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Xi'an to Yiwu Train

It takes about 8 hours for 2 Xi’an to Yiwu high speed trains to finish a journey of 1,579 kilometers (980 miles). A ride on the second class seat is CNY 698.5 and on the first class seat is CNY 1,143.5. Both bullet trains take Xi’an Railway Station as the initial station and arrives at Yiwu Railway Station.
2 Xi’an to Yiwu normal trains are also operated on this route. It takes them nearly 24 hours to finish the long journey. The ticket price of the soft sleeper ranges from CNY 549.5-575, of the hard sleeper ranges from CNY 367.5-382, and of the hard seat ranges from CNY 189.5-198.   

Xi’an to Yiwu Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G1900:
1Xi'an North -07:21
2Huashan [Shaanxi] North 07:4907:51
3Sanmenxia South 08:1708:19
4Luoyang Longmen 08:5008:52
5Zhengzhou East 09:2909:32
6Kaifeng North 09:5209:54
7Shangqiu 10:2810:30
8Fuyang West 11:1611:18
9Fengtai [Anhui] South 11:4211:44
10Hefei South 12:3112:34
11Wuhu 13:1113:13
12Wanzhinan South 13:3213:34
13Xuancheng 13:4713:49
14Hangzhou East 14:4014:55
15Yiwu 15:28-
Xi'an North
Details of the Train G1884:
1Xi'an North -13:09
2Huashan [Shaanxi] North 13:3713:39
3Lingbao West 13:5513:57
4Luoyang Longmen 14:3814:40
5Zhengzhou East 15:1815:33
6Kaifeng North 15:5315:55
7Lankao South 16:1116:13
8Shangqiu 16:3616:47
9Bozhou South 17:1217:14
10Gucheng [Heilongjiang] East 17:2517:27
11Taihe [Sichuan] East 17:4117:43
12Fuyang West 17:5517:57
13Hefei South 19:0319:07
14Chaohu East 19:2819:30
15Wuhu 19:5119:53
16Xuancheng 20:2220:24
17Hangzhou East 21:1521:30
18Zhuji 21:5421:56
19Yiwu 22:1022:12
20Jinhua South 22:30-
Xi'an North
 How to get to International Trade City from Yiwu Railway Station
Passengers can take Yiwu bus 801 at Yiwu Railway bus station and get off at the 2nd International Trade Zone bus station, the five trade zones are all in the neighborhood. 

Other Transportation Options from Xi’an to Yiwu

Transfer at Hangzhou East Railway Station

Xi’an North to Hangzhou East Hangzhou East to Yiwu Overall  Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat / Second Class Seat
G1900 07:30-14:43 G7347 15:27-15:59 8h29m CNY 653.5 + CNY 50 = CNY 703.5
G1884 13:40-20:32 G45 21:35-22:15 8h35m

​Transfer at Nanjing South Railway Station

Xi’an North to Nanjing South Nanjing South to Yiwu Overall  Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat / Second Class Seat
G1914 06:26-11:59 G1495 14:00-16:04 9h38m CNY 540 + CNY 167.5 = CNY 707.5
G1922 10:23-16:05 G7649 17:53-20:24 10h1m
G1918 09:23-15:08 11h1m
G1896 08:40-14:43 G7371 16:04-20:02 11h22m CNY 540+CNY 266=CNY 806

Xi’an to Yiwu Flight

Passengers can take flights instead as well. Taking about 2-2.5 hours, direct flights fly from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport to Yiwu Airport. Passengers can take flights at T3 Terminal of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport to Yiwu Airport. Due to different airlines, the price of the flight tickets range from CNY 450-850. 

 How to get to International Trade City from Yiwu Airport
From the Yiwu Airport, passengers can take bus 811 at Civil Aviation stop and get off at Haiyang Hotel stop, and then walk southwest for about 280 meter (310 yards) to get to International Trade City areas.  

Yiwu to Xi’an Train:

Connecting Yiwu and Xi’an, 2 high speed trains serve everyday with a duration of about 7-8.5 hours. Taking 22-26 hours, 2 Yiwu to Xi’an normal trains are also available. 

See detailed Xi'an Train Schedule & Yiwu Train Schedule
Major Rail Lines from Xi'an to:

Major Rail Lines from Yiwu to:
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