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1-Day Li River Essence Hiking Tour

This hiking route leads backpackers to enjoy the essential section of the Li River. Besides the symbolic karst landscape of clear water and isolated hills, the refreshing rural scenery along the way can be another highlight of this one-day independent Guilin tour.

Hiking Route: Xianggong Hill - Laocuntou Village - Lengshui Ferry - Mural Hill - Yellow Cloth Shoal - Arhat Hill - Xingping Town

Xianggong Hill

Laocuntou Village

You can take a bus from Guilin South Bus Station to Yangshuo and get off midway at Putao Town. It is a very small town, where you can only charter a minibus to reach the Xianggong Hill, the starting point of your hiking tour. Follow the country road northwards to Laocuntou Village and continue heading for Lengshui Ferry. Take a raft to the other bank of the river and then trek southwards along the river to finally reach Xingping Ancient Town.

Mural Hill

Xingping Ancient Town

After visiting the ancient town, you may get on a bus at Xingping Bus Station to reach Yangshuo Railway Station in around 10 minutes; then take a high speed train back to Guilin and it takes you less than one hour on the way. Alternatively, you can extend this one-day independent Guilin tour to Yangshuo by bus.

Guilin - Putao Town bus ticket CNY15
Minibus from Putao Town to Xianggong Hill CNY 80 per car
Admission Fee of Xianggong Hill CNY 60
Raft at Lengshui Ferry CNY 10
Xingping - Guilin Bus ticket of Xingping - Yangshuo Railway Station CNY 5
Second-Class seat of a high speed train from Yangshuo to Guilin CNY 20
Xingping – Yangshuo bus ticket CNY 7

Highlights of this One-Day Li River Hiking Route
Xianggong Hill It is praised to be the best viewing point of the Li River and the surrounding rolling hills. You may spend about 15 minutes climbing to the top to capture the most beautiful scenery of the river and hills.
Mural Hill The cliff is so smooth that it seems like being cut by a sharp knife. It serves as a natural 'canvas' with plants drawing out the profiles of nine horses.
Yellow Cloth Shoal There is a large yellow slabstone beneath the river, which looks just like a yellow cloth laid flat on the riverbed. This scene is one of the essential spots along the Li River and was selected to be the background image of the CNY 20 bank note.
Xingping Ancient Town It is a historical township by the clear Li River and in the arm of green hills. White walls, grey tiles, and flagstone-paved lanes there well present the original looking of the town.
Along the main street, you can find many shops selling various kinds of souvenirs. There are also restaurants providing authentic local cuisines. You may have a taste of them before leaving the town.
1. Don't go for a hike alone. Find yourself some companions.
2. A pair of comfortable hiking shoes is necessary, and it should be waterproof and anti-slip.
3. It is suggested that you prepare some food, snacks, and bottled water in advance so that you can replenish energy during the hiking. Besides, you may encounter some farmhouses along the way, where you can have a short rest or try a simple meal. 

 Hiking around Guilin:5 days to Longsheng - Guilin - Yangshuo

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Questions & Answers
Asked by Nesa from GERMANY | Sep. 26, 2018 06:26Reply
Yangdi to xingping
Is the hiking from Yangdi to Xingping now open?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kate | Sep. 27, 2018 02:28

There is no official news saying that Yangdi-Xingping route is allowed to hike now. I've just heard that the government is repairing the hiking route in recent years. If you want to hike, I would recommend the route from Xianggong Hill to Xingping Town, which is also a good choice.
Asked by Rita from PORTUGAL | Apr. 12, 2018 11:38Reply
Yangdi to Xingping
Hi. The hike from Yangdi to Xingping are open? It's possible to go to Xianggong in this hike?
Best regards
Answers (1)
Answered by Phoebe | Apr. 13, 2018 02:15

No, it does not open up, but you can do the hike from Xingping to Xianggong Hill.
Asked by Tami from USA | Feb. 16, 2018 17:19Reply
Hike from Xingping to Xianggong
This itinerary has the hike starting from Xianggong Hill and ending in Xingping Town. Is it possible to do this route going from Xingping Town and ending at Xianggong Hill?
Answers (1)
Answered by David | Feb. 21, 2018 21:26

Yes. It is possible to hike from Xingping Town to Xianggong Hill.
Asked by Sara Robins from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 05, 2017 00:56Reply
alternative hiking route
Is it possible to hike from Xingping to Shuiyantou?
How long will this take? Can I get a bamboo raft back to Xingping at the end?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sharon | Mar. 05, 2017 21:12

Hi, this hiking route is still closed now. You can not take this route.
Asked by Chloe from FRANCE | Nov. 20, 2016 15:19Reply
Are the bamboo raft and hike possible at the end of december?
Is the bamboo raft from Yangdi to Mural Hill (Jiu Ma Hua Shan) possible at the end of december? Is it a good period to do the hike from Mural Hill to Xingping ?
Many thanks in advance.
Answers (1)
Answered by Roy | Nov. 20, 2016 18:54

The bamboo raft and hike can be done all year round. However, it is not suggested to do it in winter as the weather is quite cold and the sceneries are poor at that time. From Mural Hill, you can either hike or take a free battery car to Xingping with your bamboo raft tickets.
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