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Currently, there are two Fuzhou metro lines that in operation: Line 1 and Line 2. Fuzhou Metro Line 1 has been in operation connecting Xiangfeng and Sanjiangkou. Line 2 links between Suyang and Yangli, passing Fuzhou University and Nanmendou. Besides, metro line 3, line 4, line 6 and line 7 will operate in the near future. Together they will form a “+" shaped urban rail transportation system. The city plans to have nine subway lines operating by 2050 in a "circular combining radial" shape measuring about 210 miles (338 kilometers).

Ticket Fare

The charge varies from the distance: CNY2 for the first 3 miles (5 kilometers); extra CNY 1 every 3 miles (5 kilometers) increment within 3-9 miles (5-15 kilometers); extra CNY 1 every 4 miles (7 kilometers) increment within 9-18 miles (15-29 kilometers); extra CNY 1 every 6 miles (9 kilometers) increment over 18 miles (29 kilometers).
1. Children under 4 feet (1.3 meters) can take the train for free.
2. The Public Transportation Card / Rongcheng Yikatong holders can enjoy 10% off when they take metro.

Metro Lines in Operation

 Line 1: Xiangfeng – Sanjiangkou
Length: 18mi (29km)
Stations: Xiangfeng- Xiushan- Luohanshan- Fuzhou Railway Station- Doumen- Shudou- Pingshan- Dongjiekou- Nanmendou- Chating- Dadao- Shangteng- Sanchajie – Baihuting – Huluzhen – Huangshan – Paixia – Chengmen – Sanjiaocheng – Lulei - South Railway Station – Anping – Liangcuo – Xiayang – Sanjiangkou

 Line 2: Suyang – Yangli
Length:19mi (30km)
Stations: Suyang - Shadi - Shangjie - Jinyu - Fuzhou University - Dongyu • Fujian Normal University - Houting - Juyuanzhou - Hongwan - Jinshan - Jinxiang - Xiangban - Ninghua - Xiyang - Nanmendou - Shuibu - Ziyang  - Wuliting - Qianyu - Shangyang - Gushan - Yangli

Lines under Construction and to be Constructed

 Line 3: Zhanban - Zemiao Village
When completed, the line can better connect the southwest part of Nantai Island and Taijiang Business Center with the old urban areas.
Full Length: 22mi (35km)
Station Number: 29
Main Stations: Fuzhou Railway Station, Yuefeng Town, North Changle Road, Sanchajie, Panyu Road, Zhounan, Nanyu Town East

 Line 4: Banzhou - Pukou
Line 4 will mainly link he Jin’an District, Central CBD and Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center.
Full Length: 17.6mi (28.4km)
Station Number: 23
Stations: Guocuoli, Dongjiekou, Dongmen, Qianyu, Linpu, Chengmen, Pukou, Conference & Exhibition Center

 Line 5: Jingxi New City - South Railway Station
There will be 20 stations built with the  ending station connected with line 1. When built, it will speed up the development of the Jinshan, Jianxin and Cangshan districts.
Full Length: 17.2mi (27.7km)
Station Number: 20
Main Stations: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, South Jianxin Road, Fengshan Road, Wushan, Guanchanzhou, Luozhou, Gaoshi Road, Chengjin, South Railway Station

 Line 6: Pandun - International School
Line 6 will link the city center and the Binhai New Town. Its construction will be of great help to the development of the Changle and Binhai districts.
Full Length: 31.676km (19.683 mi)
Station Number: 22
Main Stations: Linpu, Xiayang, Binhai New City, Liangcuo

 Line 7: Dutingfen – Songxia Town
This is a reservation line for the Binhai New Town and is planned to be built along the main transportation road of Binhai. Huweitang and Wenwusha Town are two transfer stations.
Full Length: 29mi (46km)
Station Number: 23

 Line 8: Jianping - Liren
Full Length: 31mi (50km)
Station Number: 19
Main Stations: Zhounan, Qingkou, Shouzhan Town, Chaoyang Road

 Line 9: Baitantou - Trans Strait Golf Club
Full Length: 15mi (24mi) 
Station Number: 17
Main Stations: Changle New Town, Binhai New Town, Yingqian Town, Shouzhan Town, Wenwusha Town

Line F1: Fuzhou Railway Station - Dahe
Full Length: 62.4km (38.8mi)
Station Number: 15
Main Stations: Fuzhou Railway Station, Mindu, Sancha Street, Binhai New City

- Last updated on Nov. 08, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Fuzhou Metro
Asked by Ng M H from SINGAPORE | Nov. 07, 2023 18:18Reply
Fuzhou MRT
I am going to FZ next week. Is all the Subway open. If open what lines is available. Thank you .
Answers (1)
Answered by Mark | Nov. 08, 2023 17:12

At present, 5 lines are operated daily. Line 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 are available now.
Asked by IRENE BOEY from SINGAPORE | Apr. 20, 2019 06:51Reply
Fuzhou got Yikatong Card like Beijing subway?
Can we use YIKATONG in FZ or Beijing?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ary from DENMARK | Apr. 23, 2019 23:54

This city has its own transportation card named 'Rong Cheng Tong'. It cannot be used in Beijing.
Asked by Lutfur Rahman from BANGLADESH | Dec. 10, 2018 05:34Reply
How many subway line are currently operating in Fuzhou?
Answers (2)
Answered by Nathaniel from USA | Dec. 11, 2018 00:03

Only the metro line 1 is in operation.
Answered by Lutfur Rahman from BANGLADESH | Dec. 11, 2018 20:16

Thank you very much.
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