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As an old capital of six dynasties, commercial streets in Beijing are the powerful proof defining the development of its economy. Especially in modern times, Wangfujing, Xidan, Qianmen and Longfusi are the most popular streets of the city, regarded as the symbol of Beijing's commerce.

Wangfujing Street is the most well-known and prosperous business street with modern and fashion trends. As many modern plazas and buildings built into use, Xidan is a newly rising area featuring many new trades and a combination of shopping, official business, entertainment and dining. Qianmen Street and Liulichang are busy streets within walk distance from each other. There are dozens of feature store, antique shops and time-honored brands. Nanluoguxiang, is one-kilometer Beijing hutong attracts more and more visitors to enjoy a relaxing walk. On the road are lined with boutiques, desserts shops, crafts shops and local residences as well. There are dazzling routes for days' shopping in this city and fresh things to explore, browse around.

Famous Commercial Centers:
 Wangfujing Street
 Xidan Commercial Street 
 Hongqiao Pearl Market
 Silk Street (Xiushui)
 Other Pedestrian Streets

Wangfujing Street 

Chinese name: 王府井大街(wáng fǔ jǐng dà jiē)
Located near the city center in Dongcheng District, the commercial street is one of four most prosperous business zones in Beijing. It is 1 mile (1,600 meters) long ranging from Changan Avenue in the south to National Art Museum of China in the north. With a history of 700 years around, it got the name Wangfu (royal mansion) Jing (well) because there used to be eight royal mansions and a well with sweet water on the street. Currently, it is the busiest street in this city and there are 600,000 people every day come and go and on holidays, the number can rise to 1,200,000. As the first famous business zone in this city, the street houses a wide variety of shops and boutiques, some of which are of world-famous brands. Apart from that, there are also many time honored stores with traditional commodities standing in the street for hundreds of years. Nowadays this street is a modern commercial street which can be paralleled with Champs-Elysees in Paris.
Beijing Wangfujing
Wangfujing Street      More Pictures
Wangfujing, Beijing
Gongmei Mansion
 Shengxifu Hat Store
Chinese Name: 盛锡福 (shèng xī fú)
Introduction: Shengxifu, as a Chinese old brand with time-honored reputation, is a store which produces different kinds of hats. Their hats are noted for fine materials, exquisite craftsmanship and good quality. Both Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou had been their customers. The hats are keeping exporting to America, Singapore, Canada and France.

 Tongshenghe Shoes Store
Chinese Name: 同升和 (tóng shēng hé)
Introduction: As a time-honored brand, Tongshenghe is renowned for its cloth shoes and caps. With fine quality and design, the shoes are very popular in Beijing. Many celebrities in China had customized their shoes here. Visitors can also order theit tailor-make shoes here.

 Ruifuxiang Silk & Cotton Shop
Chinese Name: 瑞蚨祥 (ruì fú xiáng)
Introduction: As a time-honored silk shop, it is one of the most popular shopping sites for western visitors. There you can purchase the silk in top quality. There are traditional Chinese clothing available, especially the cheongsam. Visitor can have their clothes tailor-made in the store. Visitors just need to select the style and cloth and get their figure measured. When the clothes are finished, they can be delivered to visitor's home.

 Gongmei Mansion
Chinese Name: 工美大厦 (gōng měi dà shà)
Introduction: Gongmei Mansion is the largest shopping center for crafts in Beijing. Inside the mall one can buy all kinds of jewelry and handicrafts. A dazzling array of Jadeite, agate, silk and embroidery are displayed for sale. Four most great figures in Beijing crafts including cloisonné, ivory carving, jade ware and carved lacquer ware all can be found here. Visitors can enjoy a discount on the Fifth and Sixth floors.

 Sun Dong An Plaza (Beijing APM)
Chinese Name: 新东安市场 (xīn dōng ān shì chǎng)
Introduction: The current Beijing APM is one of the largest shopping malls in the city, located at the west end of Jinyu Hutong. It was built on the site of Dong'an Market, the first comprehensive mall in Beijing. Visitors can buy nearly all the branded stuff, like Apple electronics, Gap, Zara, Longines, Omega, Calvin Klein, M.A.C. There are also great deals of exotic restaurants.
Beijing Ruifuxiang
Ruifuxiang Silk and Cotton Store
Shengxifu Hat Store
Time-honored Shengxifu Hat Store
Beijing Time-honored Store
Chengguzhai Ancient Artwork Store
 Wuyutai Tea Shop
Chinese Name: 吴裕泰茶庄 (wú yù tài chá zhuāng)
Introduction: It is a tea shop with a history of over 120 years, which can be traced back to 1887. The most renowned is the jasmine tea, which is quite popular among both old generations and young people. The tea is good for regulating vital energy and soothing the nerves.

 Yong'an tang Herb Store
Chinese Name: 永安堂百草药店 (yǒng ān táng bǎi cǎo yào diàn)
Introduction: The herb store was built in Yongle Reign of Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD) with a history over 580 years. There are various rare traditional Chinese Medicines, such as ginseng, antler, cordyceps and so on. As for some tricky disease, people in need may find effective cure in this shop.

 Chinese Photo Studio
Chinese Name: 中国照相馆 (zhōng guó zhào xiàng guǎn)
Introduction: Chinese Photo Studio is skilled in shooting personal portraits. With a far-reaching history, this studio enjoys a high reputation for it has served government heads and leaders of generations. Beijing people are willing to choose this studio to take their wedding, family and birthday photos.

 Malls at Oriental Plaza
Chinese Name: 东方新天地 (dōng fāng xīn tiān dì)
Introduction: Stepping on the street, one will find the Malls at Oriental Plaza easily. The mall consists of seven differently themed shopping areas, which meet the demands from different economic status. Many fashion clothes, handbags, perfumes, wrist watches and cosmetics from world famous brands are collected there. This mall is quite popular among young people.

 Xinhua Bookstore
Chinese Name: 新华书店 (xīn huá shū diàn)
Introduction: The bookstore is ten storied. It provides a wide selection of books to customers. Every book is original, so they are sold at full price. One can also enjoy reading inside for free. Meanwhile, some crafts and traditional music instruments are displayed for visitors.

 Donglaishun Restaurant
Chinese Name: 东来顺 (dōng lái shùn)
Introduction: The restaurant is first opened in 1903, which was famous for mutton hot pot. Nowadays, it possesses about 200 kind of cuisine style. Just in one restaurant, you can taste authentic food from all over the world.

 Quanjude Roast Duck
Chinese Name: 全聚德 (quán jù dé)
Introduction: Quanjude is the most famous roast duck restaurant in China. Once people reach Beijing, they would like to taste the original roast ducks. Therefore, the branch restaurant at the commercial street is a superb choice.

 Wangfujing Snack Street
Chinese Name: 王府井小吃街 (wáng fǔ jǐng xǐao chī jīe)
Introduction: In the south of Haoyou World Mall, there is a street with hundreds of snack stands and shops, which mainly sells nationwide snacks, tourist souvenirs and folk crafts. On the first floor visitors can enjoy over 500 kinds of foods from every corner of China, such as kebab, sugar-coated figurine, tea soup and Tortilla Flat. Foods on the second floor are mainly Muslim-flavored, where the best beef and mutton are provided. On the third floor visitors can enjoy the exquisite tea and wine with Beijing opera for leisure.
Quanjude Roast Duck
Quanjude Roast Duck
Wangfujing Snack Street
Wangfujing Snack Street
 Wangfujing Night Market
Chinese Name: 王府井夜市 (wáng fǔ jǐng yè shì)
Introduction: It is also called Donghuamen Night Market, located near the north entrance of the commercial street. It enjoys high popularity among local people, providing visitors gourmet snacks in different style. The night market opens around 18:00 and the entire street begins to be brimmed with mouthwatering flavors.

1. There are davenports every several yards prepared for visitors to have a rest. And one can use the shopping barrows along the street for free.
2. Visitors can take a sightseeing bus at south end of the street which runs through this street and Nanheyan Street. Tourist guide on the bus can introduce the history and main scenic spots along the street in detail. The bus runs 50 minutes altogether with 8 stops. The bus fare is CNY20 per person.
3. Currently, Beijing has adopted tax  refund policy (Value Added Tax or VAT) among overseas tourists, and there are several designated tax free stores in the commercial street, including Gongmei Mansion, Wangfujing Department Store, Dong'an Department Store, and Wuyutai Tea Shop.

By subway
Take the subway line 1 and get off at Wangfujing Station. The Exit A leads to the commercial street.
By bus
Take the bus 10, 41, 59, 99, 120, 126, 127, 203 or 205 to get there.
Take the bus 103, 104, 127, 201, 211, 420, Special 11 or Express 2, and get off at Wangfujing Lukoubei Station.
 Beijing Bus / Subway Search

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