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China Shanghai Airlines

Airlines Code: FM

Coming into existence in 1985, Shanghai Airlines aims at building itself into one of the best corporation which will become first choice for customers and of international standard. Its staff and aircrafts have made it one of the most advanced airlines corporation in China. Until now, it has had 48 aircrafts including Boeing 737, 757, 767, CJR, HAWKER, MD-11 which flies to over 60 city both home and abroad. The cargo service also features in rapid development. Thanks to the introduction of MD-11 cargo aircraft, cargo capacity has been greatly enhanced. Besides, cargo courses merely for cargo purposes to German, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau have been opened. The logo of Shanghai Airlines is a white crane adorning the red tail (of an aircraft)-shaped board. Its figurative meaning is that the airlines will make improvement despite all the difficulties safely and indomitably.

International Services Operated by Shanghai Airlines

Country Short form City
The Kingdom of Cambodia Cambodia Phnom Penh
Japan Japan Osaka, Toyama
The Republic of Korea Korea Seoul
The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
The Kingdom of Thailand Thailand Phuket

Note: Shanghai Airlines operates scheduled flights to Macau and Hong Kong.

Special Services

1. Telephone Services (only in Shanghai)

Taxi Services

If you want to take a taxi as soon as step out of an airport without waiting for an instant, tell the ticket seller your need. And an appointed taxi will wait for you at the required time and place.

Hotel Booking

If a hotel room is needed, you just need to choose the region, price and standard. After arriving at your destination, you could directly check in.

Weather Report

Customer services of Shanghai Airlines provide weather report of destination cities for you which will facilitate your preparation of the journey.

2. Elder-Care Service (in destinations of Shanghai Airlines)

To make the journey of elder passengers more comfortable, Shanghai Airlines has spare special efforts on how to show every possible consideration for the elder passengers.

3. Child-care Services

If your child is five to twelve years old and has to travel alone, you could phone 8006 208888 on this service. Under this service, your children will be under special care by the stewards during the whole journey.

Customer Services

24-hour hotline: 10105858

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