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Brief Introduction:

There are two international airports in Shanghai. This fact makes the city outstanding as the largest city in China. Pudong International Airport play more important role. At present, it has three runways, two terminal buildings, 218 gate positions and 70 boarding walkways. It is affordable an annual passenger throughput of 60 million. There are averagely 700 flights of departure or arrival in one day, making up some 60 percent of Shanghai airports' total amount. It includes the direct air routes to New York by US Continental Airlines, Mexico by Mexicana Airlines, Zurich by Swiss International Airlines and Atlanta by Delta Airlines. Over 60 Chinese and overseas airlines set up business here. The air network covers over 90 cities and regions outside China and more than 70 domestic cities.

15 airlines have scheduled flights to Hongqiao Airport, among which China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Spring Airlines are headquartered at this airport. It connects the city with more than 60 cities in China and chartered routes to two cities in Japan and South Korea.

Shanghai Flight Schedule:

The following is a list of partial routes departing from Shanghai to other cities. Please regard it as a reference. You can search more schedules to other destinations in real time through the search tool above.

 Domestic Flights:





Departure Time

Arrival Time

Full Ticket
of First 

Full Ticket
of Ecomony 

FM9101 Hongqiao Airport Beijing 08:30 10:50 CNY2,990 CNY1,290


Hongqiao Beijing 11:00 13:20 CNY2,990 CNY1,290
CA1558 Hongqiao Beijing 14:55 17:15 CNY2,990 CNY1,290
CZ3596 Hongqiao Guangzhou 08:45 11:05 CNY2,720 CNY1,440
MU5317 Hongqiao Guangzhou 12:30 14:45 CNY2,720 CNY1,440
FM9313 Hongqiao Guangzhou 14:30 16:50 CNY2,720 CNY1,440
CA1216 Pudong Airport Xian 08:30 11:05 CNY2,680 CNY1,420
FM9203 Pudong Xian 14:00 16:25 CNY2,680 CNY1,420
FM9333 Hongqiao Guilin 08:40 10:40 CNY2,760 CNY1,460
CZ3252 Hongqiao Guilin 14:35 16:40 CNY2,760 CNY1,460
CA1945 Pudong Chengdu 10:00 13:10 CNY3,380 CNY1,770
FM9543 Hongqiao Chengdu 15:00 17:55 CNY3,380 CNY1,770
CZ3576 Hongqiao Shenzhen 09:30 11:55 CNY2,960 CNY1,560
ZH9814 Hongqiao Shenzhen 15:05 17:15 CNY2,960 CNY1,560
FM9213 Hongqiao Lanzhou 07:40 10:55 CNY3,660 CNY1,910
CZ3592 Hongqiao Zhengzhou 11:05 12:50 CNY1,760 CNY960
FM9395 Hongqiao Changsha 09:05 10:45 CNY1,940 CNY1,050
HO1179 Pudong Harbin 08:30 11:20 CNY3,680 CNY1,920
HU7120 Pudong Haikou 11:55 14:55 CNY2,650 CNY1,820
MU5419 Pudong Chongqing 09:00 11:40 CNY3,140 CNY1,650
FM9257 Hongqiao Nanchang 11:40 13:05 CNY1,530 CNY820
HO1121 Hongqiao Kunming 08:25 11:40 CNY3,960 CNY2,060
HO1177 Hongqiao Sanya 08:50 12:00 CNY3,940 CNY2,050
MU2335 Pudong Lhasa 07:50 14:40 CNY5,680 CNY2,920
MU5553 Hongqiao Hefei 07:30 08:30 CNY1,090 CNY600

 International Flights:



Airline Company



MU501 Hong Kong China Eastern Airlines 2h25m Daily
HX237 Hong Kong Hamburg Airlines 2h45m Daily
KA805 Hong Kong Dragon Air 2h35m Daily
MU2007 Macau China Eastern Airlines 2h35m Daily
FM2007 Macau Shanghai Airlines 2h35m Daily
FM801 Taipei Shanghai Airlines 1h40m Daily
BA168 London British Airlines 12h35m

Mon. to Sun.
except Wed.

CA8836 Chicago Air China 13h25m


MU587 New York China Eastern Airlines 14h15m Daily
VN911 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Airlines 4h25m Daily
PG4851 Bangkok Bangkok Airways 4h55m Daily
AF111 Paris Air France 12h40m Daily
CA175 Sydney Air China 11h55m

Thu. to Sun.

MU563 Delhi China Eastern Airlines 5h55m

Fri., Sun.

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