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Map of Downtown Xian
Xi'an map with all main streets, scenic spots, hotels

Situated in the Guanzhong Plain on the middle reaches of the Yellow River, Xian is reputed as one of the four most famous ancient capitals in the world. In this Xian map, both English and Chinese notes can be seen. The city has a very orderly layout. The green enclosure in the middle is the Xian City Wall. The Bell Tower stands in the very center. Four straight streets radiate from there, including East, South, West and North streets. Xian boasts many attractions. This map only shows you the major sights in the downtown. Among those, the Bell & Drum towers, Grand Mosque, Shaanxi Provincial History Museum, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang's Paradise are the must-sees.

Xian City Map
Xian City Map
Tourist Map
Xian tourist attractions map
Map of Transportation outside Xian Railway Station
Map of Transportation outside Xian Railway Station
Xian Subway Map
Xian subway map

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