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At present, more than 60 Guilin bus lines are in operation, covering the main urban areas of Guilin and some counties like Yangshuo. These buses can not only meet the daily travel needs of local residents, but also provide great convenience for tourists. For example, the Tourist Bus Line 1 can send travelers to Guilin Railway Station and some famous scenic spots, such as the Elephant Trunk Hill, Diecai Mountain, Seven-Star Park and Reed Flute Cave. There are also some double decker buses which are very suitable for sightseeing. Besides, bus stop reporting in Chinese and English is available on every city bus. The bus fare costs CNY1/ person time and CNY2/person is for the air-conditioned buses. The operation time is normally from 06:00 - 07:00 to 21:30 -23:00.

Guilin City Bus
Getting on the City Bus One by One
 Tourists Bus Line 1
Dingfu Tourist Transport Center – Heishan Intersection – Guilin Railway Station – Nanshan Qiao – Elephant Trunk Hill Park – Jiefangqiao (to Solitary Beauty Peak/Jingjiang Prince Mansion) – Seven-Star Park – Fubo Mountain – Diecai Mountain – Guanyinge (to Yu Mountain & Mulong Lake) – Reed Flute Cave – LuJia Village – West Mountain Park – Xinyi Lijun Intersection (Rong Lake of Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area) – Dong’an Road Middle – Heishan Intersection – Dingfu Tourist Transport Center
Operating Hours: 8:30 – 16:30
Ticket Fare: CNY2/person

Double-Decked Bus Lines & Main Stops


There are almost 3,000 taxis in Guilin. Touring the city by taxi is quite convenient and efficient. Usually, many drivers charge by meter if you travel in town, while they prefer flat rate for long-distance trips. Suppose you go to airport or attractions outside the city without hailing a taxi on the online car-hailing apps like Didi, it is best to negotiate a reasonable price before boarding.
Fare    Daytime    Night (23:00 – 06:00)
Flag-down Rate for First 2km (1.2mi)  CNY9 CNY11
Surcharge per kilometer (0.6mi)   CNY1.92   CNY2
Waiting Fee Free for the first 3 minutes; 20% of the unit price per kilometer (0.6mi) for every extra minute and the rate increases to 40% during rush hours between 17:00 and 19:00.

Guilin Taxi
Taxi in Dark Blue and Yellow
Guilin Taxi
Taxi in Yellow and Green

Taxi Fare from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport for Reference

Destination   Distance    Fare from Guilin Liangjiang Airport
Guilin Railway Station 27km CNY60-80
North Railway Station    36km  CNY80-100
Elephant Trunk Hill 29km CNY70-80
Reed Flute Cave 29km CNY70-80
Seven-Star Park 31km    CNY80-90


Visit Guilin and surrounding place by bicycle
Visit by Bicycle
Guilin is a compact city so using a bicycle is a good and economical option. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” as the saying goes.  Riding a bike will let you experience the leisurely pace of life in rural China. They can be rented at most hotels and nearby main roads. The charge is either by the hour or the day depending how long you wish to have the bicycle. The daily rate is approximately CNY15-20. You can also ride a dockless sharing bike to tour around the city.

Recommended Cycling Routes:

Route 1 (8km/5mi): Guilin Railway Station – Elephant Trunk Hill Elephant Trunk Hill – Shan Lake – Prince City Scenic Area ( Xiaoyao Tower and East-West Alley, Solitary Beauty Peak) – Fubo Mountain – Diecai Mountain – Mulong Lake – Gui Lake – Rong Lake – Guilin Railway Station

Route 2: Guilin Railway Station – Yangshuo
It is about 65 kilometers (40 miles) from Guilin Railway Station to Yangshuo. Half a day is needed for a single trip. After arriving in Yangshuo, if you still have the strength to travel, you can go to local scenic spots that cyclists often visit such as Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill, Ten-Mile Gallery, Yulong River and Land of Idyllic Beauty. It is recommended that you stay in Yangshuo for another day and continue to ride to Xingping Town where you can visit the most beautiful scenery of Li River by taking a bamboo raft. It is about 30 kilometers (19 miles).

Routes 3 (40km/25mi): Guilin – Dang Village – Maojia Village – Sujia Village – New Campus of Guilin University of Electronic Technology – Wuling Tunnel
You will ride along the Hua River, 16 kilometers (10 miles) east away from urban Guilin. The picturesque idyllic scenery and old dwellings are highlights.

 Notes for you on using the bicycle there:
1. Choose an ideal bicycle for your taste (usually a bicycle safety fork is needed when you choose the one type)
2. Before starting, check all the bicycle spare parts and accessories. Don't take things that are very heavy with you. If you must, put them on the bicycle frame behind you and not in the front.
3. Don't ride too far or too fast. You may get cramps in your legs. Take a rest every two hours. Take care of yourself on the journey.
- Last updated on May. 11, 2021 -
Questions & Answers on Getting Around Guilin
Asked by tomas from SLOVAKIA | Jan. 09, 2020 02:04Reply
li river cruise from Guangzhou
i would like to travel from Guangzhou to Gullin by a train, then do river cruise to Xingping and take train back to Guangzhou. is this doable in 12 hours?
Answers (2)
Answered by Kathy from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 09, 2020 18:51

It may not. Train from Guangzhou to Gulin takes 2-3 hours. The river cruise to Xingping takes around 3.5 hours. Last but not least, I didn't find the train from Xingping to Guangzhou.
Answered by Tomas from SLOVAKIA | Jan. 11, 2020 00:28

I thought that xingping is actually train station for yangshuo
Asked by DAVID WALLEE from BELGIUM | Aug. 16, 2019 03:10Reply
xiangbi mountain + fubo hill + seven star park
which bus I have to take to go from xiangi montain (elephant) to fubo hill, and then from fubo hill to seven star park? Thanks...
Answers (1)
Answered by Nick from USA | Aug. 19, 2019 18:26

To Fubo Hill: You can take bus No.2 from Lijiang Theater Station to Fubo Station. It takes around 20 minutes with CNY2.

To Seven Star Park: You can take bus No.206 from Fubo hill station to it directly. It takes around 20 minutes with CNY1.
Asked by Alice from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 15, 2019 04:20Reply
We are arriving by train to Guilin West Railway Station and need to travel to Main Station.
Is there a subway system or suburban trains to use? Alice Australia
Answers (1)
Answered by Brian from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 15, 2019 19:52

You can take bus No.22 to railway station directly. It takes around 75 minutes with CNY2.
Asked by Justin from NEW ZEALAND | Aug. 14, 2019 14:53Reply
Can you pay the driver in Guilin by WeChat Pay?
Answers (1)
Answered by Daine from GERMANY | Aug. 15, 2019 00:45

As I know, yes, you can pay the driver in there by WeChat Pay.
Asked by Jane from UK | Jun. 28, 2019 00:35Reply
Guilin West train station to Guilin Central Square?
Any recommendation for public transport? Or better to take taxi? Thanks for your advice.
Answers (1)
Answered by Raven from USA | Jun. 30, 2019 19:56

If you choose public transport, you can take bus No. 22 to Shizi Street Station, then walk south of 800m to your destination. It takes you 1 hour with CNY2. So you could take taxi, it costs CNY30-40 with 30 minutes.
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