White Cloud Mountain (Baiyun Mountain)

From ancient times, White Cloud Mountain has been one of the most famous spots of natural beauty in Guangzhou, and it's still known as the First Spectacular Scene of the city. Every time the sun shines after the rain, and through late spring, a wreath of airy clouds circles the mountains. This is how White Cloud Mountain has won its name, and its reputation as a marvelous spectacle of nature. The fierce differentiation of rocks, and the different ways in which erosion has affected them, has caused it a crisscross network of gullies. So its relative height is now about 100 meters (109 yards). The quiet and secluded environment of the valley has made it a haven of peace from the big city.

People always describe the natural beauty of Guangzhou as being composed of white cloud and pearl sea, the white cloud referring to the mountain, located about 17 kilometers (10 miles) north of the city. The total area of White Cloud Mountain is about 28 square kilometers (10 square miles), consisting of 30 peaks. Moxing Ridge (Star-Scraping Ridge), known as 'the first peak under the southern sky', is about 382 meters (417 yards) high. You can stand on the summit and look over the whole city and the beautiful Pearl River, the most famous river in Guangzhou.

Sxi Scenic Areas

This area is an ideal place for people to relax. It has six areas that are popular with visitors, Bright Pearl Building Park, the San tailing Summit Park, the Bird Spring Valley Park (Mingchun Valley), the Santailing Park, the Luhu Park and the Fei'eling Park.

Yuntai Garden in Santailing Park

Yuntai Garden, a bright pearl in the crown of White Cloud Mountain, is located in Santailing Park. Yuntai Garden is an enormous garden filled with all kinds of blooms and trees, which make Guangzhou, City of Flowers, worthy of the name.

Sculpture Park in Fei'eling Park

The Sculpture Park is located in Fei'eling, and covers an area of 46 hectares (113 acres). It was built according to the fashion of the times, which was to use modern languages in sculpture.

Bird Spring Valley Park

You will also find the biggest natural birdcage in China, perfect for enjoying all kinds of birds; Bird Spring Valley Park. Here you can stroll idly by the river and mountains, and mingle with the birds.

Luhu Park

Luhu Park is famous for Jinye Pond. The lake is so clear that the beautiful sights surrounding the lake are perfectly reflected in the water, like a brilliantly drawn picture.

Due to the recent rapid development of the city, the White Cloud Mountain is mostly surrounded by urban developments. A major beauty spot in a modern city with a population of 8,000,000 is really a most unusual occurrence. It is fairly known as a return to nature from the big city.

How to get to White Cloud Mountain

To White Cloud Mountain South Gate (Yuntai Garden):

1. Take bus 24, 285, B16, Tour Bus Line 1, or Peak Express Holiday Line 13 to Yuntai Huayuan Zongzhan;
2. Take bus 63 or 245 to Yuntai Huayuan (Yuntai Garden);
3. Take Sightseeing Bus Xiguan Style Line to Baiyunshan Fengjingqu (White Clous Mountain);
4. Take bus 32, 46, 60, 63, 127, 175, 179, 199, 210, 223, 241, 257, 285, 298, 540, 841, B16, B18, B18 Express or Guang 10 to Baiyuan Suodao station (Cable Car Station).

To White Cloud Mountain West Gate:

1. Take metro Line 2 to Xiaogang and walk east for 10 minutes to get there;
2. Take bus 38, 66, 76A, 76, 127, 223, 245, 265, 424, 529, 660, 664, 805, 864, B18, B18 Express, or Peak Express Line 79 to Guangwai station.

To Plum Garden of White Cloud Mountain:

Take metro Line 3 and get off at Meihuayuan Station. Walk northwest for about 15 minutes to the Garden.   
Guangzhou Bus / Metro Search

Ticket Fare CNY5 for entrance, CNY4 from Oct. 1 to 7
CNY10: Yuntai Garden
CNY10: Bird Spring Valley Park (Mingchun Valley)
CNY5: Moxing Ridge (Star-Scraping Ridge)
CNY5: Guangzhou Forest of Steles
CNY5: Peach Blossom Brooklet
Children below 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) enjoy free entry.
Cable Car CNY 25 (ascending)
CNY 20 (descending)
Sightseeing Bus CNY 10 Summit Park - Nengren Temple;
Dangxiong Pavilion - Mingzhu House;
Nengren Temple - South Gate of Baiyun Mountain;
Summit Park - Moxing Ridge;
Summit Park - Dangxiong Pavilion.
Opening Hours 9:00 - 17:00
Pulley CNY30
Recommended Time for a Visit Half a day

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Questions & Answers on White Cloud Mountain
Asked by Minah from MALAYSIA | Nov. 08, 2018 06:24Reply
Is the baiyun mountain open in november
I just wonder if baiyun mountain closed in november due to snowing?
Answers (1)
Answered by Amanda from URUGUAY | Nov. 08, 2018 22:55

The mountain is opened all year round and maybe some dangerous roads would be closed due to terrible weather.
Asked by Narosse from INDONESIA | Jun. 13, 2018 22:01Reply
Hello, how to go to White Cloud Mountain from Baiyun airport?
how long does it takes by taxi? And how much money I should pay?
Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Vivan from NETHERLANDS | Jun. 14, 2018 20:42

Hi, you can take metro line 3 from the airport to Tonghe Station. Get out of Exit D and walk about 1km you can get there. It takes about 50 minutes. If you choose to take a taxi, the fare is about CNY 90 and it takes about 80 minutes.
Asked by Ben from UDP01YAHOO.COM.SG | Mar. 29, 2018 08:05Reply
How to get to baiyun mountain cable car station from guangzhou railway station?
What is the nearest metro station to the cable car station?
Is there any taxi from the baiyun cable car station nearest metro station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Anderson from RUSSIA | Mar. 29, 2018 21:30

You are suggested to take bus 120 or 257 to Baiyun Suodao Bus Stop directly.
The nearest metro atation to the cable car station is Shahe station of line 6, and yes, the taxi is available to take you there.
Asked by Laura from FRANCE | Feb. 20, 2018 05:50Reply
Watch sunset at the summit

After watching the sunset at Baihun Shan summit, can we take the cable car down ? If not, is it easy to go down walking ?

Many thanks in advance for your reply
Answers (1)
Answered by Cecilia from FRANCE | Feb. 23, 2018 01:27

The cable car stops working until 18:00, so I guess you may miss the last one after the sunset. It takes about 1.5-2h on foot.
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