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Hangzhou - Hefei Train

Currently, there are about 30 pairs of high speed trains and 20 pairs of normal speed rides serving the route between Hangzhou East Railway Station and Hefei / Hefei South Railway Station. The duration for high speed rides varies from 2.5 to 4.5 hours. Both daytime and overnight normal speed trains are available, with the duration of 5.5 to 8 hours. Thus, for budget travelers, they can also take the normal speed trains which are not too slow actually. Besides, if you are too late to catch the last high speed ride, you can take an overnight normal train, which can save one night’s hotel bill.

Hangzhou - Hefei High Speed Train

Basic Facts:

 Duration: 2.5 to 4.5 hours
 Running Distance: 410 - 627 kilometers (255 - 390 miles)
 Top Speed: 300km/h (186 mph)

Hangzhou to Hefei High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G59408:16 - 10:482h32m
D224610:05 - 12:412h36m
G761612:26 - 14:592h33m
G769214:58 - 17:312h33m
G768218:20 - 20:422h22m
Around 30 departures in total: departure time from 06:50 to 19:15; duration from 2H18M to 4H28M.
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Hefei to Hangzhou Bullet Train Timetable

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G763807:38 - 10:092h31m
G759810:26 - 13:593h33m
G763412:45 - 14:572h12m
G59214:32 - 17:232h51m
D224817:30 - 20:072h37m
Around 30 departures in total: departure time from 07:38 to 20:06 ; duration from 2H17M to 4H26M.
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Note: The timetable and ticket price listed above is for reference only. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.


Ticket Fare of Hangzhou - Hefei High Speed Trains

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
G trainsCNY 541 - 872.5
USD 80 - 128
CNY 289 - 452.5
USD 43 - 67
CNY 174.5 - 283
USD 26 - 42
D trains---CNY 251 - 260
USD 37 - 38
CNY 157 - 163
USD 23 - 24

Hangzhou - Hefei Railway Map
Hangzhou - Hefei Railway Map

There is no much difference on the duration of G types and D types. Thus, taking the D type will be a better choice for the ticket is a little cheaper than that of G type. All the D types depart/drop in Hefei South Station while parts of the G types depart/drop in Hefei Station.

 Running routes:
 For most bullet trains: Deqing, Huzhou, Changxing, Yixing, Liyang, Wawushan, Lishui, Jurong West, Jiangning, Nanjing South

 For trains with durations around 4 hours or more:
They pass Shanghai & Suzhou with longer distance. The stopovers are: Yuhang, Haining West, Tongxiang, Jiaxing South, Jinshan North, Songjiang South, Shanghai Hongqiao, Kunshan South, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Huishan, Danyang, Zhenjiang, Nanjing South, Quanjiao

Normal Trains of Hangzhou - Hefei

Hangzhou to Hefei Train Schedule:

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
K105009:01 - 14:155h14m
K126411:43 - 17:195h36m
K59412:43 - 17:515h8m
K227615:44 - 20:595h15m
K104016:06 - 21:125h6m
Around 20 departures in total: departure time from 02:27 to 22:36; duration from 5H39M to 7H41M.

Hefei to Hangzhou Train Timetable:

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
K89106:34 - 12:335h59m
K227507:30 - 13:175h47m
K139513:00 - 18:385h38m
K59313:22 - 18:475h25m
K290514:04 - 19:215h17m
Around 20 departures in total: departure time from 02:25 to 23:23; duration from 5H43M to 7H6M.

Ticket Fare:

(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
Soft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
CNY 220.5 - 231
USD 32 - 34
CNY 122.5 - 168
USD 18 - 25
CNY 64.5 - 69
USD 9 - 10

 Stations along the way: Deqing West, Changxing South, Guangde, Xuancheng, Wuhu, Chaohu.

Shangqiu - Hefei - Hangzhou High Speed Railway under Construction

This route has been constructed since November 30, 2015 and is expected to open by the end of 2020. Taking a different route from the current railway, it will shorten the journey between Hefei and Hangzhou to 100 min, about 40min less than the fastest train at present.
 Major Rail Lines from Hangzhou to:

 Major Rail Lines from Hefei to:
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Questions & Answers on Hangzhou - Hefei Train
Asked by Harmony from INDONESIA | Apr. 29, 2019 02:41Reply
I notice that some trains takes 4 hours to Hangzhou and some takes 2 hours.
Are these 4 hours options direct trains also? Or I need to change trains somewhere so it is much longer in time?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Apr. 29, 2019 19:58

Thank you for your message.

They are all direct ride, no matter 4 hours rides or 2 hours. The difference is caused by running route. It is highly recommended to use 2 hours high speed ride unless there is no other option.
Asked by Rodgers from SWAZILAND | Dec. 28, 2018 23:54Reply
Which train is the better? D or G train?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hilton from USA | Jan. 01, 2019 16:11

The facilities and service is the same, they are only different in speed. Maybe just one difference, there is usually no business class seats on D rides. You can choose the ride to use according to the departure time and duration.
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