Transfer at Shanghai Maglev Stations

Transfer at Shanghai Maglev Station
Transfer at Maglev Station
Shanghai Maglev Train connecting Longyang Road and Pudong International Airport provides passengers with much convenience in traveling around the city. There are various transportation means near the maglev stations to extend your trip. You can easily transfer to metro lines, buses and planes taking off at Pudong International Airport. The following is detailed transfer information for your reference:

 Shanghai Maglev Pudong International Airport Station ↔ Pudong International Airport
The maglev station at Pudong International Airport is connected with Corridor 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the second floor of the Yingbin Hall in the terminal of the airport.

After getting off the maglev train, you can quickly go inside the airport's terminal and wait for your flight. Contrarily if you have just finished a tired flight and arrived at Pudong International Airport, you can easily find the way to the maglev station and take the fast and comfortable maglev train to urban Shanghai.

 Shanghai Maglev Longyang Rd. Station ↔ Metro Line 2
Maglev Train Line joins Metro Line 2 at Longyang Rd.. Passengers can transfer from subway through Exit 3 and 4 to maglev.

Metro Line 2 is a west-east line linking the west Changning District and the east Pudong New Area. Here is the specific route and stations of this line: Xujing East ↔ Hongqiao Railway Station ↔ Hongqiao Airport T2 ↔ Songhong Rd. ↔ Beixinjing ↔ Weining Rd. ↔ Loushanguan Rd. ↔ Zhongshan Park ↔ Jiangsu Rd. ↔ Jing'an Temple ↔ West Nanjing Rd. ↔ People's Square ↔ East Nanjing Rd. ↔ Lujiazui ↔ Dongchang Rd. ↔ Century Avenue ↔ Science & Technology Museum ↔ Century Park ↔ ★Longyang Rd. ↔ Zhangjiang High Technology Park ↔ Jinke Rd. ↔ Guanglan Rd.
East Extention: Guanglan Rd. ↔ Tangzhen ↔ Middle Chuangxin Rd. ↔ East Huaxia Rd. ↔ Chuansha ↔ Lingkong Rd. ↔ Far East Avenue ↔ Haitian 3rd Rd. ↔ Pudong Airport

 Shanghai Maglev Longyang Rd. Station ↔ City Bus
There are many buses which take you to the maglev stations at Longyang Road and Pudong International Airport. The following are some of them for your reference:

 Bus Routes near Maglev Longyang Rd. Station

Bus Route


Main Stop



Guangling 4th Road Guangyue Road

Zhangyang Road, Longyang Rd. Metro Station

East Shenmei Road Kangshen Road


Shangpu Road Jiyang Road

Shangnan Road, Changli Road

Longyang Rd. Metro Station


Qichangzhan Ferry

Lotus Supercenter, Longyang Rd. Metro Station, New International Exhibition Center


Shenjiang Line

Changyi Road

Dongfang Road, Zhangyang Road, Jinxiu Road, Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Sifan Xiaoqu

Longbin Line

Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Lianxi Road, Nanhui University Town

Binhai Tourist Resort

Longda Line

Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Hunan Highway, Xuanqiao Town

Datuan Town

Longpinglu Line

Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Touqiao Town, Ping'an Town

Yugang Road Laolu Highway (Luchaogang Port)

Longlu Special Line

Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Baiyang Road, Hunan Highway

Luchaogang Port

Longlin Special Line

Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Hunan Highway, Nanlu Highway

Lingang Xincheng (Maritime University)

Longdong Special Line

Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Hunan Highway, Nanlu Highway, Sansan Highway

Donghai State Farm Flower Port

Dongchuan Special Line

Dongchang Rd. Metro Station

Century Avenue Metro Station, Longyang Rd. Metro Station


Fangchuan Special Line

Fangxie Road East Fuxing Road (Laoximen)

East Fuxing Road, Jinxiu Road, Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Jiangzhen Road (Airport Town North Gate)

Bridge Line 6

West Guangyuan Road Gongcheng Road (Jiaotong University)

Xujiahui, South Zhongshan Road, Yanggao Road,Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Xiangnan Road Dangui Road (Xiangnan Xiaoqu)

Airport Line 3

Galaxy Hotel

Tianping Road Xujiahui, Dapuqiao, Longyang Rd. Metro Station

Pudong International Airport

 Please click Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus to see the bus routes near Maglev Pudong International Airport Station.


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