Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall
Magnificent Mutianyu
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The Mutianyu Great Wall is one of the best-preserved and best-known Great Wall sections. The Great Wall at Mutianyu has breath-taking scenery but less tourists, thus a good destination on hot holidays for a Great Wall tour at ease. Located 40 miles (65km) to the north of Beijing city proper, it can be reached by bus no. 916 Express with a transfer in Huairou District.

Why Visit Mutianyu Great Wall

 It is one of the best-preserved sections.

 Watchtowers are densely distributed along the Great Wall.

 Some of the watchtowers are seldom seen along other sections and quite rare in the architectural history of the Great Wall. Examples are the Zhengguan Terrace (No. 6 Watchtower) comprised of three hollow watchtowers, and Big Corner Tower (No. 1 Watchtower), named so because only one big corner can be seen from the paths in three sides.

 The surrounding natural scenery is breath-taking. Woods cover over ninety-six percent of the total scenic area. Flowers bloom all over the mountains in spring. Grasses dress the hillside green in summer. Trees are laden with sweet fruit in autumn, and especially in October, leaves turn red or yellow, touching the mountain tops with gold. In winter, the wall is covered by snow, making it more magnificent.

 About 40 miles (65km) to the north of Beijing city center, it is easy to reach from downtown area by public transport.

 It has been renovated, making it easier and safer to climb. Moreover, it is equipped with cableway and luge, possible for children and seniors to make a visit.

Basic Facts of Mutianyu Great Wall

 It has a total length of 3.4 miles (5,400 meters).

 It was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557). In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Tan Lun and Qi Jiguang, two famous patriotic generals, rebuilt it in order to strengthen its defensive potential when they guarded the strategic pass. It served as the northern protective screen, guarding the capital and imperial mausoleums for generations.

 It is mainly made of slabs of granite. It measures 23 feet (7 meters) to 26 feet (8 meters) in height, and 4 yards (4 meters) to 5 yards (5 meters) in width.

 Both sides of the Great Wall have parapets to defend against enemies. Some parapets are saw- tooth shaped instead of the regular rectangular form. Below the parapets, there are square embrasures, the top of which are designed in an arc structure, different from the traditional round embrasures.

 There are 23 watchtowers distributed at close intervals along the wall. They are located not only in the main wall but also at the distinctive "branch city". Branch cities are built on the hill ridge against the inner or outer side of the wall. For example, No. 11 Watchtower can be found on the branch wall.

 Zhengguan Terrace (No. 6 Watchtower) is 44 yards (40 meters) long, 33 yards (30 meters) wide, and 66 feet (20 meters) high. The gate is not designed in the middle, but is on the eastern side. The two-storey terrace is comprised of three hollow watchtowers, a large one in the middle and two smaller ones on two sides. It has many rooms to store grain and station troops.

 Big Corner Tower (No. 1 Watchtower) is connected with Mutianyu in the west, with Gubeikou in the east, and with a branch city wall in the south. The tower looks like a corner from each angle, so it is called Big Corner Tower.

Wriggling Mutianyu Great Wall in Summer
Wriggling Wall of Mutianyu
Having Fun at Mutianyu
Kids are having fun
Opening Hours March 16 to November 15:
Monday-Friday: 07:30-18:00; Weekends: 07:30-18:30

November 16 to March 15: 8:00-17:00
Admission Fee  Adults: CNY 40
Seniors elder than 60: CNY 20 (valid ID or passport required)
Children between 1.2 and 1.4 meters (3.9 and 4.6 feet): CNY 20
Note: If you buy an entrance ticket attached with a postcard of Mutianyu, you need to pay CNY 5 more.

Children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) are admitted free.

How to tour Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall Map
Mutianyu Great Wall Map (Click to enlarge)

The scenic area has two entrances: south entrance and north entrance. One can start the visit from either of it.


 Go through the North Entrance, you will hike up to No. 10 or No. 8 Watchtower.
 Go through the South Entrance, and you will arrive at No. 8 or Zhengguan Terrace (No. 6 Watchtower).
 Upon arriving up there, you can hike either northward or southward. The northward route between No. 14 watchtower and No. 23 watchtower has the most beautiful scenery, while the southward route contains the grand Zhengguan Terrace and Big Corner Tower.


Apart from hiking, you may also take a cableway up to the No. 14 Watchtower. The lower station is near the North Entrance, so you can easily find it. It is safer and smoother than the luge, even suitable for children and senior visitors.

Adults Children
Single Trip CNY 100  CNY 50
Round Trip   CNY 120 CNY 60
Service Hours March 16 to November 15: 08:00-17:00
November 16 to March 15: 08:30-16:30

Slideway / Luge:

You can also take luge down from Zhengguan Terrace (No. 6 Watchtower) near the South Entrance. It is very exciting to take the luge, and a great choice for young people. The fare is listed below.

Adults Children
Single Trip CNY 100  /
Round Trip   CNY 120 CNY 60
Service Hours Monday to Friday: 08:00-16:50
Weekends: 08:00-17:00
Cable Car, Mutianyu Great Wall
Cable Car
Slideway, Mutianyu Great Wall

When is the Best Time for a Visit?

Although it is suitable for a visit all year round, the best time is April, May, September, and October, when the temperature is favorable, neither too cold nor too hot. But try to avoid May Day Holiday (from May 1st to 3rd), and National Day Holiday (from October 1st to 7th) when there will be more tourists.

Mutianyu Great Wall
Fresh Green Scenery
Mutianyu Great Wall in Winter
Winter can be beautiful but it is chilly for a visit

How to Get to Mutianyu from Downtown Beijing

  You need to get to Dongzhimen first. Subway line 2, subway line 13, Airport Express Train, or bus line 3, 106, 107, 123, 131, 132, 401, 404, 416, 418, 852, 866, 915, 915 (express), 918, 980, or 980 (express) can take you there.

 From Dongzhimen Bus Station, you can take bus line 916 Express or 916 to Huairou North Avenue (Huairou Beidajie) Station. The 916 Express is recommended and it costs CNY 12 (CNY 6 if paid by Beijing Transportation Card) and takes 60-70 minutes. Then, transfer to bus line h23, h24, h35, or h36 to Mutianyu Roundabout. Afterwards, walk about 500 yards (450 meters) to the ticket office of the scenic area. Or, you may take a minivan to the scenic area from Huairou North Avenue at about CNY 50-60.

Bus Lines Schedule
Onward Journey Return Trip
916 Express 06:00- 21:00  04:50-18:50
h23 06:00- 19:00  05:50- 19:00
h24 06:10 (only weekdays), 08:40, 15:45 7:10 (only weekdays), 9:40, 16:50
h35 05:50, 08:05, 17:50  06:45, 09:00, 18:45
h36 06:20, 11:30, 17:40  07:05, 12:15, 18:30

 You can also take bus 867 from Dongzhimen Wai (Dongzhimen Outer Station), get off at its terminus, the Hongluo Temple, and then hire a minivan. 867 takes about 2.5 hours and costs CNY 13 (CNY 6.5 if paid by Beijing Transportation Card), and the minivan takes 20 minutes and costs CNY 40-50.

 The ticket office is still 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) away from the entrances of the scenic area. There are buses shuttling between them. Ticket fare is CNY 10 for a single trip and CNY 15 for a round-trip.

Interior of a Watchtower
Interior of a Watchtower
Discarded cannon at Mutianyu
Discarded Cannon

How to Get there from Capital International Airport

Take Airport Express to Dongzhimen Station, Exit E. It takes about 25 minutes, and the fare is CNY 25. Then, you may take bus line 916 Express.

How to Get there from Beijing West Railway Station

Take subway line 9 to National Library Station. Next, transfer to line 4 to Xizhimen Station. Then, change to line 2 to Dongzhimen Station, Exit E. The duration is about 40 minutes, and the fare is CNY 5. Afterwards, take bus line 916 Express to your destination.

How to Get there from Beijing South Railway Station

Take subway line 4 from South Railway Station to Xuanwumen Station, and change to line 2 to Dongzhimen Station, Exit E. It takes about 30 minutes, and the ticket fare is CNY 5. Afterwards, take bus line 916 Express to your destination.

How to Get there from Beijing Railway Station

Take subway line 2 to Dongzhimen Station, Exit E. It takes about 15 minutes, and the ticket fare is CNY 3. After, take bus line 916 Express to the scenic site.
 Go from Shanghai to Beijing first by flight, bullet train, or overnight sleeper train. You will arrive at Beijing Capital Airport, South Railway Station or main Railway Station, taking 2-2.5 hours, 5-6 hours, and 12-15.5 hours respectively. After, get there easily following the above mentioned guide.
 Take a direct flight or through train from Hong Kong to Beijing. Or you can go to the neighboring Shenzhen, and  take a high speed train to Beijing. Afterwards, follow the above route to get there.

Where to Eat

There are some restaurants near the entrance, but the food they provide is quite expensive. So, you may bring some food and water before departure.
They are the two most visited sections in consideration of the scenery, equipment, and transportation. If you plan a visit on normal days, both of them are okay. When you plan a visit during peak travel season, Mutianyu is recommended, for Badaling may be overcrowded on some big holidays and you probably cannot enjoy the scenery to the full. 
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Questions & Answers on Mutianyu Great Wall
Asked by Sach from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 23, 2019 14:13Reply
Visiting Beijing on Transit Free Visa - can visit this attraction?

I will be spending 4 days next week in Bejing (from singapore to london) and wondering whether I will be able to visit Mutianyu Great Wall as a part of Transit Free via? I hope I am not going out of Beijing boundry by visiting this section of wall.

Asked by SHHH | May. 23, 2019 02:32Reply
Taxi fare
1. How much is it to take a taxi from Dongzhimen station to Mutianyu?
2. Is it easy to find a Taxi out of Mutianyu?
3. Which is a better site to to Mutianyu or Badaling?
Asked by petya titova from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 07, 2019 04:40Reply
Does anyone know the combine price for going up Mutianyu with cable car and down with the luge?
Answers (2)
Answered by Savannah from CANADA | May. 13, 2019 00:22

It is CNY 240 per adult in total.
Answered by petya from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 13, 2019 07:28

hi, i just came back from china and it was 120 Y for return ticket cable + toboggan ticket.
Asked by Martin from CHINA | May. 01, 2019 00:17Reply
Up by Cable Car by Down Slide in Mutianyu Great Wall?

Is it possible to go up by the cable car and come down on the slide way?
Answers (1)
Answered by Samuel from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 07, 2019 00:18

Yes, you can go up by cable car and go down by slide.
Asked by Rita from PORTUGAL | Apr. 18, 2019 07:45Reply
Hey! The first return trip of the the bus 916 to Mutianyu Great Wall is only at 4:50 pm?
Are there other options to come back earlier? Thank you!
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Don't worry, it is 4:50 am and you can return back at any time.
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