Jinyu Hutong

Name: Jinyu Hutong, Goldfish Hutong
Chinese Name: 金鱼胡同
Length: 567 meters (1,860 feet)
Location: Stretching west from North Dongdan Street to Wangfujing Street

Different from other hutongs in Beijing, Jinyu Hutong is more like a busy modern street, with asphalt road instead of flagstone road and high-rise buildings rather than old courtyards.

There used to be the residence of Na Tong – a scholar in the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911), Dong'an Market, and Jixiang Theater. But now, old constructions can hardly be found. It becomes a gathering place of many large shopping malls and high-grade hotels, such as Beijing APM, Intime Lotte Department Store, Peninsula Hotel, and Novotel Peace Hotel. After your daytime trip, you can rest in hotels there. Or, walking out of the hotel to go shopping in nearby malls and enjoy the stunning night scene of the busy street should also make you overcome tiredness.

Sun Dong An Plaza (Beijing APM)

Entering the alley from its west end, you will pass Beijing APM (Sun Dong An Plaza or Xindong'an Market) shopping mall to the south. It was built on the site of Dong'an Market in 1998. The current building is one of the most popular shopping centers in the city. The former Dong'an Market was the first comprehensive mall in the city, located near the imperial city. It has been prosperous since its opening in 1903, owing to its advantageous location and convenient transportation. The market was the birthplace of a time-honored catering brand – Dong Lai Shun. Through for over one hundred years, it now becomes a well-known company with chain stores throughout the whole country.

Jixiang Theater

Intime Lotte Department Store is on the north side of the alley, opposite the above mall. It was built on the site of Tianyishun Sauce Store opened up during the reign of Emperor Xianfeng (1850 – 1861). Jixiang Theater, one of the renowned theaters in old Beijing, is located on the 8th floor of the mall. The original theater was next to Dong'an Market. Local people often gathered there, enjoying Beijing opera and movies.

Novotel Peace Hotel

Novotel Beijing Peace is located near the east end. It used to be the residence of Na Tong, also known as Na Family Garden, stretching almost half the length of the alley from the east end. The mansion imitated the structure of southern private gardens, which is famous for exquisite layout and elegant design, with over 300 rooms in total, including residential rooms, opera tower, and ancestral hall. Nowadays, old constructions can hardly be found. The old site has become the location of this four-star hotel. You can also find Na Family Garden Restaurant, an antique-style building, to the east of the hotel, reminding people of the once prosperous mansion.

How to get to Jinyu Hutong

By bus
Take bus 103, 104, 140, Te 11 or Sightseeing Bus Line 2, and get off at Sun Dong An Plaza Station.
Take bus 106, 108, 110, 111, 116, 128, or 684 to Mishi Street Station. Then walk north to find the east end of the alley.

By subway
Take Subway Line 5, and get off at Dengshikou Station. Get out from Exit A and walk south to find the east end of the alley.
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