What to do in Beijing in one day – 6 Special Things to Do

Beijing is a colorful megacity with a lot of things to do. In addition to those routine things, is there any special things to do for the second-time visitors or explorers? The answer is “Yes”. Here we list 6 special things to do in Beijing in one day, helping you get a distinctive and impressive Beijing tour in different ways.


Night Tour to Simatai Great Wall & Gubei Water Town
This is one of the best answers to the question what to do in Beijing for a day. Among all the Great Wall sections, Simatai Great Wall is the only one open at night for visitors to enjoy the special night view. There are decorative lights on the Great Wall, and visitors would get their lanterns or flashlights, which would be a unique Great Wall experience on the steep cliffs. Looking down, you will find the Gubei Water Town is like a reflected night sky with starring “Milky Way”. In the town, you can have a leisurely stroll along the old houses with shinning lights, towers, bridges and shimmering river.

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Sightsee Badaling Great Wall on a Helicopter

Badaling Great Wall
What to do in Beijing in one day if I want to have some special memories about the Great Wall. How about overlooking the Great Wall in the air? The helicopter tour at Badaling Great Wall gives you a stunning experience to witness the greatness – the stretching old wall on lush magnificent mountain ridges from a different angle. The Robinson R44 II helicopter can take 3 visitors and the pilot a time from Badaling airport to the Great Wall, flying around the scenic area and then going back. The 10-15 minutes’ flight tour will for sure be one of your once upon a lifetime memory.
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See the Panoramic View of Forbidden City on Jingshan Mountain

See the Panoramic View of Forbidden City on Jingshan Mountain
Jinshan Park, behind the Forbidden City, is the best site to overlook the whole palace complex to the horizon. If you ask what to see in Beijing in one day, this can be counted in definitely. When the weather is clear, you can see the small and large palaces in Forbidden City well, with red walls, golden glazed tiles and white terraces, which is extremely grand. And Jinshan Park, used to be a royal garden attached to Forbidden City, becomes the place to relax and to sigh for the changeable history.

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Taste Imperial Cuisine at Fangshan Restaurant, Beihai Park

Taste Imperial Cuisine at Fangshan Restaurant, Beihai Park
Located on the north bank of the lake in Beihai Park, Fangshan Restaurant was founded in 1925 by the chefs who had served in the royal kitchen, which brought the imperial cuisine to common people. More than 800 dishes and snacks are offered here, such as General Tso’s Chicken, Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion, Steamed Abalone Slices with Salty Sauce, Kidney Bean Rolls, are all the rare dishes cooked ingeniously. Decorated like the royal palace, you will at the same time experience what the China’s last imperial court is like. At the lakeside tables, you can also enjoy the lake views of Beihai Park while having the delicacies. For these reasons, the price here would be a little expensive.

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Rickshaw Tour in Hutongs

Rickshaw Tour in Beijing Hutongs
The rickshaw is a kind of man-powered vehicle popular in old Beijing, even in the whole China in early 20th century. It is a memorable thing to do in Beijing in one day, to tour along the Hutongs on a rickshaw like an ancient Beijing people did. You may feel like that you are on a time machine traveling back to the old days in Beijing. On both sides of the Hutongs, there are many traditional style courtyards, some of which are the former residences of celebrities open to the public.

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Watch Kung Fu Show at Red Theater

Watch Kung Fu Show at Red Theater, Beijing
The Kung Fu Show, named “The Legend of Kung Fu”, is actually a drama involving Chinese Kung Fu, dances, music and acrobatics, telling the life stories of a Kung Fu master, who became a monk to learn Kung Fu and eventually achieved a lot after going through difficulties. As a fun way to learn about Chinese martial arts, it has been performed for thousands of times domestically and internationally since its first try in 2004. You cannot miss the wonderful show in Beijing in one day, which is on regularly at Red Theater near Temple of Heaven.

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