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8 Major Cities in China for Enthusiastic Shoppers

China is a wonderful shopping destination that can satisfy all shoppers’ desires. Most major cities in China have distinctive commercial streets with big shopping malls or roadside stalls selling local or international brand products and some cities are famous for specific products, like Shenzhen for electronics and Hangzhou for silk. This article will give you a look at the China major cities for shopping and what to buy while there.


Hong Kong: Tax Free Goods, Top International Brands

Often called a “Shopping Paradise”, Hong Kong is absolutely one of the most popular and best places to shop in China. Here you will find a variety of products from all over the world, from top international brands to local specialty commodities. Most goods in Hong Kong are not subject to sale tax, therefore, a lot of merchandise is cheaper here. Times Square, a symbol of Causeway Bay, is one of the top shopping malls in Hong Kong, famous for luxury brands of clothing, watches, handbags, cosmetics and jewelry. The enormous Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui is the largest shopping arcade in Hong Kong, providing one-stop shopping and leisure services for every shopaholic. It has almost 700 shops of various types, 70 restaurants, two separate movie theaters and observation platforms. More destinations for shopping in Hong Kong include The Landmark, Pacific Place, Mong Kok and New Town Plaza.
Top attractions to see: Victoria Harbor, Victoria Peak, Disneyland Resort, Ocean Park, Central

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Guangzhou: Electronics, Wholesale Clothing

Inexpensive electronics, assorted garments and thousands of other products make Guangzhou one of the best shopping cities in China. Here you can find lots of fabulous shopping destinations, from luxury emporiums to busy wholesale markets. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is the prime spot to shop, with more than 300 shops clustered in a stretch of only 1,200 meters selling the trendiest clothing and footwear at low prices. Beijing Road is the most prosperous commercial distribution center with a history of thousands of years. It has numerous hundred-year-old shops, many kinds of restaurants and entertainment places, which would meet a lot of demands for enthusiastic shoppers. More choices for shoppers include: Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market - the cheapest clothes market; Guangzhou electronic markets around Haiyin Square; and high-end shopping malls like Tianhe City.

Shenzhen: Electronic Products, Accessories & Appliances

On the major cities in China for shoppers, Shenzhen is especially famous for electronic products. Hailed as the “China Silicon Valley”, it is a center for outstanding electronic products, not only in China but even in the whole of Asia. Dongmen, Nanshan and Huaqiangbei circles are the top 3 popular areas. Huaqiangbei is no doubt the No.1 shopping center in Shenzhen for various electronics and the SEG Market here is a great place, with almost 3,000 shops and a wide range of products including electronic components, computers, and digital products. Besides, as a fast developing city, Shenzhen offers many other specialties to buy. Dongmen is the best area for selecting daily goods, including fashion clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, toys, etc. The Nanshan District has lots of large elegant shopping malls and a complete range of brands, such as COCO Park.

Sanya: Haitang Bay Duty-free Store, Dried Seafood, Shell Decorations

Sanya is definitely one of the best shopping places in China thanks to Haitang Bay duty-free store which is the largest single duty-free shop in the world covering a commercial area of 72,000 square meters. Here, shopping manics can enjoy the ultimate pleasure of shopping for famous international brands of cosmetics, bags, costumes, jewelry, watches, perfume, and so on. Besides, Sanya as a coastal city features various seafood, tropical fruits and shell souvenirs. Sanya First Market is the most famous place for dried seafood and local fruits. Jiefang Road is an open street offering tourist souvenirs and some international brands of merchandises. Also the Hongqi Street, and Business Street near it are other popular destinations for looking for some chic apparels and pearls and shell decorations.

Hangzhou: Production Base of Silk & Longjing Tea

As one of the main sourcing areas of China silk and Longjing Tea, Hangzhou is definitely one of the best places for shopping in China. Hangzhou has a long history of making silk for 4,700 years, and the silk is popular worldwide because of the soft texture, gorgeous colors and a wide range of embroideries on it, etc. Hangzhou Chinese Silk City is the best-known Hangzhou silk market for selecting excellent silk products like clothing, scarves, umbrellas and landscape paintings. The West Lake Longjing Tea is one of the top 10 best Chinese teas. It has a light green color, fresh aroma, and mellow taste, which has the effect of heat-clearing. The Meijiawu Tea Plantation is an ideal spot to have a cup of tea and select tea under professional guidance. The Sijiqing Clothing Market is one of the most influential garment wholesale markets in China, featuring its distinctive Hangzhou-style clothes. Qinghefang Street, Wulin Road and Yan’an Road are three popular shopping places in Hangzhou among visitors.

Shanghai: International Brands, Duty-free Shops at Nanjing Road & Huaihai Road

As an international metropolis and a major city in China, Shanghai is absolutely one of the world’s top shopping meccas, known for centuries as the “Shopping Paradise” and “Paris of the Orient”. Shanghai has a plethora of luxury malls, top-notch retail stores, fast selling fashion shops, and cheap electronics markets that are designed to keep the shopping enthusiasts busy and buying. Tax free shopping is available and many duty-free shops are concentrated in the major shopping areas including Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road and Yuyuan Bazaar. Among them, Nanjing Road is the No.1 commercial street of Shanghai, including East Nanjing Road that houses small shops and specialty stores selling clothes, electronics, jewels, etc.; and West Nanjing Road that is home to numerous high-end shopping centers like Westgate Mall, CITIC Square and Plaza 66. What’s more, the best places for electronics shopping in Shanghai are Pacific Digital Plaza, Bai Nao Hui Computer Store, and Shinesun Digital Plaza. There is no doubt that Shanghai is one of the best cities to shop in China.

Beijing: An All-Inclusive Shopping Destination

More than a popular tourist city and a China major city, Beijing is also one of the best China shopping destinations. With a fair number of time-honored shops, newly-founded malls, crowded antique markets, cutting-edge fashion stores and wholesale markets, shopping in Beijing has become a must do! Wangfujing Shopping Street, with a history of over 700 years, is the best known and most prosperous shopping street with both time-honored brands and modern trends. Xidan Commercial Street enjoys equal fame with Wangfujing, mainly focusing on youth and fashion elements attracting numerous young people for shopping and leisure. In addition, shoppers could head to Panjiayuan Flea Market for some antiques like jade and ivory carvings, lacquer wares, Chinese calligraphy and traditional paintings, porcelain and pottery, coins and furniture; to Hongqiao Pearl Market for pearl products; to Zhongguancun for electronic products; to Qianmen Street for some China's time-honored names; or to Beijing Silk Market for silk ornaments and clothes.

Macau: Gold, Portuguese Wine, Electric Gadgets, Chinese Antiques

Thanks to its free-port status, Macau has become a holy land for shopping, and it has everything for shopaholics with different budgets. From the large malls to cheap street boutiques, the crazy shoppers can get a good deal without burning a hole in their pockets. The most popular purchases in Macao include gold, designer clothing, cosmetics, Chinese antiques, Portuguese wine, watches, cameras, and electronics, many of which are available at duty free prices. Senado Square is the city’s heart and one of its most bustling areas, noted for fashionable clothes. Rua de S. Paulo Street is a popular place where travelers could find delicate antiques, special souvenirs and postcards. Apart from that, the nine-storey New Yaohan is a good destination for electric gadgets, fine accessories and luxurious clothing. Different types of wines are available at all supermarkets, docks, airports and duty-free shops on the border.
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