Xi'an Suburban Bus

Bus No.915
Bus No.915
Besides the city-buses running in the urban area, there are also a number of buses operating to the suburb of Xi'an, such as Xianyang City, Baqiao District, Lintong District and Lantian County. Xi'an suburban buses supply helpful transportation for the residents living in the suburb. On the other hand, they supply visitors with much convenience since some tour destinations can be reached by these lines, such as the famous Terracotta Army Museum.

Sanfuwan Coach Station - Terracotta Army Museum
Stops: Sanfuwan Coach Station - north end of Kangfu Lu - Shili Pu - Lintong Campus of Xi'an Polytechnic University - Lintong Campus of Xi'an University of Science and Technology - Nursing Home of Xinjiang Military Area - Nursing Home of Land Forces - Huaqing Pool - Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum
Operating Hours: 06:00 - 20:30 with an interval of 3 minutes
Ticket Fare: CNY13

Sanfuwan Coach Station - Daiwang Village of Lintong District
Stops: Sanfuwan Coach Station - north end of Kangfu Lu - Shili Pu - Lintong Campus of Xi'an Polytechnic University - Lintong Campus of Xi'an University of Science and Technology - Nursing Home of Xinjiang Military Area - Nursing Home of Land Forces - Huaqing Pool - Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor - Terracotta Army Museum
Operating Hours: 06:30 - 19:30
Ticket Fare: CNY12

 No. 307
Tangchengqiang Jiuqu Hub - Terracotta Army Museum
Stops: Qujiangchi Donglu Beikou - south gate of Tang Paradise - Tang Paradise - Giant Wild Goose Pagoda - Saga Computer Mall - Xibu Jiajucheng - Shapo - Huzhulu Lijiao - Qinggong Shichang - Wanshoulu - Changlepo - Banpo Museum Bus Hub - Buzicun - Tangdu Hospital - Fangzhicheng Hub - Baqiao - Huokou - Shaopingdian - Lengdongchang - Xiekou - Lintong Campus of Xi'an Polytechnic University - Lintong Campus of Xi'an University of Science and Technology - Nursing Home of Xinjiang Military Area - Nursing Home of Land Forces - Huaqing Pool - Lintong Dongguan - Dongsancha
Operating Hours: 07:00 - 19:00
Ticket Fare: CNY8

Hancheng Lu - Maocheng Lu Kou
Stops: Xi'an West Coach Station - San Qiao - Xianyang Corps Hospital - Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine - Xianyang Stadium - Tuanjie Lu - Weicheng Middle School - Xianyang Railway Station
Operating Hours: 06:20 - 20:50
Ticket Fare: CNY5 (air-conditioned bus)

Keji Er Lu Zhong Duan – Cuihua Mountain
Stops: Baisha Lu - Electric City - Ziwei Garden - Shaanxi Provincial Boai Hospital - Xi'an Shiyou University - Xi'an TV Tower - The People's Government of Chang'an District - Shaanxi Vocational & Technical College - Shaanxi TB Prevention and Treatment Hospital - Xi'an Fanyi University
Operating Hours: 06:30 - 19:30
Ticket Fare: CNY5.5

Bus No. 914
Bus No. 914
Sanqiao East – Baqiao District
Stops: China Xi'an Electric Group - Laodong Lu - Yuxiang Men - Lianhu Park - Bei Da Jie - Kangfu Lu - Jinhua Lu - Air Force Engineering University - Baqiao Railway Station
Operating Hours: 06:10 - 19:30
Ticket Fare: CNY2 (with conductor)

Sanfuwan Coach Station - Xumiao
Stops: Hujiamiao - Wanshou Lu -  Tangdu Hospital - Maheqiao - Yangyan - Xinzhuang - Luoli Village - Angou - Malou Primary School - Yuanju Temple
Operating Hours: 06:30 - 19:00
Ticket Fare: CNY15

Xi'an Coach Station - Lantian County
Stops: Zhuque Men - South Gate - Heping Men - Xingqing Park - Weishi Jie - Xi'an Siyuan Vocational College
Operating Hours: 06:00 - 19:30
Ticket Fare: CNY8 (with conductor)

Xi'an Traffic Enginering Institute - Qinzhen Town
Stops: Bell Tower - Chaoyang Community - Jiren Hospital - Qianwang Village - Niudong Village - Wangwei Village
Operating Hours: 07:00 - 18:45
Ticket Fare: CNY5 (with conductor)

South Coach Station - Jiaodai
Stops: Zhuque Street - South Square of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda - Hangtian Anenue - Sanyi Village - Dazhao - Sima Village - Beiliu Village - South Railway Station - Guangchang Village - Juqing Village
Operating Hours: 07:00 - 19:00
Ticket Fare: CNY11 (with conductor)

Xi'an Coach Station - Yuxia Town of Huxian County
Stops: West Gate - Tu Men - Huxian County - Shaanxi Institute of Technology
Operating Hours: 06:30 - 18:30
Ticket Fare: CNY11 (with conductor)
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Questions & Answers on Xi'an Suburban Bus
Asked by Antonio from ITALY | Dec. 07, 2019 11:20Reply
is bus No.905 from Xi'an to Cuihua mountain still running?
COuld you please tell me where i could take it and how often it is going? I have read some post on tripadvisor that bus 905 no longer exists, but i am not sure about that.


Answers (1)
Answered by Anastasia from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 10, 2019 00:30

Yes, it is still operating. The operating hours are from 06:30 to 19:30 with the frequency of 8 to 15 mins.
Asked by Amy from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 05, 2017 18:10Reply
Lantian Tangyu Hot Springs
Hi, I am thinking of heading to the Lantian Tangyu Hot Springs the day after tomorrow. I plan to catch bus 920 from the Big Wild Goose Pagoda to get there but I had a couple of questions I hope someone can answer for me:
1. Are foreigners allowed to use the hot springs and if so, are there lockers to store your valuables while you use them?
2. How long is the bus trip from the Big Wild Goose Pagoda to Tang Yu and how much does it cost?
3. What time does the last bus leave Tang Yu to return to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda?
Thanks for any help you can offer, Amy :)
Answers (2)
Answered by Shirley from FRANCE | Sep. 06, 2017 02:54

Of course you can use the hot springs. Official left-luggage counters are available at the hot springs and they are free for the guests. For valuable belongings, they will give you a lock & key, you can put in and put away your key.

Bus no. 920 shall take about 1.5h to Tangyu and it costs CNY7.5 per person. The last bus get back at 18:00.
Answered by Amy from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 06, 2017 06:57

Thanks for your help, Shirley, it's very much appreciated :)
Asked by Henry Ho from INDONESIA | Apr. 01, 2016 01:21Reply
What is the number of bus go to Giant Buddha Temple?
And where I can get the bus? My hotel near Xi'an Railway Station. Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Harrison from GERMANY | Apr. 02, 2016 04:55

Well, no direct tourist bus at there can take you to the scenic area.
You can take a normal speed train from Main Railway Station and get off at Binxian County Railway Station first. The second class seat costs CNY 13.5 per person. The duration is about 2 hours. After arriving, hire a private car to the destination. It costs CNY 30 to 40 in usual time.
Asked by Ms.OOH LA from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 18, 2010 21:38Reply
Are three any zoos, playgrounds, or anything fun in Laodon Park?? I want to know since I have many chilren with me!
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.Chang | Sep. 19, 2010 01:08

There is no large playground in Laodong Park, only some place for Ping-Pong. Why not go to the Children's Park, it is inside the West Gate, around 2 kilometers to Laodong Park.
Answered by Cora from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 29, 2015 22:06

I would not recommend going to zoos or aquariums in mainland China if you are a westerner. The conditions are generally appalling compared to international standards.
Asked by Mr.Leeks | May. 15, 2010 01:39Reply
where is Cheng Dong Coach Station in Xi'an? i am trying to locate the bus to Huayin (hua shan)?
Answers (2)
Answered by Ms.Mayfair | May. 15, 2010 22:58

The address of Chengdong Coach Station is No.103, Chengle Middle Road, Xincheng District. Moreover, if you are heading for Huashan Mountain, check the table about its transportation:
Answered by Mr.Jamie | May. 16, 2010 23:02

If you would like to Mountain Huashan, you could take the tour special bus No.1 at the east square of Xi'an Railway Station to get there directly.

Since the bus timetable is limited, it is also convenient to take a bus to Huayin City and then transfer to Mt. Huashan. There are many city-buses leading to the Chengdong Coach Station. The bus stop is called Qing Gong Shi Chang (轻工市场). On the other hand, it only take you about CNY15 to the bus station from downtown area by taxi.
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