviet Union docking by Bohai Sea. Visitors are even allow to go inside to see the command center and other cabins. It also displays weapon models for military fans. What’s more, the Russian Style Street in the theme park offers delicious Russian foods and folk performances, etc.

Jingyuan Garden

Jingyuan Garden is a quiet place to visit in Tianjin. It is a typical private residence in early 20th century, combining Spanish and Japanese styles, where the last emperor of China, Puyi lived from July of 1929 to November of 1931. In addition to the architecture itself, you could learn about the modern history of China and the life stories about Puyi through the exhibitions inside. Hidden in trees and flowers, it’s also a great place to escape from bustle and hustle of the city, and enjoy some leisurely time.

Yangliuqing Ancient Town

In the northwestern suburb of Tianjin, Yangliuqing Ancient Town, one of the historical Tianjin points of interest, is especially famous for its folk arts. The Yangliuqing wood-block painting was created there, which is the most famous art form there. If interested, you may learn to make a wood-block painting in person. In addition to the wood-block paintings, the kite making, paper cuttings, and more folk arts can be seen there. Coming here, you are also advised to take a walk along the old stone alleys to visit ancient opera stage, archways, and the old folk houses.
Referring to Tianjin China points of interest, Mt. Panshan should be mentioned, especially when one is interested in natural scenery. North to Tianjin downtown and east to Beijing, Mt. Panshan is honored to be the No.1 Mountain in the surroundings of Beijing. The Emperor Qianlong paid 32 visits to Panshan, and gave high praise to the landscapes there. Although it’s not high, it is a good place for mountaineering. You could see the rolling green mountains, strange-shaped peaks and rocks, waterfalls in the valley, etc. Besides, ancient temples, pagoda forest, and more historical sites on Mt. Panshan are also the reasons drawing tourists.

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Tianjin Fantawild Adventure

For young travelers seeking for thrill and fun, Tianjin Fantawild Adventure must be one of the top places to visit in Tianjin. It is themed on Chinese elements, where you can appreciate the beauty of the ancient land, learn the old stories and try the exciting amusement facilities. You can try the corsair, roller coasters, water slide, The Challenger Run, Sonic Drop, and so on. Double-decked merry-go-round, go-karting The Dippy Doo, and some indoor rides are quite interesting for kids, too.

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