Mutianyu Weather: Great Wall Weather Forecast & Clothing Tips

Mutianyu weather has a clear division of four seasons - warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and chilly and dry winter. Based on the previous weather statistics, July and August are the hottest months all over the year with abundant sunshine and more rainy days, reaching 30~35℃ (86~95F) on average. The coldest months include December, January and February with the lowest temperature of about -15℃ (5 F).

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Best Time to Visit Mutianyu Great Wall

April, May, September and October in spring and autumn are the most welcomed months because the Mutianyu temperature is moderate, neither too high nor too low and one can pay a visit comfortably. Besides, during these months, the natural scenery is impressive and vivifying. 

In summer, the vegetation nearby Mutianyu Great Wall is lush and vibrant, which becomes a nice scenery. But it is hot and there is no sun-shaded place, making tourists sweating easily. Winter after snow can be regarded as a good time to watch snow scenery of Mutianyu Great Wall; remember to wear enough warm clothes. 

Try to avoid Chinese holidays including late April and early May for May Day, October 1st - 7th for Chinese National Day and mid or late September for Mid-Autumn Festival due to crowded tourists. 

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Averages for Mutianyu Weather

Mutianyu Temperature
Mutianyu Weather

Mutianyu Great Wall Weather – Seasons, Travel Advice & Clothing Tips


Spring (Apr. - May)

The weather is generally warm and comfortable. But the Mutianyu temperature in spring fluctuates some days, which rapidly rises and falls. This is a season when plants come into life and turn green. The flowers like peach blossom and apricot blossom at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall also bloom. As a whole, it is a nice time for a visit. 

 What to Wear: windbreaker, long-sleeve T-shirt, thin jacket, sweatpants, walking shoes

Mutianyu Weather in April: 8 - 22℃ (45 - 70℉), lots of sunny days, warm with breeze
Mutianyu Weather in May: 15 - 29℃ (60 - 85℉), warm and a little bit hot in late May

Summer (Jun. - Aug.)

In summer, weather of Mutianyu is extremely hot with average high temperature of 30~35C (86~95F). Although the weather is hot, the scenery is beautiful during this time because the surrounding plants are at their greenest time. For tourists, they are suggested to prepare some sun-blocking protections such as sunhats, sunglasses and sunscreen scream in order to avoid sunburn. There are more rainy days during this period of time. Check the Mutianyu weather forecast and prepare a raincoat or umbrella in advance.

 What to Wear: short shirts, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, sandals, sunglasses, sunhat

Mutianyu Weather in June: 19 - 31℃ (65 - 85℉), moist, mostly sunny days
Mutianyu Weather in July: 23 - 32℃ (75 - 90℉), more rainy days, burning hot
Mutianyu Weather in August: 21 - 32℃ (70 - 90℉), mostly hot sunny days, more rainfalls

Autumn (Sep. - Oct.)

In general, Mutianyu temperature in autumn has some similarities with that in spring. Travelling to Mutianyu Great Wall in autumn is a recommended choice because Mutianyu Great Wall weather is mild and pleasant and the surrounding natural scenery is colorfully beautiful. There is one thing tourists need to notice about: The temperature difference would be a little bit larger between day and night and you need to adjust the clothes accordingly. 

 What to Wear: thin knitwear, blouse, thin sweater, thick jackets, jeans, hiking shoes

Mutianyu Weather in September: 15 - 27℃ (60 - 80℉), cool, large daily temperature difference
Mutianyu Weather in October: 7 - 19℃ (45 - 65℉), comfortable, mostly cloudy, dry

Winter (Nov. - Mar.)

Winter in Mutianyu Great Wall is chilly cold with the lowest temperature at -15 C (5 F). The strong wind from northwest comes every now and then. The snow scenery up there is quite spectacular, like a fairy-tale world. Please prepare enough warm clothes if you travel to Mutianyu Great Wall in winter. Besides, tourists are advised to prepare a bottle of hot water and energy-boosting foods when climbing Mutianyu.

 What to Wear: down coat, woolen overcoat, sweater, winter pants, boots, scarf, gloves, hat

Mutianyu Weather in November: -2 - 9℃ (30 - 50℉), a little bit cold, more windy days
Mutianyu Weather in December: -8 - 3℃ (20 - 37℉), cold, windy, lots of sunshine
Mutianyu Weather in January: -10 - 2℃ (15 - 35℉), a little bit dry, a few snowy days, bitterly cold
Mutianyu Weather in February: -8 - 5℃ (20 - 40℉) , chilly cold, dry
Mutianyu Weather in March: 0 - 14℃ (30 - 60℉), cloudy, windy, turn warm gradually

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