Top 7 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets

There are more than 1,000 wholesale markets in Guangzhou, which cover over 40 types of commodities, such as clothing, shoes, toys, bags, leather, daily supplies, and electronics.

Below is a list of top 7 wholesale markets in Guangzhou:

Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

 Chinese Name: 白马服装批发市场
At present, it is the largest high-grade clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou, with the best decoration, and the most standardized management. As for clothing wholesale, the first, fourth and fifth floors provide women’s clothing with fashionable style and good quality, so the price is higher. In the second and third floors, the clothes are not as delicate as other floors; as a result, the price gets a little lower.
Guangzhou Wholesale Markets Address: No.16, Zhannan Road, Yuexiu District; close to Guangzhou Railway Station
 Opening Hours: 8:30 - 17:30
 How to Get There:
1. Take metro line 2 and line 5, and get off at Guangzhou Railway Station. 
2. Take bus Business Line 1, 2, 3 and bus line 5, 238, 290, 301a, 518, 543, Gaofeng Rapid line 25, Night 88, and get off at Zhannan Road Station. Then walk to the north for about 250 meters (260 yd). 

Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market

 Chinese name: 沙河服装批发市场
As one of the three largest clothing wholesale and distribution centers in Guangzhou, Shahe Wholesale Market is a good place to buy low-grade women’s clothes and men’s clothes at low price. If you plan to buy jeans of different grades, Shahe Market can meet your needs as well.
 Address: East Guangyuan Road, Tianhe District
 Opening Hours: 5:00 - 11:00 on work days; 5:00 - 14: 00 at weekends or holidays
 How to Get There:
1. Take metro line 6, and get off at Shaheding Station. Then walk northwest.
2. Take bus line 32, 46, 60, 72, 109, 110, 111, 175, 179, 241, 257, 298, 540, 841, b16, b18 and get off at Shahe Station.

Guangzhou Wholesale MarketsShisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market

 Chinese name:十三行服装批发市场
As a bustling wholesale market in Guangzhou, Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market mainly sells mid and low-grade clothes, including leather clothing, knitting, sweaters, suits, shirts, jeans, and so on. Low price must be the most tempting reason to attract worldwide sellers, who are mainly from Russia and Southeast Asia. 
 Address: At the junction of Shisanhang Road and Doulangshang Street, Liwan District
 Opening Hours: 9:00 - 14:00
 How to Get There:
1. Take metro line 6, and get off at Cultural Park Station, and walk to east for about 400 meters (430 yd)
2. Take bus line 4, 31, 38, 61, 102, 103, 106, 110, 128, 134, 186, 209, 217, Night 16, Night 26, Night 31, Night 72, and Night 7 and get off at South Renmin Road Station.

Guangda Vast Foreign Trade Shoes Plaza

 Chinese name: 广大外贸鞋城
Guangda Vast Foreign Trade Shoes Plaza is the largest shoes wholesale market in South China. This market offers all kinds of shoes, like sports shoes, hiking shoes, ankle boots, leather shoes and children’s shoes.
Moreover, customers can buy nice shoes in most fashionable style. Despite this, low price of shoes is another attractive aspect for customers. At present, foreign customers are mainly from Middle East, Latin America and Africa.
 Address: at the junction between Fenghuang Grand Avenue and Qingcha Road, Baiyun District
 How to Get There:
1. Take bus line 126, 521, 705, Gaofeng Rapid Line 84, Night 3, Night 90, and get off at East Huanggang Fenghuang Avenue Station.
2. Take bus line 280, Night 21, Night 2, and get off at West Crossing of Shitan Road.

Liwan Toys Wholesale Market

 Chinese name: 荔湾玩具批发市场
Liwan Toys Wholesale Market is one of the largest toy wholesale markets in Guangdong Province. The market mainly sells electric toys, voice control toys, remote control toys and stuffed toys. Despite wholesale, businesses also cater to retail individuals. 
 Address: No. 36-38, Zhongshan Eighth Road, Liwan District
 How to Get There:
Take Bus Line 17, 52, 61, 85, 104, 105, 107, 109, 124, 128, 133, 193, 196, 204, 233, 250, 705, and get off at Shiluji Station.

Guangzhou Wholesale MarketsSanyuanli Leather Product Wholesale Market

 Chinese name: 三元里皮具批发市场
This market is mainly engaged in wholesaling various leather products, especially bags and suitcases. The market provides all grades of leather products from domestic and foreign brands. You couldn’t get a large discount until you buy a lot of goods.
 Address: Sanyuanli Grand Avenue, next to Guangzhou Railway Station.
 Opening Hour: 9:00 - 18:00
 How to Get There:
1. Take metro line 2 and line 5, and get off at Guangzhou Railway Station. Then walk to east for about 700 meters (770 yd).
2. Take bus line 30, 31, 52, 180, 201, 210, 211, 228, 254, 257, 529, and get off at Guangzhou Railway Station. Then walk to east and turn left at the first crossing for about 450 meters (490 yd).

Beauty Exchange Center

 Chinese name: 美博城化妆品批发市场
This is the largest cosmetic market in Guangzhou. The market mainly provides first-class cosmetics, washing supplies and hair products. 
 Address: No. 121, West Guangyuan Road, Yuexiu District
 Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00
 How to Get There:
1. Take metro line 2 and get off at Sanyuanli Station. Then walk to the southeast along the street for around 700 meters (750 yd)
2. Take bus line 480, 661 and get off at West Yaotai Street Station.
3. Take bus line 189 and get off at Yaotai Zongzhan Station.

List of Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou

Wholesale Market Address Products
Buyun Tiandi No. 26 Zhanxi Road middle and high-grade shoes
Jiefang Road Shoes Market South Jiefang Road  low-grade shoes
Haiyin Electric Appliances No.58 West Donghu Road computers
Haiyin Electronics Market No. 21 Dashatou Road  audio-visual products, and communication equipment
West Lake Clothes Square No. 63 West Lake Road high and middle-grade clothes
Jiangnan Wedding Dress Street No.12 Jiangnan Grand Avenue wedding dress
Xindadi Clothes Market No.108-122, Zhanqian Road children’s clothes
Debao Trading Market No. 190, Yide Road toys, festive supplies, gifts
Wanling Square No. 39, South Jiefang Road toys, stationarys
Sanyuanli Small Ware Market Ziyuangang, Sanyuanli accessories, daily supplies
Drapery Trading Center No. 107, South Guangfu Road fabric materials, gauze
Ziyuangang Leather Market No. 2-4, Ziyuangang Road handbags, wallets, luggage
Guihuagang Leather Market No.28, North Jiefang Road bags, luggage, handbags
Liwan Square No.9, Dexing Road crystal, jewelry
Huaxing Daily Supplies Wholesale Market No. 42-1, Fengsheng Street towels, cleaning products, coat hangers, cups
Kapok International Fashion City No.184, West Huanshi Road clothing, ornaments
Huimei International Clothes City No.139 West Huanshi Road high-grade clothing
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Questions & Answers on Top 7 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets
Asked by Neibau from INDIA | Nov. 23, 2023 16:48Reply
Which floor at baima has children wear
Children clothing at Baima floor no.
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew | Nov. 24, 2023 01:49

It is located at the 3rd floor.
Asked by Evelyn acosta from UNITED STATES | Nov. 20, 2023 22:22Reply
Where can I found vegans bags and best replicas
I need best quality of lV Mk hand bags, sneakers Nk
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen | Nov. 22, 2023 00:30

Sanyuanli and Guihuagang Leather Bag City located in Baiyun District are good places to purchase bags.
Asked by Kendria Abraham from TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO | Nov. 16, 2023 11:50Reply
Where can I find high quality slippers and clothing
Answers (1)
Answered by Fiona | Nov. 19, 2023 19:09

Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market is recommended.
Asked by Pekz from MALAYSIA | Nov. 09, 2023 23:30Reply
hi for these wholesale markets, do they sell individual pieces?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emily | Nov. 12, 2023 19:21

Most shops will but some will not.
Asked by shaun from MYANMAR | Oct. 23, 2023 08:25Reply
where can i find clothes for medical workers?
where can i find clothes for medical workers?
Answers (1)
Answered by Andy | Oct. 24, 2023 02:31

You may look for it in some major clothes markets.
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