6 Things to Do on Mutianyu Great Wall of China

As one of the most famous sections of Great Wall of China, Mutianyu should be added on your bucket list for its well preserved walls, dense watchtowers and charming scenery around. Compared with other Great Wall sections, it is also close to Beijing and can be approached easily. On the 2,250m (1.4 mi) long majestic structure, you can try more things besides ordinary hiking. Here lists the 6 things you should not miss on Mutianyu Great Wall of China, offering a more interesting Great Wall travel experience.

Visit the Unique Zhengguan Terrace (No.6 Watchtower)

Mutianyu Great Wall
The No.6 Watchtower of Mutianyu Great Wall of China, Zhengguan Terrace was constructed with a unique structure which is rarely seen in other Great Wall sections. It is the only terrace which is comprised of 3 hollow watchtowers side by side. Zhengguan Terrace is also a key pass of Mutianyu Great Wall of China, occupying a pretty important strategic position, as it stands on the intersection of Huns garrison, the channel to Beijing and a path to the imperial mausoleum. The whole building is 40 meters (131 ft.) long, 30 meters (98 ft.) wide, 20 meters (66 ft.) high, composed of two storeys. The rooms in the bottom layer are connected and used to store grains and station troops.

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Take a Cable Car up to the Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall
In all the sections of Great Wall of China, Mutianyu is famed for its elegant scenery and complete facilities. It has cable cars to go up the Great Wall on the mountain ridges, which is really convenient for people who travel with children and senior people. Taking a cable car can save time and energy, leaving more time to tour the Great Wall. Also, the cable car with glass windows offers another perspective to appreciate the Great Wall structure and scenery. Visitors can take a cable car near North Entrance to the No. 14 Watchtower and it takes an adult CNY 100 for a single ticket and CNY 120 for a round-trip ticket. Children can enjoy a half price discount.

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See the Large Slogan of “Faithful to Chairman Mao”

Another interesting thing you cannot miss is to see a large slogan carved on the mountains near the Mutianyu Great Wall. The Chinese slogan “忠于毛主席” means “Faithful to Chairman Mao”. It is with strong Chinese characteristics in 1970s’, showcasing Chinese people’s deep admiration for the great leader. From the foot of the Great Wall, climb west for about 1.5 hours, you can see the slogan when standing near the cable car upper station adjacent to the No.14 Watchtower. The specular scene will surely leave you a deep impression.

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Overlook the Great Wall on No. 20 Watchtower

Mutianyu Great Wall
No. 20 Watchtower is the highest point of Mutianyu Great Wall open to the public, also the final destination of most visitors. There are 3 ways to get there. The best and easiest way is to take a cable car from the foot to the No. 14 Watchtower and then hike to the No. 20 Watchtower, which takes about 1 hour. Second, take a chairlift to the No. 6 Watch Tower and walk to the peak; that requires hiking along 14 watchtowers and the trip takes more than 2 hours. The last but also the hardest is to hike the whole journey. Climb from the entrance about 500 steps to the No.6 Watchtower and continue to the highest position; it needs more than 3 hours and most people cannot finish the challenging hiking. You will be amazed at how stunning it is when you stand on the peak to overlook the Mutianyu Great Wall of China.

Mark Your Name on the Graffiti Wall

Yes, no need to doubt it! You do have an opportunity to scribble on the Great Wall. No wonder among all the Great Wall of China, Mutianyu is the coolest one. For protecting the ancient wonder from damaging by tourists’ scribbling, a special zone for graffiti is set. The special wall is located on the west side of the No.14 Watchtower. Looking normal outside, but you will be surprised at the graffiti art when you enter the tower. The interior wall is covered by a large white cloth, on which all kinds of words and drawings are painted in different languages. This is undoubtedly a unique artwork made by visitors from all over the world and it would be a large pity of the Great Wall tour if you hadn’t marked any words here.

Slide down from the Great Wall by Toboggan

Mutianyu offers several options of getting up and down the Great Wall. Besides cable cars and hiking, the last thing you should not miss on Mutianyu Great Wall of China is to take a toboggan down the mountain. Rushing down by toboggan is also the most exciting thing of the Mutianyu Great Wall tour. The adventurous journey takes only around 5 minutes, greatly cut the time down the mountain but it may not be so appropriate for little children and the aged people. The hill luge station is near the No. 6 Watchtower and the adult tickets cost CNY 100 for a single trip, CNY 120 for a round trip (up by chairlift and down by toboggan ). Children have no single trip tickets but they enjoy half price on round-trip tickets, only CNY 60.

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