Fuzhou Changle International Airport

Airport Code: FOC


Located in Zhanggang Town of Changle City, Fuzhou Changle International Airport is about 50 kilometers (31.07 miles) southeast to Fuzhou City, about 40 minutes driving to the urban area along the Airport Expressway.

Brief Intro:

Fuzhou Airport was put to use in 1997. The first phase construction of the airport allows an annual throughput of 6,500,000 persons. The runway can handle the B747-400 and MD 11 jumbo jets. There are daily flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau. Flights to Kuala Lumpur are available everyday except Tuesday. A flight to Singapore is available on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

With an area of 137,000 square meters (529 square miles), the Terminal Building is a 'T' shape. It has a capacity of 3,000 people during peak hours. It consists of five floors dividing the departure passengers and arrival passengers into different groups. The first floor is for arrival; the second floor is for departure; the third floor is the office area; the forth floor houses the electronic equipment.

Airport Transportation

: shuttle buses to downtown area and nearby cities.


 VIP Lounges: The VIP lounges are available both in the Domestic Waiting area and International Waiting area for both the foreign and domestic VIPs to depart or arrive at the airport. The VIP service includes the following items: shuttle bus, beverages, magazines, newspapers, flight information, check-in, transportation, baggage and security check.

 First-class Lounges: Domestic First-class Lounges are between No.9 and No.10 boarding gates. International First-class Lounges are located in the International Departure area of the third floor. With facilities like washroom, meeting room and smoking room, the First-class Lounges provide an elegant and comfortable environment.

 Parking Lot: Airport parking is charged according to time parked. Details are as follows:

Parking Time Charges
Within 1 Hour CNY8 per time
Over 1 Hour CNY8 for the first hour and CNY2 per additional 30 minutes
Maximum of 24 Hours: CNY50

There is also a 24-Hour parking lot for your convenience. It charges as follow:
Coaches (≥12 seats): CNY40
Other vehicles (< 12 seats): CNY30

 Public Phone Service: The public phones are available on arrival floor (Floor 1), departure floor (Floor 2) and the restricted area. IC, IP and mobile phone pre-paid cards are provided here.

 Clinic: The clinic is situated on the first floor. Please dial 8013017 ask for help if you need emergency aid.

 Smoking Area: Smoking is permitted only in smoking areas in the International Departure area and Domestic Departure area.

 Appointment Location: The appointment location, located in the center of the Arrival Hall, is the place for you to meet people. The broadcast is available for you to search for people.
Tel: 28013004

 Luggage Carts: Over 600 luggage carts are free for your convenience at the escalators on the arrival floor (Floor 1) and the entrance of departure floor (Floor 2). They are only available within the Terminal Building and parking lot.

 Go Tone Membership Club: The Go Tone Membership Club is located on the left side of the No.8 boarding gate in which the Internet, mobile phones and beverages are offered to the VIPs for free. Other related mobile phone services are also provided here.

 Shopping: Tax-free shops can be found in the International Waiting area and the International Arrival area. Tax-free articles like cigarettes, wines, perfumes, cosmetics, world famous watches and Chinese local products are provided.

Café & Chinese Restaurant:
Opposite the VIP Lounge in Domestic Departure Hall;
Opposite the domestic check-in counter;
Between the International Arrival Hall and Domestic Arrival Hall
At both ends of Departure Hall and Arrival Hall.

Western Restaurant: Opposite the No.6 Boarding Gate in the International Departure Hall.


 Boarding Ushering: Ushers in the restricted area of the Domestic Departure area will lead you to the appointed boarding gate, answer your questions on the flights and try their best to help you to solve any problems that may arise.

 Broadcasting: Broadcasting in the Terminal Building can provide you services like flight information, boarding announcements and searching for someone in Mandarin, English and Japanese.
Tel: 28013249

 Telephone Enquiry: Telephone enquiry for flight information is provided for the public, and a callback service is also available.
Enquiry Number: 28013249
Voice Number: 28013246; 28013247; 28013248

 Departure Enquiry: The departure enquiry service in the Departure Hall and the Domestic Departure Lounge provides flight information, boarding procedure and other information. Requests for locating and searching for people can also be made here.

 Baggage Storage: The Baggage Storage Service is available at the International Departure Hall. It charges CNY10 per day for an 80×80 centimeters box.

 Baggage Enquiry: Domestic Baggage Enquiry is located in the Domestic Arrival area; International Baggage Enquiry is located in the International Arrival area.
Baggage Enquiry Number: 28013184; 28013194

 Wheelchair & Stretcher Service: With the approval of the carrier, wheelchairs and stretchers are provided for the disabled and ill passengers who apply for the service.

 Unaccompanied Minor and Elderly Passengers: Children between 2~12 years old and elderly passengers traveling without accompaniment can apply for this special service at the check-in counter. Assistants are available for these passengers until their bordering. For arriving passengers, assistants will lead them to meet their friends or relatives in the Arrival area.

 Lost & Found: If you lost something or would like to claim something, please contact the Enquiry Counter or the police station in the airport.
Tel: 28013249

 Bank: The Bank of China is located in the International Departure area. Currency exchange is also available here. ATMs of Bank of China, Industrial Bank, and Construction Bank are all available in the area between the Domestic Departure Hall and International Departure Hall.

 Hotel and Travel Service: It is located in the Domestic Arrival area. Information about the hotels and travel is provided here.

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Questions & Answers on Fuzhou Changle International Airport
Asked by Syaiful from INDONESIA | Mar. 13, 2019 05:25Reply
I with my family will transit 11h in Fuzhou on our way from jakarta to paris and return.
I am Indonesian. Do we need a transit visa?
Answers (1)
Answered by Daniel from CANADA | Mar. 15, 2019 01:58

Yes, you can. :)
Asked by Berrada from FRANCE | Nov. 21, 2018 03:21Reply
I am taking a flight from Paris ( France ) to Jakarta with a transit in Fuzhou.
Do I need a visa to do this transit even if I ´m not planning to go out from the Airport. My transit is about 11h. Thank you very much for your help.
Answers (2)
Answered by Care from USA | Nov. 22, 2018 22:22

Yes, you need a visa to do the transit. You should apply for a Chinese visa in advance.
Answered by Berrada from FRANCE | Nov. 23, 2018 01:27

Thank you very much for your answer !
Asked by Bruno from SINGAPORE | Nov. 04, 2018 20:16Reply
French Citizen transit in Fuzhou Changle International Airport
I will be transit in the airport from Singapore to Paris (France)
Do I need a transit visa ?

Answers (25)
Answered by Ken from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 06, 2018 19:14

How many hours will you stay in Changle airport? If you can leave China within 24 hours, you don't need a visa. Or, you have to apply for the Chinese visa in advance.
Answered by bruno from SINGAPORE | Nov. 11, 2018 23:27

What are the airport restrictions?
Though a majority of international airports in China opt in the 24-hour TWOV, passengers transiting through the following airports all need a visa no matter how long the layover is.
• Fuzhou Changle Airport
Answered by Ken | Nov. 12, 2018 16:52

Oh, you are right.
Answered by Lucie from FRANCE | Dec. 10, 2018 15:09

Hi Bruno,
I am French too, I will transit 3h in FZ on my way from Paris to Singapore.
Do you need the Visa for FZ even if you don't go out of the airport ?
Answered by Raizel from USA | Dec. 10, 2018 18:10

Yes, you need to apply for a Chinese visa in advance.
Answered by Bruno from SINGAPORE | Dec. 10, 2018 23:11

Hi Lucie, you will need to apply for a transit visa at Charles de Gaulle during Check-in at counter.
It will be verified once you arrive Fuzhou transit area.
Thats what I was told yesterday when I was at Xiamen airlines office in Singapore
Answered by Lucie from FRANCE | Dec. 11, 2018 01:48

Thank you Bruno, when do you travel ?
It's so hard to find the right information !
Answered by Bruno from SINGAPORE | Dec. 11, 2018 02:09

I'm flying this Saturday afternoon from Singapore arriving Sunday morning in Paris. Will update here how it went.
What about you ?
Answered by Lucie from FRANCE | Dec. 11, 2018 03:16

I will travel the 27th of December ...
Yes please keep me posted, I am really stressed of being stucked in Paris.
I've tried to call the Chinese Visa application center in Paris and Xiamen airlines. Nobody can answer me. It's a complete mess.
Answered by Bruno from SINGAPORE | Dec. 11, 2018 18:22

From what I was told at Singapore Xiamen air office, Fuzhou is still under "military system" of airport management and not as "open" as the modern, Shanghai, Xiamen, cities.. They are slowly opening up but that's why we can only have 24h visa and not 72h as the other airports. Will let you know how it went on my way to Paris -
Also, this flight to Paris (from Xiamen Air) is new, the first one was yesterday 11th Dec.
Answered by Thibs973 from FRANCE | Dec. 12, 2018 06:06

I will travel next week and I'm just learning now about the visa. Can you keep us posted please ?
So you were told that you can connect visa free if it's under 24h then ?
Answered by Bruno from SINGAPORE | Dec. 12, 2018 17:30

Yes it's a FREE Visa for under 24hr, but you need to fill up a transit visa form at CDG check in counter.
Answered by Lucie from FRANCE | Dec. 17, 2018 05:23

Hi Bruno, how did you go with the Visa on Saturday ?
Answered by Bruno from SINGAPORE | Dec. 17, 2018 22:31

It was quite straightforward experience. Asked Singapore check in counter to register me as transit passenger into Fuzhou took about 20mn to get it done.
Arrived at fuzhou customs and was given a blue form to fill in by one immigration officer who was waiting for me somehow. Chop passport.
You will have to exit custom and go 2nd floor to check in again to collect your boarding pass. Your luggage will follow through to Singapore, no need to retrieve them in Fuzhou.
Overall nothing special happened. Arrived in Paris without any problems.
Answered by Lucie from FRANCE | Jan. 11, 2019 04:18

Thanks Bruno. I confirm you can have a free 24h VISA in Fuzhou.
Answered by Bruno from SINGAPORE | Jan. 11, 2019 08:47

Return trip to Singapore went well.
Filled up the blue form in the plane given by the hostess.
Went through customs easily and onwards to Singapore.
Confirmed 24h transit visa and allowed to go to town if you have time to go out
There are buses to the city just outside the arrival hall.
Answered by Kattalin from SPAIN | Jan. 15, 2019 10:53

Hi Lucir could you also get the Transit visa información Fuzhou?un flying from Paris to Kuala Lumpur with a layover in Fuzhou airport. If you can help be Will be great, as you did, i read different things in so many places that a bit scared
Answered by JEAN75018 | Feb. 12, 2019 08:41

Hello Lucie, I have some questions, I must also leave Paris CDG:
- How long does it take for Customs to check, I have a transit of 1 hour 30 minutes, is it too short?
-Do you confirm that there is no requirement to have a transit visa for less than 24 hours at FZ airport?
- Did your luggage follow the next flight?
Answered by Chase from USA | Feb. 12, 2019 17:23

If it is for international to international transfer to FZ airport, 1.5 hours is enough. But the suitable transfer time is 2 hours.
Yes, you can enjoy the 224 hours visa free policy.
If your two airlines have luggage check through service, your luggage will be delivered to the destinations.
Answered by Justin from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 23, 2019 02:35

Bruno and Lucie, Were you able to leave the airport with the 24h visa in fuzhou? I'm flying from CDG to Fuzhou then to Xiamen then to Sydney. My connecting flights within China will be within 24h but I'm a bit concerned.
Answered by Bruno from SINGAPORE | Feb. 24, 2019 19:48

Yes there is no problem leaving the airport - You can leave your hand luggage at the left luggage desk on second floor (i think but maybe ground floor) - for a small fee. Buses to town are just outside the hall and there's a ticket office inside the airport.
You are also entitled to the transit lounge on 2nd floor but nothing much in there except some snacks and lounge chairs.
Answered by Tanuj Kohli from PHILIPPINES | Mar. 05, 2019 06:46

Hi Bruno,

I am travelling on Xiamen Airlines to Paris from Hong Kong, just want to make sure that i dont have to apply for VISA before hand and I can just do it at the HongKong Airport or at the Fuzhou Airport,

As i will be with my family ( my wife & my 4 year old) i just want to make sure that we wouldn't have any issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answered by Bruno from SINGAPORE | Mar. 05, 2019 18:01

I am really not sure about your case. What Nationality are you ? Better check with your embassy or directly with the airlines. As most case discussed previously were about French nationals - All the best
Answered by Tanuj Kohli from INDIA | Mar. 06, 2019 09:13

I am an Indian national, as there was no mention of a visa while booking the ticket i hope i would not need one.

Did you just inquire about your visa requirement from Xiamen Airlines?
Answered by tanuj kohli from INDIA | Mar. 07, 2019 00:41

it says 24 hour visa is not applicable in Fuzhou for anyone .. you were still able to secure it ?
Asked by Lee from SINGAPORE | May. 29, 2018 01:21Reply
Any Bank of China bank or atms at Fuzhou Chang Le Airport?
Answers (3)
Answered by Richard from USA | May. 30, 2018 22:03

Yeah, at the second floor, there is an ATM.
Answered by Lee from SINGAPORE | May. 31, 2018 01:32

Is the atm able to do cash deposit? Thks in advance
Answered by Richard from USA | May. 31, 2018 20:35

I’m sorry but it seems that I was wrong. There is no ATM of BOC in the airport.
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