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Cheap Hong Kong Flights:

Brief Introduction:

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is one of the busiest airports in Asia with nearly 50 million passenger throughput and over 3.6 million tones of air cargo within a year. It ranks the fourth place worldwide in terms of international passenger movements. It operates flights to about 150 destinations in the whole world about 40 of which are cities in mainland China. In peak hours, it can handle nearly 60 flights per hour. Every day, there are approximately 750 airplanes go forth and back to the airport. About 90 airlines offer services there. Starting here, half of world's population residence can be reached within 5 hours. HKIA has won the world's best airport awards and recognitions over 25 times by 10 entities.

Located in Lantau Island, HKIA has convenient connections with downtown area and regions in the Pearl River Delta. As official data shows, there are cross-boundary coached making 400 trips between HKIA some 90 cities and towns in Peark River Delta area every day, including direct bus connection with Shenzhen Airport. Ferry at SkyPier nearby the airport terminal offers ferries running to ports of the delta area in 30-60 minutes.

Hong Kong Flight Schedule:

The following is a list of partial routes departing from Hong Kong to other cities. Please regard it as a reference. You can search more schedules to other destinations in real time through the search tool above.




Airline Company



KA900 Beijing Dragon Air 3h15m Daily
HU8190 Beijing Hainan Airlines 2h55m Daily
CX6832 Shanghai Cathay Pacific 2h30m Daily
MU510 Shanghai China Eastern Airlines 2h30m Daily
KA1104 Tianjin Dragon Air 3h10m Daily
MU766 Nanjing China Eastern Airlines 2h10m Daily
CA6530 Hangzhou Air China 2h15m Daily
CA6502 Chengdu Air China 2h30m Daily
MU204 Xian China Eastern Airlines 2h25m Daily
CA6532 Wuhan Air China 1h50m Every Wednesday and Sunday
UO4121 Guilin HK Express Airways 1h30m Daily
MF382 Xiamen Xiamen Airlines 1h5m Daily
MU786 Shijiazhuang China Eastern Airlines 3h5m Every Tuesday and Friday
KA840 Chongqing Dragon Air 2h10m From Monday to Sunday except Saturday
CZ3090 Nanning China Southern Airlines 1h25m Daily
HU8082 Sanya Hainan Airlines 1h30m From Tuesday to Saturday except Friday
UO408 Harbin HK Express Airways 4h15m Every Monday and Thursday
KA1106 Dalian Dragon Air 3h25m Daily
SQ001 Singapore Singapore Airlines 3h40m Daily
CX685 Bombay Cathay Pacific Airways 6h55m Daily
GA863 Jakarta Garuda Indonesia Airways 4h45m Daily
KE614 Seoul Korean Airlines 3h30m From Monday to Saturday
CX293 Rome Cathay Pacific Airways 13h10m Daily
UA3315 New York United Airlines 15h20m Daily
CX207 Moscow Cathay Pacific Airways 10h20m Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
CX139 Sydney Cathay Pacific Airways 9h10m Daily
HX618 Tokyo Hamburg Airlines 4h0m Daily
UO616 Osaka HK Express Airways 3h45m Every Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Sunday
MH073 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines 3h45m Daily
LH739 Frankfurt Lufthansa German Airlines 12h20m Daily
UO713 Manila HK Express Airways 2h0m Daily
CX712 Bangkok Cathay Pacific Airways 2h40m Daily
CX253 London Cathay Pacific Airways 13h15m Daily

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