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English Xian Metro Map
Xian Subway Map
(Latest Update on May 7, 2018)

Operating Metro Lines:

 Line 1: Houweizhai – Fangzhicheng
 Line 2: Beikezhan (North Railway Station) – Weiqunan
 Line 3: Yuhuazhai – Baoshuiqu

Lines under Construction and to be Constructed:

 Line 4 (North-South): Beikezhan – Hangtian Xincheng
 Line 13Beikezhan – Dong Hangzhanlou
 Line 5 (Northwest-East) Yuyao – Fangzhicheng Railway Station
 Line 6 (Southwest-East) South Railway Station – Fangzhicheng
 Line 7: Xianyang City – Qujiang (Xian City)
 Line 8: Fengcheng 2nd Road – Fengcheng 2nd Road (a circle line)
 Line 9: Outsourcing Base – Hangtiancheng (Aviation City)
 Line 10: International Trade & Logistics Park – Weibei Industrial Park East
 Line 11: Qujiang – Lintong District
 Line 12: Expanded High-Tech Industrial Park – Airport New City in Xixian New Area
 Line 14: Fengxi New City – Yanliang District
 Line 15: Huxian County – Outsourcing Base

Xian Subway Planning Map
Xian Metro Planning Map

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