How to Travel between Fuzhou and Beijing

Straight distance between Fuzhou and Beijing is about 1,500km (930mi). Top choice to travel from one city to the other is by air, taking 3h and CNY720-1,090 for economy class. High speed train is an alternative with the minimum cost of CNY790.5-833.5. Though it has longer duration of 8-11h, people could feast eyes on the changing landscape along the way. For budget travelers, normal speed train can be considered. With the duration of 33-34h, one could save accommodation fare for one or two nights. Long-distance bus is also available, and it requires 23-23.5h and CNY500-600.

fuzhou to beijing

How to Travel from Fuzhou to Beijing

1. Best Way: Fuzhou to Beijing Flight: 3h, CNY720-1,050 for Economy Class

11 to 13 flights leave from Fuzhou Changle International Airport (FOC) to Beijing every day. Half are bound for Capital International Airport (PEK) and the other half arrive at Daxing International Airport (PKX). The earliest plane takes off at 7:20 and the last one takes off at 20:00. In the meantime, nearly one flight departs every hour.

 Ticket Fare:
Economy Class: CNY720-1,050; Business Class: CNY6,440-6,660

2. Alternative: Fuzhou to Beijing High Speed Train: 8-11h, CNY790.5-833.5 for 2nd Class Seat

Six high speed trains run from Fuzhou Railway Station to Beijing South Railway Station. Please be noted that sometimes only some of them are in operation.

Train No. Dep. Arr. Duration
G302 07:01 16:28 9h 27min
G56 07:53 18:53 11h
G28 09:53 17:53 8h
G324 10:57 20:13 9h 16min
G304 12:15 21:48 9h 33min
G356 12:52 22:23 9h 31min

 Ticket Fare:
2nd Class Seat: CNY790.5-833.5; 1st Class Seat: CNY1,335-1,385; Business Class Seat: CNY2,505-2,701

3. Fuzhou to Beijing Normal Speed Train: 34h 17min, CNY456 for Hard Sleeper

Train K646 departs from Fuzhou Railway Station at 18:52 and arrives at Beijing Railway Station at 05:09 after two days. It is recommended to budget travelers to cut expense on accommodation.

 Ticket Fare:
Hard Seat: CNY251; Hard Sleeper: CNY456; Soft Sleeper: CNY703

4. Fuzhou to Beijing Long-distance Bus: 23-23.5h, CNY500-600

Long-distance bus is quite limited. One departs from Fuzhou North Bus Station at 09:50 and arrives in Beijing in 23h. Another departs from Fuzhou South Bus Station at 10:10 and arrives in Beijing 23.5h later. Both cost CNY500-600.

How to Travel from Beijing to Fuzhou

1. Best Way: Beijing to Fuzhou Flight: 3h, CNY720-1,090 for Economy Class

12 to 13 daily flights are available. People may board the plane at either Capital International Airport or Daxing International Airport and land off at Fuzhou Changle International Airport in 3h. The earliest and the last plane take off at 7:15 and 20:35 respectively.

 Ticket Fare:
Economy Class: CNY720-1,090; Business Class: CNY6,660-7,770

2. Alternative: Beijing to Fuzhou High Speed Train: 8-11h, CNY792.5-831.5 for 2nd Class Seat

Most of them leave from Beijing South Railway Station to Fuzhou Railway Station, and G301 and G325 also stop at Fuzhou South Railway Station.

Train No. Dep. Arr. Duration
G55 08:10 18:59 10h 49min
G355 08:40 18:11 9h 31min
G27 09:45 17:37 7h 52min
G301 10:29 19:51 9h 22min
G301 10:29 20:12 9h 43min
G325 12:05 20:53 8h 48min
G325 12:05 21:16 9h 11min
G303 12:30 21:44 9h 14min

 Ticket Fare:
2nd Class Seat: CNY792.5-831.5; 1st Class Seat: CNY1,335-1,385; Business Class Seat: CNY2,505-2,600

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3. Beijing to Fuzhou Normal Speed Train: 32h 54min, CNY456 for Hard Sleeper

Train K645 leaves from Beijing Railway Station at 10:38 and terminates at Fuzhou Railway Station at 19:32 the day after.

 Ticket Fare:
Hard Seat: CNY251; Hard Sleeper: CNY456; Soft Sleeper: CNY703

4. Beijing to Fuzhou Long-distance Bus: 23.5h, CNY560-600

Dep. Point Dep. Time Duration Ticket Price
Liuliqiao Bus Station 10:00, 10:30, 14:00 23.5h CNY600
Xinfadi Bus Station 10:20, 10:40 CNY560
Lizeqiao Bus Station 10:20, 10:40 CNY560
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