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Currently, Hangzhou metro line 1, 2, 4 and 5 have been in service partially. Line 1, the first one in Zhejiang Province, includes a main line and a branch line that connects Xiacheng, Xiasha and Linping Districts. Opened in late 2014, line 2 links Chaoyang and Liangzhu with 33 stations. The operating part of line 4 makes a connection between Puyan and Pengbu via East Railway Station. Hangzhou subway line 5 connects Shanxian and Liangmu Road, passing Grand Canal.

Besides, Hangzhou metro line 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 will operate in the near future.

Lines in Operation:

 Line 1: It has a main line and a branch line, running from Linping and Xiasha Jiangbin to Xianghu, Xiaoshan District. Line 1 passes by many large passenger distributing centers in the city, such as Wulin Square, East Railway StationMain Railway Station, and the South Bus Station.
Total Length: 53 kilometers (33 miles)
Main Line: Xianghu – Binkang Road – Xixing – Binhe Road – Jiangling Road – Jinjiang – Wujiang Road – Chengzhan (Main Railway Station) – Ding'an Road – Longxiangqiao – Fengqi Road – Wulin Square – West Lake Cultural Square – Datieguan – Zhalongkou – East Railway Station – Pengbu – Qibao – Jiuhe Road – Jiubao – Coach Center – West Xiasha – Jinshahu – Gaosha Road – Wenze Road – South Wenhai Road – Yunshui – Xiasha Jiangbin

Branch Line: Passenger Transport Center – South Qiaosi – Qiaosi – Wengmei – Yuhang Railway Station – Nanyuan – Linping

Hangzhou Subway
Metro Entrance/Exit at Wulin Square

 Line 2: Chaoyang - Liangzhu
Length: 43 kilometers (27 miles)
Route: Chaoyang - Caojiaqiao - Panshui - Renmin Road - Hangfachang - People's Square - Jianshe 1st Road - Jianshe 3rd Road - Zhenning Road - Feihong Road - Yingfeng Road - Qianjiang Century City - Qianjiang Road - Qingchun Square - Qingling Road - North Jianguo Road - North Zhonghe Road - Fengqi Road - Wulinmen - Shentangqiao - Xianingqiao (Closed) - Xueyuan Road - Gucui Road - Fengtan Road - Wenxin - Sanba - Xialongwei - Sandun - Dunxiang Street - Jinjiadu - Baiyang - Dufucun - Liangzhu

 Line 4: Puyan - Pengbu
Length: 21 kilometers (13 miles)
Route: Puyan – Yangjiadun – Zhejiang Chinese Medical University – Lianzhuang – Shuichengqiao – Fuxing Road – Nanxingqiao – Yongjiang Road - Jinjiang – Chengxing Road – Citizen Center – Jiangjin Road – Qianjiang Road – Jingfang – Xintang – Xinfeng – East Railway Station – Pengbu

 Line 5: Shanxian - Liangmu Road
Length: 18 kilometers (11 miles)
Route: Shanxian - Gongchenqiao East - Grand Canal - Hemu - Pingshui Street - Sanba - Zhejiang University (Zijingang Campus) - Jiangcun - Wuchang - Yongfu - Hangzhou Normal University (Cangqian Campus) - Liangmu Road


Ticket Fare:

The fare varies from the travel distance. The charge complies with the rules below:
CNY2 for the first 4 kilometers (2.5 miles); CNY1 for every additional 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) between 4-12 kilometers (2.5-7.5 miles); CNY1 for every additional 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) between 12-24 kilometers (7.5-15 miles); CNY1 for every additional 8 kilometers (5miles) beyond 24 kilometers (15miles).
Note: For children under 1.3 meters (4 feet), they can ride all Hangzhou subway lines for free. However, they are not allowed to take subway alone and should be accompanied by an adult.

Ticket Types:

1. Single Journey Ticket: It is valid on the day of issue and is recyclable. One person, one card.
2. Tourist Metro Pass: It is available at the Customer Service Center of all metro stations. The validity duration is within 6 months since the day of issue.
A. One Day Pass: It costs CNY15. Passengers can use it for unlimited rides on metro within consecutive 24h from the first use.
B. Three Day Pass: It costs CNY40. Passengers can use it for unlimited rides on metro within consecutive 72h from the first use.
3. Passengers can also pay with regular IC card, and Hangzhou Multifunction Card (Hang Zhou Tong).


Planned Metro Lines:

 Line 3: This line will go along Tianmushan Road and West Bus Station to the Wulin Square in the east, meeting Line 1 at Ouhuazhou Dajie. It will pass by Gongshu District, West Lake District and Shangcheng District.
Length: 35 kilometers (22 miles)

 Line 6: This line is designed to serve Binjiang Hi-Tec Development Zone and extend to Qianjiang Cultural Industry Park. It will link Line 1, Line 2 and Line 5 together.
Length: 25 kilometers (16 miles)

 Line 7: It will go from Qianjiang Century CBD to Xiaoshan International Airport, and end at Jiangdong Industry Zone. Exchange station to Line 2 will be built in Qianjiang Century CBD.
Length: 31 kilometers (19 miles)

 Line 8: It will be built to connect the Jiangdong area and Xiasha District. Exchange station to Line 1 will also be set.
Length: 18 kilometers (11 miles)

 Line 9: It will connect the Tangxi Zutuan and Longxiangqiao. Passengers will achieve transfers with line 1, line 2, line 3, line 4 and line 6. 
Length: 44 kilometers (27 miles)

 Line 10: It will start from Huanglong Stadium in the south and stretch north. The main line will reach Renhe in Yuhang District and its Chongxian branch line will reach Yuhang Chongxian.
Length: 21 kilometers (13 miles)
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Questions & Answers on Hangzhou Metro
Asked by Nathania Lee from MALAYSIA | Mar. 24, 2019 22:10Reply
Hi, may i know how to get to Alibaba Headquarters in Hangzhou by metro? thanks.
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen from NEW ZEALAND | Mar. 25, 2019 23:46

The metro cannot direct to there. You can take the Metro Line 4 to Nanxing Bridge and then get off the Exit A.

After that, walk northeast about 120m to take the Bus Line 178 to Time Avenue Qiuyi Junction. Get off the bus and walk northeast about 500 to get there.

You can also take a taxi after getting off the metro and it takes about 15 minutes and costs around CNY15 to 20..
Asked by Rev Vimutti from SRI LANKA | Mar. 14, 2019 18:50Reply
We will be staying two nights in Hangzhou and intend to buy a two day tourist metro card.
Is the tourist metro card usable on public bus and tour bus?
Where can we get the tourist metro card?
Answers (1)
Answered by Isaiah from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 19, 2019 01:11

Well, I can only find one day and three day pass of the HZ Metro. It can only be used on metro. You can purchase the metro card at the metro station service center.
Asked by Tanhockchen from SINGAPORE | Sep. 21, 2018 04:03Reply
Which Mrt station is walking distance to Hangzhou Sofitel hotel?
Answers (1)
Answered by Grace from USA | Sep. 24, 2018 19:52

The nearest one is Ding'an Road metro station of Line 1, about 11-minute walk distance.
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