How to Travel from Singapore to Fuzhou

It is about 3,200km (2,000mi) from Singapore to Fuzhou. There is no direct transport currently, so you have to fly to a China city first and then take another flight or train to Fuzhou. Xiamen, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are popular cities for the transfer.

1. Singapore - Xiamen Flight + Xiamen - Fuzhou High Speed Train: 9h, CNY 2,800-9,840

You can take MF852 of Xiamen Airlines on Wednesday and Saturday. The plane flies from 15:05 to 19:30 at local time, from Singapore Changi Airport to Xiamen Gaoqi Airport. The flight would take you 4h 25min.
Ticket Fare: about CNY 2,700-9,670 for Economy Class

Based on the landing time, you cannot catch the last shuttle bus to Xiamen North Railway Station. So you may take a taxi directly, which takes about half an hour and CNY 50 or so.

The high speed train G5068 would leave Xiamen North Railway Station at 22:07, and get to Fuzhou Railway Station at 23:41, spending 1h 34min on the way.
Ticket Fare: CNY 89.5 for Second Class Seat; CNY 144 for First Class Seat; CNY 268.5 for Business Class Seat

2. Singapore - Guangzhou - Fuzhou Fight: nearly 10h, CNY 3,000-8,606

Singapore Changi to Guangzhou Baiyun Guangzhou Baiyun to Fuzhou Changle Available Date Overall Singapore to Fuzhou Flight Time Ticket Fare for Economy Class
TR100: 05:20 – 09:25 MF8356: 13:15 – 15:05 Sunday 9h 45min CNY 2,100 -7,256 for first flight;
CNY 850-1,350 for connecting flight

3. Singapore - Guangzhou Flight + Guangzhou - Fuzhou High Speed Train: 15.5h, CNY 2,457-7,613

The flight TR100 from Singapore Changi Airport to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, flies on every Sunday. It would take you 4 hours plus 5 minutes on the plane, as it takes off at 05:20 and gets to Guangzhou at 09:25.
Ticket Fare: about CNY 2,100-7,256 for Economy Class

Then you may go to Guangzhou South Railway Station to take the high speed train to Fuzhou. From Guangzhou Airport, you may take Guangzhou Metro Line 3 to Jiahe Wanggang Station, then transfer to Metro Line 2 to South Railway Station. The metro trip will cost you around 80 minutes and CNY 9 in total.

The high speed train G1607 will set off at 14:54 from Guangzhou South Railway Station. After the 6 hours and 8 minutes, you would reach Fuzhou Railway Station at 21:02.
Ticket Fare: CNY 383 for Second Class Seat; CNY 593.5 for First Class Seat; CNY 1,147 for Business Class Seat

4. Singapore - Shenzhen - Fuzhou Flight: 8h, CNY 4,100-4,853

Singapore Changi to Shenzhen Bao’an Shenzhen Bao’an to Fuzhou Changle Available Date Overall Singapore to Fuzhou Flight Time Ticket Fare for Economy Class
SQ846: 07:25 – 11:20 MF8368: 13:50 – 15:15 Sunday 7h 50min CNY 2,800-3,563 for first flight;
CNY 1,290 for connecting flight

5. Singapore - Shenzhen Flight + Shenzhen - Fuzhou High Speed Train: 11.5h, CNY 3,100-3,845

There is only one flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Shenzhen Bao’an Airport every week. That’s SQ846 on every Sunday, flying from 07:25 to 11:20. It takes 3 hours and 55 minutes.
Ticket Fare: about CNY 2,800-3,563 for Economy Class

After that, you can get to Shenzhen North Railway Station, from where several high speed trains go to Fuzhou in the afternoon. From Shenzhen Airport, you may take the metro line 11 to Qianhaiwan Station, then transfer to metro line 5 to Shenzhen North Railway Station. The metro ride would take about 70 minutes and CNY 8.

The earliest high speed train suitable for your travel is D3336, which starts off at 13:51 and reaches Fuzhou South Railway Station at 18:55. It takes 5 hour plus 4 minutes on the way.
Ticket Fare: CNY 303 for Second Class Seat; CNY 484 for First Class Seat

Tips for Travelling from Singapore to Fuzhou

Do Singaporeans need a visa to travel to Fuzhou?

Singaporeans, taking the passport, are allowed to travel to China without visa for at most 15 days. But to stay for longer time, you have to apply for the China visa beforehand.

There is No Time Difference between Singapore and Fuzhou.

Singapore is in the same time zone with China, so you needn’t handle with the time difference when travelling from Singapore to Fuzhou.

Money Exchange from Singapore Dollars to Chinese Yuan

1 SGD≈4.95 CNY at the current exchange rate
You’d better exchange some cashes when you arrive at the Fuzhou airport or the transfer city, after going through the customs, for you can only take a limited amount of cashes when you enter China.

Voltage Difference

For the voltage people used in Singapore and China are the same - 220V/50Hz, you don’t need a voltage adapter on the travel from Singapore to Fuzhou. However, you do need the plug adapter. Although both the plugs in two countries have three-pin ends, their layout is different.

How to Make Phone Calls

From Singapore to Fuzhou:
Dial 019 + China country code 86 + Fuzhou city code 0591 + phone number
Note: If you are to call on a cell phone, the city code 0591 is unwanted.

From Fuzhou to Singapore:
Dial Singapore country code 65 + city code XXX + phone number

How to Travel from Fuzhou to Singapore

The same as the coming trip, you cannot find a direct Fuzhou to Singapore flight. You still need to transfer in a third city. Here are the transfer plans for reference:

Transfer Airport The First Flight The Connecting Flight Available Date
Hong Kong International Airport MF8695: 09:55 – 11:40 SQ883: 14:25 – 18:20/
TR981: 17:50 – 21:20 or 20:25 – 23:55
Tuesday, Friday & Sunday
Overall Flight Time: 8.5-14h
Total Ticket Fare for Economy Class: CNY 3,000 – 5,188
Shanghai Pudong FU6519: 08:30 – 10:05 SQ833: 16:50 – 22:20 Monday
Overall Flight Time: 13h 50min
Total Ticket Fare for Economy Class: CNY 4,250 – 8,443
Guangzhou Baiyun MF8323: 08:00 – 09:40 CZ3039: 12:30 – 16:15 Tuesday
Overall Flight Time: 8h 15min
Total Ticket Fare for Economy Class: CNY 5,100 – 6,416

- Last updated on Apr. 21, 2021 -
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