Beijing Opera Theaters

'Seeing the China Great Wall, Dining on the Roast Duck, Enjoying Beijing Opera' are the most important things for travelers in this city. Praised as quintessential China, Beijing Opera has played an important role in the locals' entertainment for centuries. It combines opera, dancing, music, art and literature together, showing the audience a complete picture of the folk arts of China.  If you are interested in the mystery of oriental culture, enjoying the traditional folk opera is a must for you.

Liyuan Theater

Chinese name: 梨园剧场 (lí yuán jù chǎng) 
Liyuan Theater is the most famous theater for enjoying the  opera. Located in Jianguo Hotel Qianmen, the theater puts on these performances at 19:30 – 20:40 every day except for the Chinese New Year Eve (according to the professional tradition). In Liyuan Theater, you can sit around a Ba Xian Zhuo (old fashioned square table for eight people) and drink Chinese Tea. If you are interested, you can go into the dressing room to see how the actors are made up in various facial painting, something not allowed in other theaters. The Crossroads, Autumn River, Pick up the Jade Bracelet and Farewell My Concubine (Death of Yu Ji) are the most frequent shows. 
Ticket Fare: CNY200/280/380/480/580
Address: No.175 Yongan Road, Xuanwu District
Bus Route: 6, 15, 822 (get off at Yongan Lu Stop)
Beijing Opera Show in Liyuan Theater
Beijing Opera Show in Liyuan Theater
Visitors listen to Beijing Opera
Visitors listen to Beijing Opera

Chang'an Grand Theater

Chinese name: 长安大戏院 (cháng ān dà xì yuàn)
Chang'an Grand Theater is a good choice for enjoying genuine performances. The theater was built in 1937 in Xidan Business Street and since then, it has been a gathering place for fans. In 1996, new Chang'an Grand Theater was rebuilt on Dong Chang'an Avenue and seated 800. It is a perfect combination of classical and modern architecture. You will enjoy the elegant rosewood tables, comfortable soft seats and luxury VIP seats.
Ticket Fare: CNY80/100/180/280/380
Address: No.7, Jianguomen Nei Dajie, Dongcheng District
Bus Route: 3, 9, 10, 20, 37, 57, 52, 403, 802, 808 (get off at City Railway Station Stop) 48, 120, 54, 938, 930 (get off at Dongdan Stop)

Beijing Opera Theater

Chinese name: 京剧院实验剧场 (jīng jù yuàn shí yàn jù chǎng)
This theater has performances on Friday, weekends and other official Chineese holidays. It is a cheap but good place for tourists to enjoy.
Ticket Fare: CNY50/80/100/120/380
Customers Capacity: 1,000 persons
Address: 8/F, Beijing Opera Troupe Office Building, No.22, Ping'anli Xi Dajie, Xicheng District
Bus Route: 108, 107, 718
An actor putting on make-up
An actor putting on make-up
Beijing Opera Performance
Beijing Opera Performance

Mei Lanfang Theater

Chinese name: 梅兰芳大剧院 (méi lán fāng dà jù yuàn)
This theater is named by the outstanding opera master—Mei Lanfang (1894~1961). The whole building has mixed the traditional opera theater and modern construction style perfectly, having a 1008-audience's capacity. The audience seats are distributed on four floors so that everyone could have a good viewing on the performance.
Ticket Fare: CNY50~2080
Address: No.32, Ping'anli Xi Dajie, Xicheng District

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