Shanghai Maglev Train Ticket

Have just decided to take the fast maglev train? Worrying about the ticket? Here we offer a vivid guide to show you the purchasing time, ticket offices, types, prices and return as well as many helpful tips on Shanghai Maglev Train.

Buy a Maglev Ticket

You can first refer to the maglev operation schedule to see which train you want to take, and then go to the ticket office at your starting maglev station to buy tickets of the day.

 Ticket Office
1. 2F, Shanghai Maglev Longyang Rd. Station, No. 2100, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area
2. SMT Ticket Center, 2F, Shanghai Maglev Pudong International Airport Station, east of the terminal of Pudong International Airport

1. The maglev train tickets can be bought by Shanghai Public Transportation Card.
2. A child under 130 cm. in height is not allowed to take maglev by himself. He can enjoy a free maglev trip when being taken by an adult passenger.
3. Information and Service Line: 021-64370000

Maglev Ticket Categories and Fare

Type Details Price (CNY)
Single Trip Ticket Valid for an ordinary seat during a single trip of the day 50
Round Trip Ticket (valid in 7 days) Valid for an ordinary seat during a round trip in 7 days 80
VIP Single Trip Ticket Valid for a VIP seat during a single trip of the day 100
VIP Round Ticket (valid in 7 days) Valid for a VIP seat during a round trip in 7 Days 160
*Single Ticket Based on Single Air ticket of the Same Day Valid for an ordinary seat during a single trip of the day, with a preferential price based on a single air ticket of the same day 40
Shanghai Transport Smart Card Pay by charge 40
Advance Single Ticket To exchange for an Ordinary Single Ticket at the maglev stations 50
Advance Return Ticket To exchange for an Ordinary Return Ticket at the maglev stations 80
*Maglev Pass for 30 trips 30 single trips valid within one year for ordinary seat from the day of purchase 900

*A passenger presenting the air ticket of the same day enjoys a 20% discount when buying a maglev ticket. Either paper air tickets or electronic ones are applicable.
*Maglev Pass is maglev through ticket offered by Great Wall Credit Card issued by Bank of China. It is a favorable electronic ticket product for passengers who frequently take the maglev trains.

Shanghai Maglev Train Ticket (recto)     Shanghai Maglev Train Ticket (verso)


Return a Maglev Ticket

If the maglev can not operate due to some irresistible force or mechanical failures, the staff will guide you to refund your ticket at designated windows.

If you want to cancel your maglev trip for personal reasons and haven't got your ticket punched, you can return it at the window and on the day it is issued.

Maglev & Metro Pass

A Shanghai Maglev & Metro Pass is issued for the convenience of passengers who need to take both maglev and subway in the city in the same day. There are two types of pass:
1. Maglev Single Trip + Metro One-day Pass: It costs CNY 55 and allows passengers to take a single maglev trip (economy class) and unlimited subway rides within 24 hours;
2. Maglev Round Trip + Metro One-day Pass: It costs CNY 85 and contains a round-trip on maglev (economy class) and unlimited rides on the subway within 24 hours.
Please note that both versions of the Pass will be valid for 24 hours from the first use either at a maglev or subway station. Each card can be used by one passenger. Also, the pass should be used before the expiration date marked on it, otherwise it will automatically turn invalid.

 Refund of Maglev & Metro Pass
The pass can be fully refunded if it is not used, but this service is only available at the maglev stations of Pudong International Airport and Longyang Rd.. Once used on either maglev or subway, it cannot be refunded. The card will not be recycled after use and passengers can keep it as a souvenir.

 Ticket Offices of Maglev & Metro Pass
Maglev Stations:
Pudong International Airport, Longyang Rd. 

 Subway Stations:
Line 1: Xinzhuang, South Railway Station, Xujiahui, South Shaanxi Rd., People’s Square, Railway Station
Line 2: Hongqiao Railway Station, T2 of Hongqiao Airport, Zhongshan Park, Jiangsu Rd., People’s Square, Jing’an Temple, East Nanjing Rd., Lujiazui, Century Ave, Longyang Rd.
Line 3: South Railway Station, Zhongshan Park, Zhenping Rd., Railway Station
Line 4: Zhongshan Park, Zhenping Rd., Railway Station, South Xizang Rd., Century Ave
Line 5: Xinzhuang
Line 6: West Gaoke Rd., Century Ave
Line 7: Zhenping Rd., Jing’an Temple, Yaohua Rd., West Gaoke Rd., Longyang Rd.
Line 8: South Xizang Rd., Yaohua Rd, People’s Square
Line 9: Xujiahui, Century Ave
Line 10: Hongqiao Railway Station, T2 of Hongqiao Airport; South Shaanxi Rd., East Nanjing Rd.
Line 11: Jiangsu Rd.
Line 13: Jinshajiang Rd.

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Questions & Answers on Shanghai Maglev Train Ticket
Asked by Dave from USA | Aug. 19, 2023 15:09Reply
T-Union for Maglev
Can I use a T-Union transit card for the Maglev or only for the subway?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bella | Aug. 21, 2023 01:02

You can use it for maglev.
Asked by Fen from SINGAPORE | May. 13, 2023 01:53Reply
Can the (3 days unlimited) Shanghai Public Transportation Card be used in Hangzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fred | May. 15, 2023 00:05

No, it can only be used in Shanghai.
Asked by Irene from MALAYSIA | Jan. 17, 2020 03:18Reply
How to purchase the Shanghai Maglev Train ticket once arrive pudong airport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Liam from CANADA | Jan. 18, 2020 18:02

The maglev train station is near T1. You can follow the airport signs to there and buy the ticket.
Asked by Suzanna Patricia Mongan from INDONESIA | Dec. 21, 2019 15:51Reply
Shanghai Maglev and metro combo cards
If I buy combo of Maglev and Metro card, can I use the Metro card in the afternoon and the Maglev the next morning (within 24 hours)? Or do I have to use it on the same day?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gabby from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 23, 2019 19:46

It doesn't need to be in the same day.
Asked by Jit from MALAYSIA | Dec. 07, 2019 00:25Reply
Hi can I pay my Shanghai maglev tickets via credit card?
Answers (3)
Answered by Abigail from DENMARK | Dec. 09, 2019 21:54

Well, I am afraid not. You are suggested to prepare some cash.
Answered by Vinicius from BRAZIL | Jan. 20, 2020 09:36

Can I pay with Alipay? (Now that the App accepts international Visa/MasterCard credit cards)
Answered by Liz from SINGAPORE | Jan. 20, 2020 19:56

Yes, of course.
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