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Shanghai - Macau Train

At present, there is no direct Shanghai to Macau train available. For those who prefer a rail trip, they need to make a transfer.

Two transfer options are recommended:

one in Guangzhou and Zhuhai with very frequent departures;

one in Zhuhai only, but with one train available every Friday to next Monday.

Option1: Transfer in Guangzhou & Zhuhai

(Last updated on August 10, 2019)
 Schedule  Ticket Fare  Duration
Shanghai – Guangzhou by High Speed Train   4 departures per day;
3 additional departures every Friday to the next Monday 
CNY1,302.5 for a first class seat;
CNY793 for a second class seat;
CNY900 for a soft sleeper  
7 - 11.5 h
Guangzhou – Zhuhai by High Speed Train   Over 70 departures per day  CNY90 for a first class seat;
CNY 70 for a second class seat 
1 – 1.5 h
Zhuhai – Macau on foot  /   About 40 minutes for passing the Gongbei Port
 Seven pairs of bullet trains run between Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station for a distance of 1,790 kilometers (1,112 miles). Among them, 4 pairs of high speed G trains running daily take 7 – 8.5 hours. A business class seat costs CNY2,492.5 per person; a first class seat costs CNY1,302.5 per person; and a second class seat costs CNY 793 per person. The other 3 pairs of high speed overnight sleeper D trains are only available from Friday to the next Monday, taking 11.5 hours. A deluxe soft sleeper costs CNY1,490 per person; a soft sleeper costs CNY900 per person; and a second class seat costs CNY525.5 per person.

The other 4 pairs of normal trains run between Shanghai Railway Station/ South Railway Station and Guangzhou Railway Station/ East Railway Station, taking a longer time of 16.5 – 23.5 hours for a distance of 1,675 kilometers ( miles). The ticket fare is CNY 668 for a soft sleeper, CNY377 for a hard sleeper, and CNY206 for a hard seat.
 Over 70 pairs of high speed trains run between Guangzhou South Railway Station and Zhuhai Railway Station with duration of 1 – 1.5 hours. The distance is 116 kilometers (72 miles). A business class seat costs CNY205/273; a first class seat costs CNY90; and a second class seat costs CNY70.

Zhuhai – Macau

When arriving at Zhuhai Railway Station, passengers can follow the direction signs walking about 200 meters (220 yards) to reach the Gongbei port. Passing the port, they will enter Macau.

Transportation between Guangzhou Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station:

1. Metro: line 2
2. Taxi: Traveling by taxi costs about CNY65 and takes 40 minutes.

Transportation between Guangzhou East Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station:

1. Metro: line 1 and line 2 with a transfer at Gongyuanqian station
2. Taxi: A taxi ride costs CNY75 and takes about 55 minutes.

Option 2: Transfer in Zhuhai

(Last updated on August 10, 2019)
 Schedule  Ticket Fare  Duration

Shanghai –Zhuhai by High Speed D Train
One departure every Friday to next Monday   CNY1,490 for a deluxe soft sleeper;
CNY900 for a soft sleeper;
CNY595.5 for a hard seat 
12.5 h
Zhuhai – Macau by Foot  /   About 40 minutes for passing the Gongbei Port

At present, there is only one pair of high speed D trains numbered as D941/D942 running overnight between Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Zhuhai Railway Station from Friday to next Monday. It takes 12.5 hours to finish this 1,869 kilometers (1,161 miles) journey. Passengers can save the day time and one-night hotel expenses traveling by this overnight sleeper train D941/D942. In order to have a good rest onboard, a sleeper is highly recommended for this long-distance trip.

Shanghai – Macau Flight

To save time, it is advised to travel by Macau to Shanghai flight instead of Macau to Shanghai train, and vice versa. There are around 20 pairs of direct flights flying between the two cities, taking 3 hours or so. The dense schedule and short duration make it popular among many passengers. A full price economy class seat is over CNY1,900, but the ticket fare can low to CNY400 in low seasons.

 Major Rail Lines from Shanghai to:
 Major Rail Lines from Macau to:
- Last modified on Nov. 20, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on Shanghai - Macau Train
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Asked by Zora from USA | Nov. 20, 2019 00:30Reply
Is 30min efficient for me to change trains at Guangzhou South Station?
Does train G85 always runs on time? Should I buy ticket to Zhuhai after arrival at Guangzhou South?
Answers (1)
Answered by Orson from LATVIA | Nov. 20, 2019 19:11

Normally 30min is fine as bullet trains hardly delay but I heard that now passengers need to use e ticket for the trip from Guangzhou to Zhuhai and for first time travelers, they need to verify passport at station first, so I suppose 30min would not be enough if you are first time traveler. 1 hour would be better or it should be fine to buy ticket on spot too.
Asked by Conan from ROMANIA | Jan. 16, 2019 01:29Reply
I think the D941 should run in every Monday, isn't it?
I tried to book it on Feb 4, Monday, but it shows “no direct trains between"? How to book it?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Jan. 16, 2019 17:47

Thank you for your inquiry.

The overnight high speed ride did runs every Friday to next Monday, however, the train on Feb 4 seems cancelled by Railway Company. This D941 is not on the schedule list for Feb 4. You may need to make a transfer in Guangzhou on other day time high speed rides. Hope for your kind understanding.
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