Hong Kong Flights

Hong Kong Flights

Hong Kong is now connecting with more than 220 cities around the world by flight, including 50 cities in Mainland China. It has only one civil-use airport: Hong Kong International Airport. This airport is one of the busiest airports around the world with more than 100 airlines operating over 1,100 flights every day. Half of the world’s population can reach the airport by flight within 5 hours.

This is the only airport for passenger use in Hong Kong, located in Chek Lap Kok, 34 kilometers (21 miles) away from the Hong Kong Island. It has two terminal buildings. T1 is the main terminal building for passengers to depart and arrive.

The airport can be very easily accessed. The Airport Express Line connecting the airport with New Territories and Hong Kong Island. A single ride takes no more than 24 minutes. Besides that, 49 bus routes are operated between the airport and other areas of the city; some of them are even available at late night.

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Hong Kong International Flight Schedule

From Frequency Duration
New York Around 63 departures a week About 16 hours
London Around 63 departures a week About 12 hours
Los Angeles Around 56 departures a week About 15 - 15.5 hours
San Francisco Around 46 departures a week About 14.5 hours
Vancouver Around 38 departures a week About 13 - 13.5hours
Sydney Around 52 departures a week About 9.5 hours
Melbourne Around 54 departures a week About 9.5 hours
Frankfurt Around 14 departures a week About 11 hours
Singapore Around 149 departures a week About 4 hours

More international destinations: Paris, Moscow, Busan, Auckland, Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Seattle, Helsinki, Osaka, Amsterdam, Doha, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Chicago, Toronto…

How much does it cost to fly to Hong Kong?

The airfare to Hong Kong from other international cities changes from time to time. Averagely, the one-way economy ticket from New York to Hong Kong costs CNY 5,000 - 8,000, from Sydney costs CNY 1,500 - 3,000 and from London costs CNY 3,000 - 6,000. Passengers can search for the real-time prices via the search box on page top.

Hong Kong - Mainland China Flight Schedule

To Frequency Duration Ticket Fare (Full Economy Fare)
Beijing Around 55 departures a day About 3 - 3.5 hours CNY 1,200 - 3,400
Shanghai Around 80 departures a day About 2.5 hours CNY 1,200 - 2,500
Guilin Around 7 departures a day About 1.5 hour CNY 1,000 - 1, 500
Hangzhou Around 12 departures a day About 2.5 - 3 hours CNY 1,200 - 2,200
Chengdu Around 14 departures a day About 2.5 - 3 hours CNY 1,200 - 6,000

More destinations in Mainland China: Nanjing, Nanning, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Harbin, Wuxi, Yantai, Jinan…

Tips on Finding Cheap Flights to Hong Kong

1. Make reservation 1-3 months in advance. Usually, the earlier you book, the lower the ticket fare. However, there are some cases the airlines offer great discount just before the plane takes off when there are tickets left, but this is very risking.

2. Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou will soon be connected by high speed trains. If the air ticket to Hong Kong is beyond your budget, you can check if there’s any flights with discount to Guangzhou or Shenzhen, and fly there then transfer to Hong Kong by high speed train. This kind of combination may be more cost saving.

3. Passengers with fixed travel arrangement can buy round-trip tickets, because normally the round-trip ticket enjoys higher discount.

4. Passengers with no high demand of food on the plane and the luggage allowance can choose the low-cost airlines like Asiana Airlines to get a flight ticket to Hong Kong. But be careful of the luggage allowance because you may need to pay a lot for the extra luggage.

5. Normally, the flights depart or arrive late at night or early in the morning are cheaper than others.

6. Some airlines cooperate by the way of sharing one plane, which means the air ticket of a plane are sold by different airlines. In this case, passengers can just buy the cheapest ticket when the departure time of different numbered flights is the same.

Popular Airlines Flying to Hong Kong

 International Airlines: All Nippon Airways, Air Japan, American Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates and Virgin Australia…

 Hong Kong Airlines: Hong Kong Airlines, HK Express, Cathay Dragon, Cathay Pacific…

 Airlines of Mainland China: Air China, Shanghai Airline, Shenzhen Airlines and Xiamen Air…

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