8 Things to Do in Suzhou at Night

Suzhou is a famous city of tourism in southern China for classical gardens. Besides, the night views in Suzhou are also charming. Here are the top 8 things to do in Suzhou at night.



The Master of Nets Garden Night Tour

Night tour in the Master of Nets Garden is definitely a top thing to do in Suzhou at night. The Master of Nets Garden is a representative classical garden attracting tens of thousands of visitors during daytime. At night from April to October, in addition to the charming night views of the garden, there are many kinds of local traditional performances starting at 19:30-22:00, such as Suzhou Pingtan, Kunqu Opera, Suzhou Opera, classical dances, Chinese classical instruments playing of flute, vertical bamboo flute, the ancient 7-stringed Chin, etc. You can watch the wonderful performances to experience the local Wu Culture.

Seven-Li Shantang Street

Shantang Street is a famed historical street in Suzhou with a length of 7 li (2.2 miles). When night falls, you can see the unique night scene of this gorgeous ancient street with shining variegated lights. You may also take a drift tour on the Shantang River with a boat, to get a different experience of the dreamy landscapes and the nightlife of Suzhou’s people. There are not a few good restaurants, thus you may enjoy delicious local foods while appreciating the beautiful scenery through the window.

Suzhou Grand Canal Night Cruise

Night cruise on Suzhou Grand Canal cannot be missed as one of the best things to do in Suzhou at night. The ship starts from Xinshiqiao Wharf, makes a circle along the Suzhou Grand Canal, and returns back to the wharf, going through one old bridge after another, and passing by ancient city wall, city gates on one side and modern buildings on the other side. The night cruise opens at 18:00-20:30, and ships go when it is full. In the peak season from Apr. to Nov., there would be more ship shifts. It is a quite popular way to see Suzhou ancient city at night.

Enjoy Music Fountain on Jinji Lake

On every Friday and during Chinese holidays, the music fountain on Jinji Lake give performances at 19: 30-19: 50. It is a feast for the eyes and ears to see water sprays dance to music and lights. There are also water screen films and flaming fire in the water. Jinji Lake music fountain covers a range of 130 meters (427 ft) in east-west and 208 meters (682 ft) in south-north, and the maximum height can reach 108 meters (354 ft), which is very grand.

Li Gong Di Causeway

Li Gong Di is the only long causeway in Jinji Lake with a total length of 1,400 meters (1,530 yd). Built more than 100 years ago, Li Gong Di has become a unique pedestrian zone with many buildings in traditional Chinese style. At night it is filled with a very sweet feeling, as neon lights, old architecture and the modern buildings next making each other more splendid. You’d better not go there too late, as the neon lights will be turned off late at night.

Night Stroll at Pingjiang Road

Pingjiang Road can be considered as Suzhou Old Town in miniature. When night falls, tourists can taste local specialties in the snack shops, appreciate old-fashioned houses on the riverside with warm lights and listen to Suzhou Pingtan in the old teahouses. Although you cannot understand what the performers sing, you will be addicted to the soft singing in Suzhou dialect, which give people a peaceful feeling.

Xietang Old Street

Xietang Old Street is a nice place to admire the riverside folk houses lit up by night lights, which would make you feel like traveling back to ancient times. Unlike daytime, Xietang Old Street seems to be hidden behind a gauze at night with a special beauty. There are restaurants, cafés, bars and teahouses in those one or two storey traditional buildings, where you may have a feast or some drink while appreciating the night views.

Shi Quan Street – Bar Street

Shi Quan Street is a famous bar street in Suzhou and listed as one of the top things to do in Suzhou at night both by locals and tourists. There are a lot of bars so that you can drink wines and watch singing and dancing performances. Totally different from other quiet places to see the night views, Shi Quan Street is alive and busy. The best bars there include Mr.Bartender-71, Once Bar, MAX 99BAR, Feeling Bar, scott11z and Dream Garden.
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