Hangzhou Long-Distance Bus

There are five bus stations in Hangzhou including Passenger Transport Central Station (namely Jiubao Passenger Transport) and South, West, North and East Railway Station Highway Bus Station. There is also the Hangzhou Tourist Center that has buses mainly to tourist cities or attractions around. The convenient highway network can lead to Qingdao in Shandong Province to the north, Shenzhen in Guangdong Province to the south, Yichang in Hubei Province to the west, and Zhoushan to the east. Passengers can buy tickets for all bus stations in each station.

 Passenger Transport Central Station (Jiubao Passenger Transport)
Chinese Name: 杭州客运中心站 (杭州九堡客运中心)
Hangzhou Center Bus Station is located in Jiubao Town in the east of the city. It is the largest long-distance bus station in Zhejiang Province. The main building has two levels. To the right of the entrance, there is the baggage dispatch office. Passengers can have their baggage dispatched and claimed here. Ticket offices are all on the second floor, there are two ticket halls with more than 30 ticket windows. After buying the ticket, one can reach the waiting hall on the first floor by the escalator.

The Passenger Transport Central Station is far away from the downtown area, but it is near to the Xiasha High Education Area. Subway Line 1 will connect with downtown area and there are 11 buses between the station and other areas in the city. At present, it takes more than 30 minutes to drive there, the taxi fare from Wulinmen would cost more than CNY30.
Destination: Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuzhen, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Hefei, etc.
Location: Jiubao Town, Jianggan District
Bus routes: B支4 (Through), 69, 100, 101, 104, 111, 314, 328, 508, 684, 848
To Hangzhou Railway Station: Subway Line 1, Bus 508.
To South Railway Station: Bus 328.
To West Bus Station: B支4 (Through)
To North Bus Station: Bus 69.
To Tourist Center: Bus 101.

 South Bus Station
Chinese Name: 杭州汽车南站
South Bus Station is located on Qiu Tao Lu, Shangcheng District. It is only 1.2 kilometers away from Hangzhou Railway Station, passengers can get to the railway station easily. There are more than 300 buses leaving from the station everyday. Passengers can get to destinations in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian Provinces, including Yiwu, Wenzhou, Dongyang, Lishui, Ruian, Zhuji, Jinhua, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Putian, etc.
Location: 407, Qiu Tao Lu
Bus routes: 14, 44, 864, 836, 808, 196, 39, 59, 20, 202, 216, 327, 71, 566, 864
To Railway Station: Bus 39.
To North Bus Station: Bus 516.

 West Bus Station
Chinese Name: 杭州汽车西站
Located on Tian Mu Shan Lu, West Bus Station was opened for use on Oct. 1st, 2002. There are more than 340 buses leaving here daily. In this station, you can take buses to Tonglu, Chun'an, Xin'anjiang, Longyou, Quzhou, Jiangshan, Changshan and Kaihua in Zhejiang Province. For Anhui Province, you can find buses to Shexian, Tunxi and Mt. Huangshan. For destinations in Jiangxi Province, you can find buses to Nanchang, Jingdezhen, Shangrao, Jiujiang, Boyang and Yushan. And buses to Wuhan, Hubei Province can also be found here.
Location: 357, Tian Mu Shan Lu
Bus routes: B支2, B支4(Through), Y13, 49, 70, 91, 102, 179, 193, 213, 310, 356, 502, 506, 598, 823, 830, 853
To Railway Station: Bus 49.
To North Bus Station: Bus 91.
To Tourist Center: Bus 830/13/Y13.

 North Bus Station
Chinese Name: 杭州汽车北站
North Bus Station covers an area of 76.28 mu (13 acres), and it has 18 ticket windows. About 600 coaches depart from here to cities and counties in the north part of Zhejiang Province as well as some inter-provinces buses to Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, Hubei, Shandong, Beijing, etc.
Location: 758, Mo Gan Shan Lu
Bus routes: B支1, 15, 67, 69, 76, K91, 95, 188, 192, 204, 313, 333, 348, 372, 634, 637, 516, 588, 831.
To Railway Station: Bus 95, 188.
To Passenger Transport Central Station: Bus 69.

 Hangzhou Tourist Center
Chinese Name: 杭州旅游集散中心
Hangzhou Tourist Center is located in Huanglong Sports Centre. Passengers can take buses directly to scenic sights around the city rather than having to transfer for times to get to the destination, such as Zhoushan, Shanghai, Quzhou and Huangshan.
Destinations: Zhoushan (Putuo Mountain), Shanghai (Pudong International Airport), Quzhou, Mt. Huangshan, Keqiao, Anji, Hengdian and Tonglu.
Location: 3, Huang Long Lu (inside the Huanglong Sports Center)
To Railway Station: Bus 21.

 Hangzhou East Railway Highway Bus Station
Chinese Name: 火车东站公路客运站
The East Railway Station Highway Bus Station, located on the east square of the East Railway Station, operates bus lines to eight places around Hangzhou. Passengers who want to Tonglu, Xinanjiang, Qiandao Lake, Anji, Zhuji, Keqiao, Zhoushan and Dongxiang can find bus at this station. Everyday, about 60 buses are available daily altogether. The operation time of the bus station is from 07:30 to 17:30.
Location: G Floor, north side on East Square of East Railway Station
Bus & Subway Routes: 93, 107, 108, 123, 124, 320, 864, Subway Line 1

 Transportation among bus stations:
Besides using city-buses, passengers could easily take the inter-stations shuttle bus  between these four long-distance bus stations.
 Passenger Transport Central Station⇔South Bus Station
Operating hours: 06:30~17:00 at Passenger Transport Central Station; 07:30~18:00 at South Bus Station
Interval: 15 minutes
Ticket fare: CNY3
 Passenger Transport Central Station⇔West Bus Station
Operating hours: 06:30~17:00 at Passenger Transport Central Station; 08:00~18:30 at West Bus Station
Interval: 15~30 minutes
Ticket fare: CNY3
 South Bus Station⇔West Bus Station
Operating hours: 08:20~18:30 at South Bus Station; 06:00~17:00 at West Bus Station
Interval: 15 minutes
Ticket fare: CNY3
 South Bus Station⇔North Bus Station
Operating hours: 08:00~18:30 at South Bus Station; 06:50~17:20 at North Bus Station
Interval: 15 minutes
Ticket fare: CNY3

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Questions & Answers on Hangzhou Long-Distance Bus
Asked by Syaiful from INDONESIA | Jan. 03, 2020 07:38Reply
Go to putuoshan from hangzhou by bus
If we want go to putuo bus station, which one station we go to buy ticket bus..?? East railway station or south bus station..??
Answers (1)
Answered by Simon from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 06, 2020 01:13

You need to go to East Railway Station.
Asked by CXY from SINGAPORE | Dec. 31, 2019 20:31Reply
Direct bus from Hangzhou Cheng bus centre (HZ railway station) to Wu Zhen, Xi Zha
Hi, I have read that tourists can take a direct bus to wuzhen, xi zha from HZ cheng bus station (which is at the main railway station?) (杭州城站汽车客运站), subway line 1. May I know where to buy the tickets from the railway-bus station, 杭州城站汽车客运站 and which exit? I will be staying around Long xiang qiao station. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa from THAILAND | Jan. 01, 2020 21:52

Actually, you can take direct bus to Xizha from 杭州火车站. You can buy the ticket in the Railway Station by following the signs or asking staff.
Asked by AB from THAILAND | Nov. 22, 2019 08:28Reply
Is there a direct bus from Wuzhen Water Town Scenic area to Hangzhoucheng Bus Center
I heard that there is a direct bus from Wuzhen Water Town Scenic area (no need to take bus K350 to Wuzhen bus center) to Hangzhoucheng Bus Center (near Hangzhou Railway Station). Please confirm that it is correct. Please also advise the chinese name of the Hangzhoucheng bus center. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Blake from UNITED KINGDOM | Nov. 24, 2019 23:23

You can take direct bus from Dongzha or Xizha scenic area to Hangzhou Bus Center (杭州城站汽车客运站)
Asked by Albert from MALAYSIA | Jun. 30, 2019 06:37Reply
Express bus from huanglong bus station to shanghai pudong airport
Hi. I need more infor on the bus from huanglong, hangzhou to pudong airport, is there any official website for huanglong station? How can I buy the ticket in advance? I’ll be travelling with small kids so I prefer direct bus to pudong airport no need change stop so anyone know what the way from buying ticket>bus station security check>depart to airport? Thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by George from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 30, 2019 23:49

Hi, I haven't found any English tickets booking website and maybe you can buy tickets when you get there.
Asked by Anne from PHILIPPINES | Jun. 25, 2019 03:59Reply
How can we go to zhuji from Hangzhou hello kitty theme park?
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew from USA | Jun. 26, 2019 00:02

You can take bus from Anji Bus Station to Zhuji. The bus starts at 8:30, 12:15 and 13:15. The ticket fare is CNY61-71.
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