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Beijing One Day Tours

BJ01: Beijing Private One Day Tours
Beijing is such a large metropolis with numerous places of interest to visit. What to do in Beijing for a day? Here are 10 one-day packages all composed of the essence of our capital city. You can choose any of your preferred according to your interest.
Following this 1-day itinerary, you are going to ramble around the center of Beijing City to admire some majestic buildings around the Tiananmen Square and enjoy the precious antiques in the nearby National Museum of China. You can also have a close look at the luxury rooms of the Forbidden City and view the imperial palace complex from the hilltop of the Jingshan Park afterwards.
This independent travel route enables you to admire the elegance of ancient Chinese architecture and witness the essence of the imperial gardens in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Both Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace are top attractions of the city, and can be easily reached by subway.
A visit to the Great Wall is just like reading a national epic of China, for it represents a historical and cultural masterpiece of the country. Badaling Great Wall is one of the most complete and majestic sections, which is worthy your challenge. On the way back, you could drop at the Sacred Way leading to the Changling Mausoleum of the Ming Tombs Scenic Area.
This 1-day independent tour takes backpackers to the royal cultural relics of the old times. Visitors can not only visit the imperial Tibetan Buddhist temple, Yonghe Lamasery, but also have a better understanding of the traditional academic system by visiting the nearby Temple of Confucius and Imperial Academy. You can also ramble about old hutongs in Shichahai Area where many former mansions of royal princes are located.
This one-day independent tour not only makes you admire the historical relics in old Hutong area including Huguosi Street, Prince Gong’s Mansion, and Beihai Park, but also let you feel the rhythm of the modern metropolis by having a drink on Sanlitun Bar Street.
Retracing the 2008 Olympic sites allows independent travelers to feel the modern vigor of the city by visiting the National Stadium, National Aquatics Center and Olympic Forest Park. The 2022 Winter Olympic Games is also worth your anticipation and all the ice sport events will be held in these venues.
Following this route, visitors can admire buildings of both Muslim and Buddhism in Ox Street Mosque and Fayuan Temple respectively. They can also wander among various traditional Chinese architectures in Taoranting Park and have a glimpse of calligraphy and paintings along Liulichang Cultural Street.
If you are interested in China's present-day architecture or art, you can discover the modern charm of Beijing by exploring the grand National Centre for the Performing Arts, CCTV Headquarters and the 798 Art Zone. This one day city trip is walking friendly, full of novelty and imagination.
The Summer Palace is a must-see attraction of one's independent tour in the city, for it embodies the essence of ancient Chinese imperial gardens. You can not only appreciate the exquisite architecture, but also embrace the stunning scenery. Afterwards, you can also make a visit to Park of Yuanmingyuan Ruins, also called the Old Summer Palace. In this one day trip, you could explore Chinese imperial gardens in depth.
For those who travel with children, it is highly suggested to follow this independent tour. Along the way, you can see many lovely animals in the Zoo especially the adorable giant pandas. You can also delve into the underwater world in the Aquarium and even have a glimpse of animal world of remote times in Paleozoological Museum of China. Besides, the Planetarium is going to draw the mysterious universe in front of you. This is definitely going to be a fruitful trip!
It would be a relaxing experience to have an independent exploration to Fragrant Hills Park and Wofo Temple in autumn, which are the best destinations for you to perceive the change of seasons. Especially between October and middle November, the blazing red maple leaves on the hill and cool air will refresh and enchant you much. Besides, a further visit to the nearby ancient Wofo Temple would also bring you tranquility. The tip for this one-day trip is to avoid traveling during weekends and holidays in October in case of crowds.
This itinerary takes visitors to see an old village named Cuandixia Village in the outskirts. Built during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), all the cottages still wear their original looking, providing independent travelers a good chance to experience the traditional life in the countryside.
BJ-T13: Happy Valley
Take this route to have fun in one of the most famous amusement parks in the city, the Happy Valley. Along with various themed entertainment facilities, you may feel like being taken to several distinctive territories, such as Tibetan village in Shangri-La, Maya tribes, coastal town along Aegean Sea, and Atlantis city.
In 1929, the discovery of the Peking Man skull in Zhoukoudian has shocked the world. You must like visiting the excavation site to have a close look at the precious fossils which had been buried for over sixty thousand years. Following this route, you will be guided to the Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian to delve into the life of the ancient humans in the remote times. Afterwards, you can also enjoy the bizarre limestone in the Stone Flower Cave.
This day trip covers two Buddhist temples in west suburban Mentougou District of Beijing. Buddhism has a pretty long history in China and you can find its traces everywhere. Ancient temples and stone Buddha statues are real art treasures which combine the wisdom, creation and diligence of the artisans. Taking this itinerary, you can have a chance to admire magnificent Buddhist architectures and statues. This route requires a lot of walk, so a pair of comfortable shoes is needed.
BJ-T16: World Park
The World Park is the right place to spend a leisure vacation with family. It is one of the largest miniature theme parks in Asia, and it will fulfill your dream of traveling around the world in one day. It presents more than 100 famous cultural and natural landscapes with original sizes or in miniature copies from nearly 50 countries in the world.
For history funs, you could trace to war times of China in old battle site, and the Lugou Bridge in the city's southwest suburb would be a good destination. First built in 1189 of the Jin Dynasty, the bridge witnesses the beginning of the eight years' Sino-Japanese War during the Second World War. The adjoining Wanping City, a giant military fortress will also enrich your knowledge about Chinese warring history.
Songshan Forest Park is a national-preserved natural scenic area, which is located about 50 miles from the city proper. For travelers who love nature, it should be a wonderful destination for one-day escape. The highlights include the natural pine forest, Baipu Spring, Fairy Cave, Songyue Pool, Flying Dragon Cliff. The hot springs are also worth your stay.
The karst landscape along Li River in Guilin is the top scenery of China. In Beijing, you can still have a view of this kind of amazing scenes in Shidu National Karst Geopark, which is 60 miles west of downtown area. Before that, you are suggested to pay a visit to the ancient Yunju Temple where you can have a look at precious Buddhist scriptures with the oldest one that can be dated back to nearly 1,500 years ago.
This Beijing day tour takes you to have a view of both natural landscape and cultural site in the north suburban Huairou District. You can take a leisure walk around the Hongluo Hill to breath in fresh air. At the same time, the old Hongluo Temple there will demonstrate the profound Buddhist culture in front of you. Later, it is highly recommended to enjoy a leisure afternoon at Yanqi Lake to have a close contact with various lovely birds.
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