Mount Putuo

Putuo Shan
Mount Putuo, a Buddhist Kingdom on Sea

Mount Putuo lies to the east of Zhoushan City. Zhoushan City is situated on Zhoushan Island that in turn gives its name to a group of some four hundred small islands off the east coast of China in Zhejiang Province. These islands are in fact the peaks of submerged mountains and so rise steeply from the sea. The Putuo Mountain dominates the small rhomboidal land mass with its total area of about 12.5 square kilometres (4.8 square miles). The mountain is of one of four in the country that are held sacred by Buddhists and it was here that over the centuries a large Buddhist community was once to evolve. Putuoshan Guanyin Statue is always a holy site for the Buddhist followers.

Heaven of the Sea and Kingdom of the Buddhists

The Putuoshan Island's scenic beauty meant it was the perfect setting for temples and other religious buildings. In due course, it became known as the 'Heaven of the Sea and Kingdom of the Buddhists'. In its heyday, Mount Putuo had eighty-two temples and nunneries together with some one hundred and twenty-eight shelters that between them housing 4,000 Buddhist monks and nuns. Even today visitors to the island will encounter monks in their traditional robes as they walk along the many paths that criss-cross the picturesque landscape.

Fayu Buddhist Temple
Fayu Temple

Puji Temple

This temple dates from the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and covers 11,000 square meters (2.7 acres).

Fayu Temple

Construction of the temple commenced during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the buildings hug the mountainside in the seclusion of lofty and ancient trees.

Huiji Temple

This is known also as the Buddhist Hilltop Temple (Fodingshan) on account of its elevated position.

Green Forests in the Center of the Island

The majority of the island is covered with rich green forests that form a tranquil setting appropriate to a place of quiet religious contemplation. It is here that magnificent and protected hornbeams grow as well as the famous one-thousand-year-old camphor tree, a particularly fine tree species with a circumference measuring 6 meters (20 feet). 

Sandy Shores of the Island

The sandy shores of the island are also special features and particularly attractive to tourists are the bays known as 'The Thousand-Step Sands' with its 1.5 kilometer (0.9 mile) beach and the smaller 'Hundred-Step Sands'. These fine Putuoshan Island beaches are very popular with bathers and also have entertainment facilities.

It is small wonder that this island is famed for having such a delightful combination of mountain scenery and seascapes.

Best Time to Visit Putuoshan

Mount Putuo is an ideal travel destinations in all season, but it is most beautiful in autumn, especially for those wishing to admire sunrise from the sea.

big incense burner
Big Metal Incense Burner
Buddhist Kingdom on the Sea
A small hall in Puji Temple

How to get to Mount Putuo from Hangzhou

Hangzhou Bus / Metro Search
Below are schedules of buses from Hangzhou to Putuoshan Long Distance Passenger Transport Station. Upon arrival, change bus no. 6 to Banshengdong Wharf or bus no. 27 to Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Wharf. Then take ferry to reach there.

From Departure Time Ticket Price Duration
South Bus Station 06:38 - 18:55 with an inetrval of about 40 - 50 minutes CNY 106 5 hours
Passenger Transport Central Station 07:00 - 18:45 with an interval of 30 - 60 minutes CNY 106 6 hours
Huanglong Tourist Center 07:40, 09:15, 12:50 CNY 100 4.5 hours

How to get to Mount Putuo from Shanghai

By Bus:
From Shanghai to Putuoshan, there are buses reaching Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Wharf.
From Departure Time Ticket Price Duration
South Long Distance Bus Station 08:00 CNY 138 4.5 or 5 hours
Shanghai Tour Bus Center 07:00 - 18:45 with an interval of 30 - 60 minutes CNY 138 4.5 or 5 hours

By Shanghai to Putuoshan Ferry:
From Departure Time Ticket Price Duration
Wusong Passenger Transport Center 20:00 2-seat VIP cabin: CNY 499 per person;
2-seat Special class cabin: CNY 449 per person; 
4-seat Second class (A type) cabin: CNY 289 per person;
4-seat Second class (B type) cabin: CNY 269 per person;
8-seat Third class (A type) cabin: CNY 199 per person;
8-seat Third class (B type) cabin: CNY 159 per person;
12-seat Fourth class (A type) cabin: CNY 139 per person;
12.5 hours
Xiaoyangshan Passenger Transport Wharf 10:20am CNY 258 for a standard class seat; CNY 302 for a first-class seat; CNY 352 for a VIP seat; 2 hours and 20 minutes
Jinshanzui Car & Passenger Transport Wharf 08:45am CNY 238 for a standard class seat; CNY 268 for a first-class seat; CNY 398 for a VIP seat. 2.5 hours

1. The ferry/speedboat might be cancelled because of bad weather. And the schedules might be adjusted without prior notice.
2. Passengers take free shuttle bus (departing at 08:30) from Huangpu Tourist Center near Nanpu Bridge to the Xiaoyangshan Passenger Transport Wharf and then catch the speedboat to reach Putuoshan Wharf.

How to get to Mount Putuo from Ningbo

Take buses from Ningbo to Putuoshan at one of the following bus stations. Upon arrival, change bus no. 6 to Banshengdong and then get there by speedboat. Boat fare is CNY 28.
From Departure Time Ticket Price Duration
South Bus Station 05:55 - 22:00 with an interval of 10 - 50 minutes CNY 57/61 2 to 2.5 hours
North Bus Station 06:50 - 16:55 with an interval of about 1h CNY 52
East Bus Station 07:20 - 16:50 with an interval of 1-2h CNY 52

How to visit each attraction in Mount Putuo Scenic Area

Visitors should take tourism buses or go on foot to visit the attractions because there is no taxi. Two tourism bus lines are operated from 06:00 to 18:00 in summer and autumn, and from 07:00 to 17:00 in winter and spring. Ticket prices are from CNY 5 to 10.

To visit Luojia Hill, visitors should take ferry from Duangu Wharf. It costs CNY 26 (one-way trip) and CNY 52 (round-trip) by regular boat, and CNY 33 (one-way trip) and CNY 66 (round-trip) by high speed boat. The schedules are listed below:

Duangu Wharf: 07:00, 08:00, 13:00
Luojia Hill: 09:00, 10:00, 15:00
Entrance Fee Entrance charge:
Dec. - Jan.: CNY 120
Feb. - Nov.: CNY 160
CNY 180 from Jan. 1 to 5 on Chinese lunar calendar, and May 1 to 3 and Oct. 1 to 5 on solar calendar.

1. Free for children no taller than 1.2 meters (3.9 feet).
2. Children from 1.2 to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) can enjoy half-price tickets.

CNY 5 for the Puji Temple
CNY 5 for the Fayu Temple
CNY 5 for the Huiji Temple
CNY 5 for the Purple Bamboo Forest Putuoshan (Zizhu Lin)
CNY 6 for the Standing Kwan-yin Statue
CNY 18 for the Luojia Hill
CNY 70 for the round-trip cable car or CNY 40 for the one-way cable car
Opening Times The whole day

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Questions & Answers on Mount Putuo
Asked by Li from MALAYSIA | Dec. 27, 2019 05:37Reply
Is it possible to stay on Zhoushan Island and take the ferry to visit Putuoshan Island?
There seems to be limited hotel choices on Putuoshan so I am thinking of staying on Zhoushan and taking the ferry over to Putuoshan for both days when I am there in spring. Is that possible?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa from THAILAND | Dec. 29, 2019 23:10

Yes, you can take ferry from Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Pier to Putuoshan Station. It takes 10 minutes with CNY30.
Asked by mario lee from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 30, 2019 00:16Reply
is there a direct bus that goes to zhujiajian Wusong temple pier from the Ningbo South bus station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Luna from USA | Sep. 02, 2019 01:21

Do you mean Zhujiajian Wugongzhi pier (朱家尖蜈蚣峙码头)? There is no direct bus between them.
Asked by Joe from DENMARK | Mar. 20, 2019 00:02Reply
Quickest route from Dishui Lake to Putuoshan
Hi, we're four guys living near Dushui lake(end of line 16) and want to stay at Putuoshan Island for a weekend but I can't figure out the best way to go? Can you help? Thanks in advance.
Answers (1)
Answered by Zoe from DENMARK | Mar. 25, 2019 02:17

Well, there is no direct public transportation. You are suggested to go back to Ningbo first. Then take buses from South Bus Station to Shenjiamen Bus Station. After arriving, transfer to bus no.6 to Banshengdong and then get there by taking speedboat.
Asked by Sk from MALAYSIA | Feb. 20, 2019 12:00Reply
Bus from Pingyao to Wutaishan and from taiyuan to wutaishan
what is the bus schedule from Pingyao to wutaishan and how many hours is the journey ? What is the bus schedule from taiyuan to wutaishan and how many hours is this journey ? Do I save time if I take a train from Pingyao to taiyuan and then only take a bus to go to wutaishan ? Where are the bus stations at both places ? Thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Collins from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 22, 2019 00:50

You are suggested to take a coach from Pingyao Coach Station to Taiyuan first. The bus schedules are from 06:40 to 18:30 every 20mins. It takes around 2 hours on the way. Then transfer to a coach from Taiyuan East Coach Station to the scenic area. They depart from 07:00 to 15:30 every 30-60mins. The duration is 3-4 hours.
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