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4-Star Li River Cruise Ticket Booking
Li River Cruise
From CNY210/US$30 per person
  • Enjoy the charming picturesque scenery along the river.
  • Take a wonderful cruise on the luxury ship with a delicious buffet.
  • Buy the pick-up service from your hotel to the dock, to enjoy your trip with no obstacle.
Select Date and Tickets:
  • Adult & Child:
  • Cruise Ship Ticket with Buffet Lunch – Upper Deck
  • Cruise Ship Ticket with Buffet Lunch – VIP Deck
  • Cruise Ship Ticket with Buffet Lunch - Upper Deck + Transfer from Hotel to Whalf
    The price is for at least two persons as a group, doesn't apply for one person.
  • Cruise Ship Ticket with Buffet Lunch - Lower Deck + Transfer from Hotel to Whalf
    The price is for at least two persons as a group, doesn't apply for one person.
  • Cruise Ship Ticket with Buffet Lunch – VIP Deck + Transfer from Hotel to Whalf
    The price is for at least two persons as a group, doesn't apply for one person.
  • Adult: Height 150cm+ (Includes 150cm)
  • Cruise Ship Ticket with Buffet Lunch - Lower Deck
  • Child: Height 120-149cm
  • 4 Star Cruise Ship Ticket with Buffet Lunch – Lower Deck
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Important Notice
1. Free of charge for children under 120cm, with no seat provided. Please pay CNY30 in cash for buffet lunch on board.
2. Children between 120cm and 149cm enjoy preferential price with seat and lunch provided.
3. Children above 149cm should buy adult tickets.
4. The price doesn't include the transfer between hotel and the wharf.
How to Book and Use
1. Full names and passport number are required to book the ticket.
2. Show your passport (copy or photo is not accepted) at the ticket center to redeem paper tickets and board the ship.
3. Please get to the wharf at 08:30am for ticket redemption.
The 4-star ships sail from 08:30 to 09:30 every day from Zhujiang Wharf, about 4 hours for the whole trip.
The timetable is subject to change according to local weather condition.
Embarking Information:
Departure Time: 09:00-10:00
Zhujiang Wharf (竹江码头) at Lingchuan County, 32 km (20 mi) from downtown Guilin
Change & Cancellation
1. Free Change & Cancellation if we receive the request by email 5 days before the designated travel date.
2. 30% of the ticket price will be charged for cancellation made 2 days before the designated travel date.
3. Non-refundable for cancellation made within 2 days before the intended visit date.
What to Expect
Taking a 4-star cruise is a wonderful way to appreciate the Li River, which boasts the most beautiful scenery in China. The cruise is from Zhujiang Wharf in Guilin to Yangshuo. Along the route, the hills on banks are lush and green, and the water is quite clear, all of which are like paintings. It is a peaceful fairy-tale land with gorgeous reflections on the water and idyllic villages on the banks, especially in the morning, you can also see hazy mist above the river, which would present you a scene of beauty.
Li River
Li River
The cruise journey from Yangdi to Xingping, about 20km in length, provides the best scenery during the whole trip. You will definitely be attracted by wonderful sights on both banks, like Mural Hill and Yellow Cloth Shoal.

The charming reflections add more beauty to Li River. The reflection at Yellow Cloth Shoal, current 20-yuan banknote’s background pattern, is the most intoxicating one. At Yellow Cloth Shoal, a large beige slate lying at the riverbed will come into your view. It is exactly like a yellow cloth, thus Yellow Cloth Shoal was named.
Li River
Li River
Compared with 3-star cruise ships, 4-star ships are more luxurious with better facilities. You can enjoy a buffet on 4-star cruise ships for lunch but only a box lunch on 3-star ships.
Additional Info
Where is the dock for embarkation?
Zhujiang Wharf in Yanshan District, 32 km (20 mi) from downtown Guilin
How to get to the Zhujiang Wharf?
If you also purchase our hotel-to-dock transfer service when booking the cruise ticket, a guide will pick you up at your hotel and send you to the Zhujiang Wharf by car.

If you want to go there by yourself, take the city bus 9-Zhujiang Line and get off at the terminal, Zhujiang Wharf Stop.

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Li River Cruise Tickets Booking FAQs

How do I get my Li River cruise tickets?

After booking, you can collect the paper ticket from the ticket center at the dock.

If I travel with my child, could you give me some suggestions for lunch?

The Li River cruise ticket include a lunch for kids between 1.2m and 1.49m (3.9 - 4.9ft). Kids below 1.2m can go on board for free, but you need to pay about CNY 30 for their lunch on the ship. As the simple food on ships may not satisfy your requirements, you’d better prepare your lunch by yourself in advance.

If I buy the transfer service, when will the tour guide contact me to make an appointment?

The tour guide will contact you on the day before your tour. The guide will pick you up at your hotel according to the time you have confirmed on the previous day and escort you to Zhujiang Wharf. He or she will help you to board the ship, too.
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    4.74 Reviews
    United States
    Posted on May. 24, 2024
    Everything went smoothly. Communications were timely, complete, and detailed. Food was good. We had hot weather, but it was very comfortable inside and pleasant outside on deck with the breeze. The views exceeded expectations.
    United Kingdom
    Posted on Jan. 18, 2021
    Great trip. Thanks for your help to organise it. 谢谢🙏
    Chan Family
    Posted on Jan. 07, 2020
    Travel China Guide was very easy to use and book our 4 Star Guilin Li River Cruise.

    The cruise itself was fantastic - a nice pace for young and old and plenty of photo opportunities. Worth paying for the professional photographers on board as they know the landscape well BUT make sure you sign up early for their services when it is offered, as the groups are called up to take photos in numerical order of signing up for their services. You don't want to be one of the last groups otherwise you may miss the opportunity for that perfect shot as the cruise ship does not stop.

    Lunch was great - a full Chinese smorgasbord of local dishes and some western. You may want to option up for the cruiseship's special dishes offered on the day for an extra fee.

    We were lucky with the weather on this occasion as there was a possibility of rain on the day however we were blessed with sunshine and slight clouds during our cruise. It was downright warm by the time we arrived at our destination some 4 hours later.

    Note that at the end of the cruise when you arrive at the pier you will need to hire a driver for approx 15RMB / person to take you back to the carpark area, as no large tourist buses are allowed to drive down to the pier to pick up guests. Otherwise it could end up being a very long walk!!
    Posted on Nov. 18, 2019
    The cruise was great as it was a sunny day. 4 stars cruise has lesser tourists and a buffet meal. Food is nothing to rave about and they do offer fresh produce directly with the fosherman at a price. Photographers are also available this boat. 2 squat toitlets and 1 seated toilet.
    Booking with Travel China Guide is easy as they are well versed in English. Only thing is there is no earlier confirmation till the day before the cruise. In fact, i have to ring them up un the afternoon as i did not receive any confirmation details. Collection of cruise tickets are at the pier itself. It is best to arrive 45mins earlier as it is a huge crowd at the pier. The tickets were ready for us. No queue for collection as it seems most are group tourists and it was a low season (mid Nov). Foreigners like us without an ID card entered via a different queue and not the auto-scan entrance.
    Upon entering, follow the crowd to the pier and look for the cruise ship. There are so many cruises leaving at the same time.
    The pier for the 4 stars cruise is quite far, about 30-40mins by taxi at 100-120rmb.
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