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Tickets & Activities Booking FAQs

Can I buy a ticket at site instead of booking it in advance?

Yes, you can. However, you may meet with some difficulties. In many scenic areas, the staff do not speak English, so you need to take language barrier into consideration. Besides, long queues for buying entrance ticket are common in popular attractions, especially during Chinese public holidays. The last but not the least, many scenic areas limit the number of tickets sold at site per day. If you get there late, the ticket is possibly not available. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to book a ticket online in advance to guarantee a smooth trip.

How far in advance should I book a ticket?

After you have made out a China travel itinerary, you can start the booking of admission tickets for scenic areas involved. Generally speaking, most scenic areas of China release tickets seven days ahead of the entry date, and we can grasp it as soon as possible. The latest time you can book is the day before your intended travel.

How do I make a ticket order online and get a confirmation for it?

You can submit the order on our website and pay for it. Upon receiving your order, we will handle it immediately and send an email to you. By clicking the link of "Check Order" in the email, you can view the Confirmation No. or QR Code, and terms for "How to Use".

Do I need to redeem a paper ticket after booking online? Or can I enter the scenic area directly?

The case varies in different scenic areas. You can simply have your passport or QR code scanned to enter some scenic areas, while some require you to collect a paper ticket at the ticket window using the QR code, Confirmation No., or passport.

How do I pay for a ticket order? Do I need to pay while booking or upon arrival at the scenic area?

If booking an entrance ticket through TravelChinaGuide, you need to make the payment to us before issuing the tickets. We accept payment by Paypal, credit cards, WeChat, and Alipay.
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    4.941 Reviews
    Laura Roemkens
    Posted on Aug. 09, 2021
    Great support! Thank youfor all your help 😊
    Michael Symons
    Posted on Apr. 18, 2021
    Our guide for Zhujiajiao, Yenny, was fantastic. She gave us the exact right amount of history and walked us through everything that we wanted to see. I would highly recommend Yenny to anyone looking for a fun filled and informative day in Zhujiajiao.
    Josephine Foley
    Posted on Apr. 11, 2021
    Apologies for the late reply I was still traveling last week.

    Thanks to you and your team for the efficient support- the ticketing worked perfectly and it was good advice to go early in the morning to see the warriors.

    I’m struggling to get on to Trip advisor but have shared your details with my friends to let them know your services.

    Thanks again to you and the team,


    Posted on Nov. 22, 2020
    Great flexibility and very responsive
    Jennifer Roth,
    Posted on Oct. 22, 2020
    It was so easy! We had zero problems, just scanned the QR code at the gate and we were in!
    Posted on Oct. 09, 2020
    Incredibly useful, we were in a pinch and they saved our vacations in beijing!
    they accept multiple ways of payment which makes it very easy to buy!!!
    will totally use their services again, very recommended!
    thanks for making our trip easier!
    Posted on Aug. 29, 2020
    I have the pleasure to write a very positive review about TravelChinaGuide. I want to point out from the very beginning I haven't joined any tour group so far. I haven't even purchased train tickets through TCG but I got priceless assistance during my recent solo tour in Guizhou province. At some point of my itinerary I was supposed to head for Fanjingshan to do some climbing but the day before my arrival to my surprise I found out on the Internet there was no ticket left. I was very disappointed as Fanjingshan was the destination I was really into it. Although there was no ticket left I took the bus from Tongren. During my bus trip I was in touch with Tiffany from TCG through Wechat. I explained her my situation. I was told at the reception desk of my hotel it was pointless of me to go to Fanjingshan but I stubbornly decided to go there all the same. I hoped to find someone who was unable to visit the place and forced to return the ticket but mine was just a slim hope. During my bus ride Tiffany called the tourist center in Fanjingshan and she was told there was still a limited amount of unsold tickets for foreigners. She reassured me and said not to feel worried. She also pinpointed which was the counter number in charge of selling the tickets.
    I am very grateful to Tiffany as I was tense and disappointed. Fortunately everything turned out to be good.
    Posted on Aug. 19, 2020
    Very reliable English language information and service. No problems at all, we had a fantastic day on Tianmenshan.
    Michel LC
    Posted on Aug. 18, 2020
    Very reactive and Customer service excellent ! The whole booking went very smooth, except at the early stage where the system were busy and asked to recheck after 10 min — but surprisingly, there was a follow up from back office and things went back to normal.
    Jacob Wickham
    Posted on Aug. 09, 2020
    My family had a wonderful hike at Simatai yesterday. The air was crystal clear and the nice breeze made it not too hot. I'm glad I got to buy cable car tickets on site. Only my father needed 1-way trip down, while my son and I hiked down. I'll look for the refund on wechat.

    Thanks again for booking the tickets for me.

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