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Tickets & Activities Booking FAQs

Can I buy a ticket at site instead of booking it in advance?

Yes, you can. However, you may meet with some difficulties. In many scenic areas, the staff do not speak English, so you need to take language barrier into consideration. Besides, long queues for buying entrance ticket are common in popular attractions, especially during Chinese public holidays. The last but not the least, many scenic areas limit the number of tickets sold at site per day. If you get there late, the ticket is possibly not available. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to book a ticket online in advance to guarantee a smooth trip.

How far in advance should I book a ticket?

After you have made out a China travel itinerary, you can start the booking of admission tickets for scenic areas involved. Generally speaking, most scenic areas of China release tickets seven days ahead of the entry date, and we can grasp it as soon as possible. The latest time you can book is the day before your intended travel.

How do I make a ticket order online and get a confirmation for it?

You can submit the order on our website and pay for it. Upon receiving your order, we will handle it immediately and send an email to you. By clicking the link of "Check Order" in the email, you can view the Confirmation No. or QR Code, and terms for "How to Use".

Do I need to redeem a paper ticket after booking online? Or can I enter the scenic area directly?

The case varies in different scenic areas. You can simply have your passport or QR code scanned to enter some scenic areas, while some require you to collect a paper ticket at the ticket window using the QR code, Confirmation No., or passport.

How do I pay for a ticket order? Do I need to pay while booking or upon arrival at the scenic area?

If booking an entrance ticket through TravelChinaGuide, you need to make the payment to us before issuing the tickets. We accept payment by Paypal, credit cards, WeChat, and Alipay.
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    4.919 Reviews
    Posted on Nov. 10, 2019
    The service was excellent. Our guide Tony gave us a lot of information and helped us a lot providing us with the tickets.
    Posted on Nov. 06, 2019
    Everything went really smoothly - the tickets were received promptly and we experienced no problems at all gaining access using our passports to the Forbidden City - thank you so much
    John Key
    Posted on Oct. 30, 2019
    Thanks for the convenient ticket service, and it helped me a lot! This is an amazing trip! I think a professional tour guide is a must, which can assist you to learn the history of the Terra-cotta Warriors and Golden Carriages through the explanation. And the process of repairing those terra-cotta sculptures also can be explained in detail. That would be very interesting!
    Posted on Oct. 28, 2019
    It was great experience!!
    Our guide Michael was speaking good English and very taking care about us all!! Thank you!!
    Posted on Oct. 20, 2019
    Everything went very smoothly. Great experience and best value for price I could think of! The guide was also very concerned about our wellbeing! We walked up from the bus station to the wall and hiked all the way to tower nr.20. (and maybe even further? - so fascinating)!! It took us 4 hrs return (we are quite fit though).

    Thanks for the great experience!
    Posted on Oct. 15, 2019
    Very simple, straightforward and easy to follow.
    H Cluitmans
    Posted on Oct. 15, 2019
    We booked tickets for badaling. Booking tickets works well, you can book in advance and only need to show your passport at ticket selling point and you get your ticket. Very conveniant and you don't need to worry about that the max number of visitors has been reached.
    Posted on Oct. 08, 2019
    The service is perfect, the fee for each ticket is high, it could maybe be reduced to one reservation cost per transaction
    Posted on Oct. 07, 2019
    Michael was excellent. The tour was arranged within 48 hours with clear instructions and guidance. Tour ran smoothly with the perfect amount of time to spend on the wall and toboggan down!
    Posted on Sep. 24, 2019
    Everything was flawless. The booking process was easy, the TravelChinaGuide team reacted quickly and we managed to enter the Forbidden City in a matter of minutes (or seconds to be exact).
    Thanks a lot!
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