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Guilin Transportation -- Getting Around


As a developed tourism city, Guilin boasts convenient transportation. And what's more, you will be delighted to know that there are 8 tourism buses serving 110 routes free of charge for both locals and tourists alike. Just be prepared for these buses to be very crowded between 09:00 and 17:00 daily. The terminals and attractions are as follows:

No.51 from Donghuan Parking Lot to Guilin Station

No.52 from Donghuan Parking Lot to Seven-Star Park

No.53 from Gongjiao Company to Beiji Square

No.54 from Guilin Southern Company via Chuanshan Park to Hi-tech Zone

Guilin City Bus
Getting on the City Bus One by One

No.55 from Pingshan to Cheguansuo

No.56 from Pingshan via Nanxi Park back to Pingshan

No.57 from Xifeng Road via Elephant Trunk Hill Park back to Xifeng Road

No.58 from Nanxi Park, Elephant Trunk Hill Park, Seven Star Park, Folk Customs Center, Fubo Hill Park, Diecai Hill Park, Yu Hill Park to Reed Flute Park

Most buses charge CNY1.2 but without air conditioning. No.99 Bus from north to the south of the city is air conditioned, charging CNY2. The buses run begin from 06:00 to 07:00 in the morning to 18:00 to 21:30 in the evening.

In addition, the detailed information of the city buses which are mentioned in the articles is shown below for reference:

No. Operating Hours Stops
1 06:00-23:30 North (Railway) Station—Beiji Square—Bo Ai (Humanity) Hospital—Shizi Street (Jiefang Road West) —Xiangjiang Restaurant
3 07:00-21:20 South (Railway) Station—Chief Bus Station—Wei Xiao Tang Building—Xishan Park—Jiashan Restaurant—Changhai Mechanics Factory
4 07:00-22:00 South Station—Guiqing Road—Nan Xi Hospital—Chongxin Road—Tourist Commodities Wholesale City—Qifeng Town—Dongshan
11 06:00-21:00 Pingshan—Chongxin Road—Nanxi Hospital—Nanxi Park—South Station—Chief Bus Station—Shizi Street—Seven Star Park
16 06:00-21:00 Guangxi Normal University—Sanlidian Square—Lijiang Road (East)—181 Hospital—Elephant Trunk Hill Park
18 06:00-21:20 Sever Star Park—Shizi Street—FengBei Road—Dongzhen Road—Beiji Square—Qunzhong Road—Wushi Street—North Station—Yingfeng Road—310 Hospital—Bali Street
22 06:20-20:50 Tian E Tang—South Station—Chief Bus Station—Guangxi College of Education—Lijun Road—Shizi Street—Sihui Road—Ludi (reed flute) Road—Shengli Road—Railway Hospital—Welfare Hospital
26 06:30-20:00 Donglian Village—Chengnan Bus Station—Heishan Road—Cuizhu Road—Xiangjiang Restaurant—Guilin Medical College—Shizi Street
27 06:40-20:30 Sanlidian Square—Lijiang Road (East)—International Conference & Exhibition Center—South Station—Xiangjiang Restaurant—Cuizhu Road—Donglian Village—Qintan Village—Tangjia Villge
99 07:00-18:30 Qunzhong Road—Beiji Square—Dongzhen Road—Fengbei Road—Shizi Street (Central Square)—Chief Bus Station—South Station—Guiqing Road—Nanxi Park—Nanxishan Hospital—Chongxin Road

Guilin Taxi
Taxi in Dark Blue and Yellow
Guilin Taxi
Taxi in Yellow and Green


There are almost 2,000 taxis in the city. Touring the city by taxi is quite convenient and efficient. Usually, many drivers charge by meter if you travel in town, while they prefer flat rate for long-distance trips. Suppose you go to airport or attractions outside the city, it is best to negotiate a reasonable price before boarding.

Fare Daytime Night (23:00 - 06:00)
Flag-down Rate for First 2km (1.2mi) CNY9 CNY11
Surcharge per kilometer (0.6mi) CNY1.9 CNY2
Waiting Fee Free for the first 3 minutes; 20% of the unit price per kilometer (0.6mi) for every extra minute and the rate increases to 40% during rush hours between 17:00 and 19:00.

Reference Taxi Fare:
To Liangjiang Airport: CNY100-120
To Yangshuo: CNY200-250
To Yangdi Dock: CNY150-200
To Longji Rice Terraces: CNY400-600 (round trip)


Visit Guilin and surrounding place by bicycle
Visit by Bicycle

Guilin is a compact city so using a bicycle is a good option. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” as the saying goes.  Riding a bike will let you experience the leisurely pace of life in rural China. They can be rented at most hotels. The charge is either by the hour or the day depending how long you wish to have the bicycle. The daily rate is approximately CNY15. You can also ride a dockless sharing bike to tour around the city.

The advantages of traveling by bicycle: Firstly, you can decide where and when to go; secondly, you can stop to explore the local customs in the villages on the journey; thirdly, it is a good exercise for your body and your mind; lastly, it only uses up a little bit of your money on transportation within the city. Some notes for you on using the bicycle there:

1. Choose an ideal bicycle for your taste (usually a bicycle safety fork is needed when you choose the one type)
2. Before starting, check all the bicycle spare parts and accessories. Don't take things that are very heavy with you. If you must, put them on the bicycle frame behind you and not in the front.
3. Don't ride too far or too fast. You may get cramps in your legs. Take a rest every two hours. Take care of yourself on the journey.

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