Hong Kong - Guilin High Speed Train

 To prevent the spread of Covid-19, Hong Kong - Guilin high speed trains have stopped their service until further notice. 
2 pairs of high speed trains are running between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and Guilin West Station, serving passengers traveling from Hong Kong to Guilin and from Guilin to Hong Kong. The travel time is less than 3.5 hours and the ticket price is CNY 379 for a second class seat. 

Passengers can also make a transfer in Guangzhou South Railway Station or Shenzhen North Railway Station for more high speed trains.


Basic Facts of Hong Kong - Guilin High Speed Trains

Open time: September 23, 2018

Overall travel time: Over 3 hours

Distance: About 586 kilometers (364 miles)

Top speed: 200 km/h (124 mph) in HK, 300 km/h (186 mph) in Mainland

Ticket fare: CNY 379 for a second class seat

Operated at: Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station, Guilin West Railway Station

Hong Kong to Guilin High Speed Train Schedule  

Train No. Departure - Arrival Travel Time
G408/9 12:05 - 15:25 3h20m
G320 14:49 - 18:02 3h13m
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Guilin to Hong Kong Bullet Train Timetable

Train No. Departure - Arrival Travel Time
G410/07 13:36 - 16:57 3h21m
G319 12:38 - 15:57 3h19m
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Note: The above timetable is only for reference. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top. 

Hong Kong - Guilin High Speed Train Ticket Fare

Business Class Seat First Class Seat Second Class Seat
CNY 1138
USD 173.5
CNY 607
USD 92.5
CNY 379
USD 58
Hong Kong - Guilin High Speed Railway Map
Hong Kong - Guilin High Speed Railway Map
Hong Kong Train Maps

Transfer in Guangzhou South for More Trains Options

Hong Kong to Guangzhou to Guilin Bullet Train Schedule & Ticket Fare

Hong Kong - Guangzhou Guangzhou - Guilin  Overall Travel Time  Ticket Fare (CNY)
Second Class Seat
G80: 08:05 - 08:56 D2812: 10:05 - 12:47 4H42M  215 + 164 = 379
G6584: 11:15 - 12:05 D1834: 13:18 - 15:53 4H38M 
G320: 14:49 - 15:40 D2840: 16:52 - 19:34 4H45M

Guilin to Guangzhou to Hong Kong High Speed Train Schedule & Ticket Fare

Guilin - Guangzhou Guangzhou - Hong Kong Overall Travel Time Ticket Fare (CNY)
Second Class Seat
D2989: 07:25 - 10:22 G6523: 11:14 - 12:11 4H46M 165 + 215 = 380
G2809: 11:34 - 14:35 G6357: 15:26 - 16:24 4H50M  164 + 215 = 379
G4511: 15:11 - 17:30 G6585: 18:33 - 19:37 4H26M 

Transfer in Shenzhen North for More Trains Options

Hong Kong to Shenzhen to Guilin Bullet Train Timetable & Ticket Fare

Hong Kong - Shenzhen  Shenzhen - Guilin Overall Travel Time  Ticket Fare (CNY)
Second Class Seat
G6532: 10:33 - 10:52 G2904: 11:45 - 14:49  4H16M 75 + 239 = 314
G6584: 11:17 - 11:35 G312: 12:28 - 15:25 4H8M 75 + 238 = 313
G5720: 13:36 - 13:56 G2930: 14:50 - 17:57  4H21M

Guilin to Shenzhen to Hong Kong High Speed Train Schedule & Ticket Fare

Guilin - Shenzhen  Shenzhen - Hong Kong Overall Travel Time  Ticket Fare (CNY)
Second Class Seat
G2901: 10:51 - 14:02 G417: 14:54 - 15:13 4H21M 239.5 + 75 = 314.5
G319: 12:38 - 15:35 G5605: 16:21 - 16:39 4H1M 238.5 + 68 = 306.5
G2903: 15:26 - 18:32 G5607: 19:35 - 19:54 4H28M  239.5 + 75 = 314.5

Hong Kong - Guilin Bullet Train VS. Flights

Bullet Trains Flights
Ticket Fare  CNY 379 for a second class seat CNY 1,700 - 2,100 for an economy class seat
Duration Around 3 hours Around 1.5 hours
Obviously, passengers with adequate travel time and limited budget are highly recommended to take high speed trains while passenfers with limited travel time can choose flights.

Major Rail Lines from Hong Kong to:
Major Rail Lines from Guilin to:
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