Popular Bus Lines in Xi'an

Xi'an is a square city, thus the buses in the urban area usually run in the four straight directions. Meanwhile, since some commercial and trade centers are located along these lines, it is helpful for travelers to find some frequently used lines out in advance. Hereunder are the popular bus lines passing by famous spots in Xi'an. All the buses are self-service buses and IC card is available.

Regular Lines

 No.600 Shaanxi Normal University (Chang'an campus)- Intersection of Wenjing Rd. & Fengcheng 7th Rd.
Passing by: Xi’an Institute of Post and Telecommunications (Chang'an campus) – Northwest University of Politics & Laws (Chang'an campus) - TV Tower - International Conference Center - Northwest University of Politics & Laws/Xi'an International Studies University - Xiao Zhai - South Gate - Bell Tower – Public Library
Operating time: 06:00~24:00
Ticket fare: CNY2 
Tips: Since this line is often used by university students, the buses are always crowded all year round except during the Summer Holiday and the Winter Vacation. However, the high frequency of departure can release this situation a little.

Bus No. 603 of Xi'an
Bus No. 603
 No.603 Jinhutuo – Xi'an Railway Station
Passing by: TV Tower - International Conference Center - Northwest University of Politics & Laws/Xi'an International Studies University - Xiao Zhai - Yongning Gate - South Bell Tower - Xincheng Square / Shaanxi Provincial People's Government
Operating time: 06:00~24:00
Ticket fare: CNY2 
Tips: It is one of the easiest catching buses with a departure interval of 3-5 minutes.

 No.5 Shijia Xincheng Community – Xi'an Railway Station
Passing by: Mingde Gate – Zhuque Street - Xi'an Jiaotong University College of Medicin - Xiao Zhai – Shaanxi History MuseumGiant Wild Goose Pagoda – Heping Gate 
Operating time: 06:00~24:00
Ticket fare: CNY2

 No. 22 North Xi'an Railway Station & Qinghua Pool South Rd.
Passing by: Chaoyang Gate – Southeast Corner of City Wall – North Square of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda – South Square of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda – West Gate of Tang Paradise - Qujiang Pool Park
Operating time: 06:00~23:40
Ticket fare: CNY2
Tips: Yongxingfang, a food street with authentic local snacks, is on the line. Get off at Zhongshan Gate and walk for less than 400 meters to try local food.

 No. 224 Qujiang Pool South Rd. - Yuxiang Gate
Passing by: West Gate of Tang Paradise –North Square of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda – Nanshao Gate (Metro Line 2 & 5) - Small Wild Goose Pagoda – Zhuque Gate (Xi’an Park around City) – West Passenger Station
Operating time: 06:30~20:30
Ticket fare: CNY2

 No. 11 Yongning Gate - Linhe Spring Bus Dispatching Station
Passing by: Yongning Gate – Bell Tower – Revolution Park – Kangfu Rd. – Chanhe River - Banpo Bus Dispatching Station
Operating time: 06:00~24:00
Ticket fare: CNY2
Tips: The Revolution Park is famous for its marriage market and the Banpo Bus Dispatching Station is very close to Banpo Museum

 The 1st & 2nd Line of the 2nd Ring Road

Xi'an Autobus
Xi'an Autobus Passing the South Gate

Passing by: Xi'an Railway Signal Factory (transfer to metro line 3) - the Armed Police Hospital – Intersection of South 2nd Ring Rd. & Wenyi Rd. – Chang’an Overpass (transfer to line 2) - Administration Hall of Shaanxi Province – Hanguang Rd. - Talent Market - South Laodong Rd. (transfer to line 5 & line 6) – Xidian University – Zhuhong Rd. - North Coach Station – Xinijamiao Overpass (transfer with line 3)
Operating time: 06:00~21:00
Ticket fare: CNY2
Tips: The 1st line runs clockwise and 2nd line runs anticlockwise. The ring lines pass through many metro stations of line 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6, making it convenient for tourists to travel in Xi’an.

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Questions & Answers on Popular Bus Lines in Xi\an
Asked by nadeem from PAKISTAN | Aug. 30, 2018 23:15Reply
how reach xi'an jiaotong university from kashgar by train and is xi'an train station near to XJTU?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ryan from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 31, 2018 01:32

There is only one train from Kashgar to Xi'an and it takes 52 hours. The university is not near the railway station.
Asked by Seda from CHJNA | Jul. 07, 2017 10:06Reply
Can you tell me where the route of bus 187 in Xi'an which is new?
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from USA | Jul. 09, 2017 22:53

It connects Qinglong Temple and Daxing International Auto Parts City. The main stops include Lujiacun, Wenyi Road, South Gate, West Gate, Yuxiang Gate and West Railway Station.
Asked by Juanna koh from SINGAPORE | Oct. 23, 2016 10:25Reply
Is there any buses from xian lintong to bell tower?
If yes what are the bus number and how long it take to reach there. What is the last bus leaving bell tower back to lintong
Answers (1)
Answered by Nana from USA | Oct. 23, 2016 21:43

Hi there. There is no direct bus for the mentioned route. I suggest you take tourist bus line 6, or no. 201 or catch a taxi to the XA Railway Station first. Walk to the east square of the station to take bus no. 914 or 915 to Lintong. It also suits the back trip.
Asked by Vita from CROATIA | Oct. 05, 2016 21:15Reply
How to get to Euro Asia University, Xi'an?
Hello, I am near Hui Zhan Zhongxin metro station (Line 2), and bus number 27, and have to go to Euro Asia University. How to get there on Saturday? Thanks, Vita
Answers (2)
Answered by Mary from INDONESIA | Oct. 07, 2016 04:45

Hi, walk to TV Tower (Dianshita) stop and take bus no. 162 to the university directly. If you can find bus no. 166. It can also lead you there.
Answered by Vita from CROATIA | Oct. 07, 2016 05:03

Thank you so much! Vita
Asked by GERALD CLIPPERTON from CANADA | Sep. 19, 2016 17:11Reply
Transfer from X'ian South Train Station to Bell Tower - easiest & quickest route?
I'm arriving at South Train Station on Sunday, October 9th 7:55 AM (on overnight train from Chengdu) and need to get to Bell Tower as quickly as I can. Seems that because South Train Station is so far away, not used nearly as often as the north station, there is very little information online about it. Google does not recognize it's location etc. Can someone please advise quickest and easiest way to get from this obscure location to very central location of the Bell Tower? Hoping there is a bus or metro route with easy to follow directions? Approximate travel time/cost?
Answers (2)
Answered by Joe from USA | Sep. 21, 2016 00:43

Take bus line 918 from South Railway Station to Fengqi Lukou Station for about CNY 4 (about 1 hour). Then, take metro line 2 to Bell Tower from Fengqi Road Station for about CNY 3 (about 20 minutes).

Or, you can take a taxi to Bell Tower from South Railway Station. It takes 40 to 50 minutes, and the fare is about CNY 80.
Answered by Gerald from CANADA | Sep. 21, 2016 11:27

Hi Joe - Thanks so much for posting this information for me! It helps allot and is sincerely appreciated
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