Fuzhou Weather

Fuzhou, bordering the East China Sea, has a warm and humid sub-tropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall. The weather in Fuzhou is mild and the annual average temperature is about 19.6C (67.28F). 

Fuzhou Seasons & Travel Advice

Weather in spring is changeable and rainy. Tourists will require a knitted sweater or jacket. During May to September is the summer season of this city, it is sunny and hot for the main with a peak temperatures between July and August, tourists should wear well ventilate clothing. Also June, July and August is the typhoon season, and as such is prone to heavily rain and storms which is not the ideal time for visiting. Unlined garments or a thin sweater are sufficient in the fall, from October to November. With an abundance of sunlight, fall is a season of good weather which is also the best time for travel. Temperatures in winter are lower, but there is no severe cold. The average temperature of the coldest month, January, is 9.7C (49.46F) - 11C (51.8F) which is better for tourists to wear sweater and coat.

The recommended season of visiting Fuzhou is in fall and winter. Then the cool and clear days, with evergreen trees describe a scene of southern latitudes, which is charming especially for tourists from northern latitudes. For a group, this city is a suitable destination for tours all the year round.

Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade is held every May 18th. Tourists should avoid this period due to the shortage of restaurant tables and hotel beds, etc. around this time.

7-Day Fuzhou Weather Forecast


Averages for Fuzhou Weather

High/Low Temperatures of Fuzhou
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Fuzhou
Average Temperatures of Fuzhou
Average Temperatures Graph for Fuzhou
Humidity Graph of Fuzhou
Average Humidity Graph for Fuzhou
Average Rainfall of Fuzhou
Average Rainfall Graph for Fuzhou
Air Quality of Fuzhou
Average AQI(Air Quality Index) Graph for Fuzhou
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Questions & Answers on Fuzhou Weather
Asked by Barry Ong from MALAYSIA | Apr. 24, 2018 03:18Reply
I am considering travelling to GuTian in mid June for photography.
Any recommendations about the weather?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nigel from CANADA | Apr. 24, 2018 21:33

Based on the weather data of last year, Gutian seems to be in rain season in June, it rains nearly every day of the month. The temperature is from 21 to 35C. You can take your shirts and thin clothes.
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