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Map of Downtown Xi'an
Xi'an map with all main streets, scenic spots, hotels

Situated in the Guanzhong Plain on the middle reaches of the Yellow River, Xi'an is reputed as one of the four most famous ancient capitals in the world. In this Xi'an map, both English and Chinese notes can be seen. The city has a very orderly layout. In Xi'an city layout map, the green enclosure in the middle is the Xi'an City Wall. The Bell Tower stands in the very center. Four straight streets radiate from there, including East, South, West and North streets. Xi'an boasts many attractions. This map only shows you the major sights in the downtown. Among those, the Bell & Drum towers, Grand Mosque, Shaanxi Provincial History Museum, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang's Paradise are the must-sees.

Xi'an City Map
Xi'an City Map
Xi'an Tourist Map
Xi'an tourist attractions map
Xi'an China Map
Xi'an China Map
Map of Transportation outside Xi'an Railway Station
Map of Transportation outside Xi'an Railway Station
Xi'an Metro Map
Xi'an subway map

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Questions & Answers on Xian Maps
Asked by Ina from GERMANY | Oct. 26, 2018 08:41Reply
Hallo i like to now if someone knows how to get from the train station Xian to downtown ?
And how long it takes ?
Thanks in advance ;-)
Ina .
Answers (2)
Answered by Abagail from BRAZIL | Oct. 28, 2018 23:01

There are many buses running between the downtown and the train station. Don't worry about this and it is convenient in this city to take a bus or taxi. For example, if you want to the Bell Tower or Muslim Quarter, you can take the bus No.603/ 611/ 16... and within 30 minutes, you can get there.
Answered by Ina from GERMANY | Oct. 29, 2018 04:41

Thankā€˜s so much ;-))) Dir your help .
Asked by SOGOH from MALAYSIA | Aug. 10, 2018 00:00Reply
how to go tianshui from xian downtown ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bob from USA | Aug. 12, 2018 20:04

You can take a high speed train from North Railway Station and it take about 2 hours to get there.
Asked by Justine from UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Jun. 29, 2018 05:12Reply
How do I get from the 306 (tourist no 5) bus stop (north railway station) to Han Tang House Hostel?
Answers (1)
Answered by John from CANADA | Jul. 01, 2018 21:53

Hi, actually the 306 (tourist no 5) bus stop is at the Railway Station but not North Railway Station, so which one station will you arrive at?
If you depart from North Railway Station, you can take the Metro Line 2 from the north railway station to Bell Tower. Get out of the Exit D and walk to east about 700m you can get the hotel easily.
If you depart from the railway station, you can take the bus line 251 from the railway station to Xincheng Square and walk about 150m you can get the hotel.
Asked by Ann from MALAYSIA | Jun. 26, 2018 00:44Reply
how do i get to Xian Left Art Fashion Hotel 172 Nan Avenue from Xianyang International Airport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ferry from HONDURAS | Jun. 26, 2018 22:33

You can take the shuttle bus Longhai Hotel Line from the airport to the railway station and walk to south about 400m to take bus line 11. Get off at South Gate Station and walk about 300m you can get there.
Asked by Alan from SINGAPORE | Apr. 27, 2018 05:05Reply
Hi, I'm reaching Xianyang Airport at 2245hrs.
What is the best way to get to No.304, BC Zone, Shuncheng Wuye?
Answers (2)
Answered by Mile from SINGAPORE | Apr. 27, 2018 21:40

Take shuttle bus nanshaomen line to Nanshaomen, and then walk north for 1km to the hotel or take a taxi there.
Answered by Alan from SINGAPORE | Apr. 28, 2018 05:51

Thanks Mile!
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