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Shanghai - Hefei Train

Usually, there are about 56 pairs of trains running between Shanghai and Hefei. Among them, 3 pairs are normal types with duration of 8.5 - 11 hours and the rest are bullet trains with duration of 2 - 4 hours.

High Speed Train

Basic Facts:

 Duration: about 2 - 4 hours
 Distance: about 452 - 468 kilometers (281 - 291 miles)
 Top speed: 300 km/h (186 mph)
 Operated at: Shanghai/ Shanghai Hongqiao Railway StationHefei/ Hefei South Railway Station
 Stations along the way: Anting North, Kunshan South, Yangchenghu, Suzhou, Suzhou North, Suzhou New District, Wuxi New District, Wuxi, Qishuyan, Wuxi East, Huishan, Changzhou, Changzhou North, Danyang, Dantu, Zhenjiang, Zhenjiang South, Nanjing South, Quanjiao, and Feidong

Shanghai to Hefei High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
D307206:14 - 10:123h58m
D95609:30 - 12:082h38m
G172411:46 - 13:552h9m
G727614:18 - 17:122h54m
G172816:51 - 19:052h14m
Around 55 departures in total: departure time from 06:11 to 20:13; duration from 2H6M to 3H35M.
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 (Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G941208:46 - 11:182h32m
G759810:26 - 12:592h33m
G173012:50 - 15:272h37m
G726614:37 - 17:252h48m
G60016:49 - 18:552h6m
Around 55 departures in total: departure time from 07:43 to 19:33; duration from 2H6M to 4H7M.
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Note: The timetable listed above is for reference only. You can search for the real-time schedule by the tool on page top.

Shanghai - Hefei High Speed Train Ticket Price

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
CNY 598.5 - 653
USD 88 - 96
CNY 309.5 - 341
USD 46 - 50
CNY 192.5 - 210
USD 28 - 31

These rides are operated at different railway stations in both cities:

 In Shanghai, 36 pairs of them are operated at Hongqiao Railway Station and only 14 pairs of them use Shanghai Railway Station. It is needless to say that there are more choices in Hongqiao Station which is adjacent to Hongqiao International Airport. It is a little far from the city center and other attractions sites, but the transportation to and from the station is pretty convenient. Passengers can take city bus, subway line 2 or line 10 to other places. The schedule of Shanghai Station is not as dense as that of Hongqiao Station, but it is closer to city center. If the schedule fits, it will be more time-saving to use it.

 In Hefei, 47 pairs of them are operated at South Railway Station and only 4 pairs of them use Main Railway Station. South Railway Station is located a little far from the downtown area, but there are more choices and the transportation of this station is convenient. So you are advised to choose the South Station, except that you stay near the main station and its schedule fits your travel time.

Normal Train

Basic Facts:

 Duration: about 8.5 - 11 hours
 Distance: about 457 kilometers (284 miles)
 Top speed: 100/ 120/ 140/ 160 km/h (62/ 75/ 87/ 99 mph)
 Operated at: Shanghai/ Shanghai South Railway Station, Hefei Railway Station

Shanghai to Hefei Train Schedule

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
K115611:16 - 19:178h1m
K110714:12 - 21:227h10m
K836223:24 - 07:09+7h45m

Hefei to Shanghai Train Timetable

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
K110503:32 - 12:419h9m
K115505:48 - 14:408h52m
K836122:35 - 07:58+9h23m
Note: The timetable listed above is for reference only. You can search for the real-time schedule by the tool on page top.

Shanghai - Hefei Train Ticket Price

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Soft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
CNY 223 - 285
USD 33 - 42
CNY 148 - 197
USD 22 - 29
CNY 78 - 86
USD 11 - 13


Flights VS. High Speed Trains

Passengers can also travel by flight. There are three pairs per day. The travel time is 1.5 hours or so. But they are not recommended because the airports are a little bit far from the city center, making the total flight travel time no big difference from the high speed rail travel. Besides, easily affected by weather changes, flights are not as punctual as rail service. Last but not least, flight travel will cost more than rail travel in most cases.

 Major Rail Lines from Shanghai to:

 Major Rail Lines from Hefei to:
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Questions & Answers on Shanghai - Hefei Train
Asked by Paloma from USA | May. 10, 2019 02:17Reply
Hefei Station to PVG
I have a flight from PVG at 21:15pm. Which train should I take from Hefei to catch my flight? Shanghai Hongqiao or Shanghai?
Answers (1)
Answered by Carver from USA | May. 12, 2019 17:25

Will you take an international flight? In this case, you need 3 hours in advance at airport, so around 6:30pm. You need another 1.5 hours to 2 hours on the way from station to airport. So you can consider G7566 to Hongqiao Station or G7238 to the main station. The main station is a little bit closer in distance to PVG.
Asked by Florence from BELGIUM | Jan. 21, 2019 02:14Reply
Is there any meal offered on the train?
Can I bring my own food, fruits and drinks?
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from SINGAPORE | Jan. 21, 2019 17:41

If your travel time is during the lunch time, there could be meal for sale, not for free. You can take some food with you as well, but for drinks, they would be checked at the security. They may ask you to drink it for test. If you do not want this trouble, you can choose to buy drinks in station. There are always shops can be find, unless it is a small station.
Asked by Doreen-Ann from CANADA | Nov. 28, 2018 14:54Reply
Doreen-Ann from Canada
Hi it is our 1rst time going to Shanghai, we have never been before. We are staying near the Yu Garden and will need to go to Hefei going and back the same day. What do we need to do? Where do we need to go? How do we get tickets?
Thank you
Answers (3)
Answered by Hosea from GERMANY | Nov. 28, 2018 21:58

The closest station to your location should be Shanghai Railway Station. There are a few rides a day from this station to Hefei and back. Most of them will use Hongqiao Station instead. Therefore, to use which station, it depends on the train you will choose. You can buy the ticket at a railway station ticket counter directly or book them online in advance. You can check the schedule, price and also make booking on this website.
Answered by Doreen-Ann from CANADA | Nov. 29, 2018 15:10

From Shanghai Railway Station to Hefei is how many hours? Do we need to change train along the way?
Answered by Carroll | Nov. 30, 2018 01:38

The duration is 2 to 3.5 hours and they are direct rides.
Asked by alma from CHINA | Mar. 29, 2017 23:28Reply
please help me on direction
i be traveling from hefei south train station to shanghai hongquiao stn, but my plane ticket is shanghai pudong to Manila Philippines. please help me with the ways hiw to get from hongquiao to pudong airport. it's my first time to travel by rail. I bought my ticket online do i need to go somewhere in station to do something??
thank you so much
Answers (1)
Answered by Fredrick | Mar. 30, 2017 02:10

You can take the subway line 2 to Pudong airport with a transfer at Guanglan Rd. There is also airport shuttle bus run between. If you are short in time, you can take a taxi directly.
Asked by Sharyn Nichols from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 29, 2016 22:21Reply
Pudong Airport to Hongqiao railway Station transfer
Hi There - we are landing at Shangahi Airport at 18.30 on the 12th of October and want to travel to Hefei on that same night on the G7596 which departs at 20:22. Will we have time to clear customs and get to the correct station in time for this train ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Cesar from CANADA | Aug. 30, 2016 00:45

The time did not enough for you to catch the G7596 at 20:22. It takes around 2 hours on the way to go from pudong airport to hongqiao station, the taxi would need about 1 hour without traffic problem. You still need time to clear customs and also time to collect the paper ticket for the next trip.
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