9 Most Romantic Places in Beijing for Couples

Beijing, an ancient city abundant in historical sites like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, does not lack for romantic atmosphere. This article provides some inspiration for couples or lovers who want to visit some romantic places in Beijing or try some romantic things to do there.


Houhai is a vast lake surrounded by many traditional style buildings. It is recommended to take a boat to feel the gentle breeze with your lover while appreciating the rippling water, weaving willows and ancient buildings on the bank. In summer, the lake will grow pink, red and white because of the lotus flowers, creating a romantic scene. Also, many people visit Houhai to find the cultural landscapes and old life of Beijing in its neighborhood.
A night trip to Gubei Water Town is definitely one of the romantic things not to miss in Beijing. Gubei Water Town is an old style town at the foot of Simatai Great Wall. Built beside a lake, the town has attracted numerous visitors with its unique ancient building complex, beautiful night view and rich cultural activities. Many lovers choose to visit the ancient town at night and stay one night there as the brilliant town is like a dream world under the stars and lights. You can enjoy a dinner by the lake, then see the stunning music fountain show and take a boat to enjoy your time. All of these will be unforgettable experiences. Here, you can also see the dazzling Simatai Great Wall “hanging” in the sky at night; if have spare time, you can also pay a visit to it – the only Great Wall section open at night.

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Located in Beijing Zoo, Beijing Aquarium is the largest inland aquarium in the world. It is a beautiful and romantic place in Beijing to have a date with someone you love. The whole Aquarium is in the shape of conch and presents an ocean world with blue and yellow being used for inner decoration. In the aquarium, you can enjoy the rainforest scenery, watch the lovely beluga and Chinese Sturgeon at close range, and see the dolphin and sea lion playing in the water. Walking in the romantic underwater world, you will be amazed by a variety of fish. Besides, there are excellent animal performances every day. Intelligent dolphins and naive sea lions always make people laugh.

Western Hills for Overlooking Night View of the City

Appreciating the night cityscape is one of the romantic things not to miss in Beijing for couples. Guixiao Stone is one of the best places to watch the night scape of Beijing. It is located on the Western Hills with an altitude of 473 m (1,552 ft), which is 25 km (15.5 mi) away from urban Beijing. Standing on the stone, you can overlook Beijing’s places of interest and landmark buildings such as the Beijing TV Tower, Summer Palace, and Xiangshan Botanical Garden. At night, golden lines outline the main streets of Beijing and the buildings in the distance are like stars dotted on the ground. The Guixiao Stone can be reached from the gate of Western Hills National Forest Park, Xiangshan Post Office, Badachu Park and Black Stone Village.

Haituo Mountain for Appreciating Sunrise

Haituo Mountain always reminds people of grasslands, sunrise, sea of clouds and stars all over the sky. Watching the sunrise in the Haitou Mountain is surely one of the romantic things to do in Beijing. Haituo Mountain, 130 kilometers (81 miles) from Beijing, is mainly composed of two peaks, Dahaituo and Xiaohaituo. Between the two peaks is a large and flat plateau. Hundreds of tents can be set up here. May to August is the best time to visit Haituo Mountain. The sky studded with twinkling stars and breathtaking sunrise can be expected if you visit here on a sunny day.

Blue Lavender Manor

Blues Lavender Manor, 25 km (15.5 mil) from central Beijing, is known as one of the most romantic places in Beijing. There are large lavender flower fields in the garden. From June to August every year, a large purple lavender flower sea will welcome the happy faces of couples. Take pictures to remember the moments you visit together. Here couples can also pick fresh fruits together, make wine, jam and juice and take a leisure walk along the wetland. At the end of the trip, you can enjoy a lavender hot spring to get rid of your tiredness.


Solana is next to Chaoyang Park and surrounded by water on three sides. It is a super shopping center covering numerous well-known brands, retail stores, restaurants, bars, cinemas and super markets. Besides, its various and artistic lights make it a romantic place in Beijing at night. Every year, Solana will invite world-class artisans to design the most brilliant lighting feast for the Lighting Festival. The Festival usually starts in December and lasts until February, with different themes every year. The Lighting Festival has become an art and cultural event comparable to the famous international art festivals such as Sydney Lighting Festival, Lyon Lighting Festival and Amsterdam Lighting Festival. Be sure to bring your lover to this event!

The Place

The Place consists of two commercial corridors and two office buildings. It features a variety of classic architectural elements and elegant environment. The Place is favored by many young people as it is a good place for shopping, leisure and relaxation with a variety of brands and delicious food. Over the corridor is the Sky Screen, Asia's largest and the world's third largest electronic screen. The Screen is 250 meters (273 yard) long and 30 meters (33 yard) wide. The Screen usually plays movies, football games and Spring Festival gala. Some romantics also use the Place to propose.

Sky-viewing Revolving Restaurant of CCTV Tower

The revolving restaurant on the top of CCTV tower is a romantic place in Beijing where you can enjoy fabulous food while overlooking the stunning cityscape. The restaurant mainly serves Chinese and western buffet and all kinds of Tebbanyaki. It can accommodates 200 for dinning at the same time and rotates for once every 90 minutes.
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