Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is one of the three most bustling commercial centers in Liwan DistrictGuangzhou City. Why the street gets this name? That’s because this shopping area is situated among Shangjiu Road, Xiajiu Road and No. 10 Road. The length of this street is more than 1,240 meters (1,353 yd). This pedestrian street is characterized by various stores with cheap clothes and restaurants with delicious foods. These stores and restaurants are in traditional Guangzhou folk residence style, which are worthy of your attention as well.

Top Places to Go in Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Guangzhou Shangxiajiu Pedestrian StreetGuangzhou Liwan Plaza

Chinese name: 荔湾广场 (li wan guang chang)
Liwan Plaza is a 6-floor shopping mall. The first floor and second floor are mainly the jewelry wholesale market, especially for crystal, and it is the largest crystal wholesale market in south-east Asia. Restaurants are mainly situated from the third floor to the fifth floor. 
Opposite to Liwan Plaza, there are many small stores selling small objects, like souvenirs, postcards and pendants. Visitors could always get those small products at a low price. 

Dongji Xintiandi Plaza

Chinese name: 东急新天地购物广场 (dong ji xin tian di gou wu guang chang)
Dongji Xintiandi Plaza is located in No. 30 Xiajiu Road. The shopping mall is quite large and commodity classification is diversified. From the underground floor to the second floor, main business products include fashionable clothing, shoes, leather goods, series skincare products, digital appliances, etc. After shopping, visitors could go to the third and fourth floor to have delicious dishes or drink coffee or wines in some pubs or cafes for leisure.

Lin Heung Tea House

Chinese name: 莲香楼 (lian xiang lou) 
Lianxiang Lou is famous for its Cantonese dim sum, and its specialties include lotus-seed-paste moon cake, almond cake, green been cake, and so on. Cantonese delicacy cuisines are also provided there, such as soy sauce chicken, fried crispy duck feet, etc. If you want to taste Chinese Tea, Lianxiang Lou is a good place as well. 

Guangzhou Shangxiajiu Pedestrian StreetFamous Roadside Snack Stores 

Baohua Noodle Restaurant is quite popular, and its hot sale product is wonton noodles combined with vinger carrot. Nanxin Dessert Store should not be missed for those who like sweets; Shuangpinai (Double-skinned Milk) and Jiangzhuangnai (Ginger milk curd or Ginger milk pudding) are highly recommended. Moreover, Chentianji is a small shop famous for fish skin with special ingredients. Ice creams have a great vogue in Guangzhou, and Shunji Ice Shop attracts many customers for their innovation and creativeness in ice taste and ingredients.

How to Get to Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

1. Take Metro line 6, and get off at Cultural Park Station. Then, walk to north for about 600 meters (660 yd), you will find this pedestrian street.
2. Take bus line 530 or City Sightseeing Bus Xiguang Style Line and get off at Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street Station.
3. Take bus line 15, 530, 61, 6, Night 5, and get off at Baohua Road Station, and then walk to the south and turn left at the first turning. 

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- Last updated on Mar. 23, 2021 -
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