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    Beijing - Xian

Brief Introduction:

Xian Xianyang International Airport is the important traffic hub connecting Northwest China with other region of the country. From the airport, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, Xining and Yinchuan in central and west China can be reached in one hour. 70 percent of the nation's territory can be covered from Xian by two hours' air trip. Capital cities and important tourist cities can be arrived in 3 hours.

At present, Xian Airport has established business with 41 domestic and international airlines, opening 244 flights to 119 destinations with the capacity to ensure the annual passenger throughput of 10 million and handle 32 flights per hour at peak hours. China Eastern Ailrines, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines set up their northwest headquarters in Xian Airport. It now has direct international air routes to Singapore, Nagoya, Helsinki and Moscow, connecting flights to Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Delhi, Tokyo, Nagoya, Singapore and Seattle via Shanghai (Pudong) or Beijing Capital International Airport. In the future, it will launch more direct international flights such as flights to Paris. For domestic air routes, it is a good transfer station to Jiayuguan, Urumqi and Lhasa.

Xian Flight  Schedule:

The following is a list of partial air routes departing from Xian to other cities. Please regard it as a reference. You can search more schedules to other destinations in real time through the search tool above.

 Domestic Flight:




Departure Time

Arrival Time

Full Ticket of 
First Class

Full Ticket of 
Economy Class

MU2103 Beijing 08:55 10:45 CNY2,790 CNY1,210
CA1210 Beijing 13:30 15:20 CNY2,790 CNY1,210
MU2113 Beijing 16:05 18:05 CNY2,790 CNY1,210
MU2151 Shanghai 09:00 11:00 CNY2,680 CNY1,420
CA1215 Shanghai 12:10 14:15 CNY2,680 CNY1,420
MU291 Shanghai 15:00 17:05 CNY2,680 CNY1,420
CZ3216 Guangzhou 08:10 10:40 CNY2,840 CNY1,650
MU2305 Guangzhou 14:40 17:05 CNY2,840 CNY1,650
HU7837 Guangzhou 15:35 18:00 CNY2,400 CNY1,650
MU2325 Shenzhen 09:40 12:05 CNY3,090 CNY1,790
CZ6433 Chengdu 10:40 11:55 CNY1,240 CNY740
MU2347 Chengdu 13:35 14:50 CNY1,240 CNY740
CZ6376 Guilin 11:45 13:30 CNY2,120 CNY1,250
CA1225 Guilin 18:25 20:10 CNY2,120 CNY1,250
MU5490 Hangzhou 10:35 12:55 CNY2,190 CNY1,290
CA1776 Hangzhou 14:15 16:20 CNY2,190 CNY1,290
CZ6570 Changchun 07:40 12:20 CNY3,090 CNY1,790
ZH9157 Changsha 11:15 12:45 CNY1,760 CNY1,050
MU2335 Lhasa 11:35 14:40 CNY3,130 CNY2,310
KY8070 Kunming 13:15 15:15 CNY2,460 CNY1,440
HU7821 Nanjing 08:30 10:15 CNY1,780 CNY1,240
ZH9131 Sanya 08:50 13:20 CNY2,880 CNY1,970
ZH9553 Lanzhou 14:20 15:20 CNY1,190 CNY710
CZ6920 Urumqi 11:50 15:30 CNY3,850 CNY2,210

 International Flight:

Daily Flights



Airline Company



MU203 Hong Kong China Eastern Airlines 2h35m Daily
KA947 Hong Kong Dragonair 2h50m Daily
MU5093 Singapore China Eastern Airlines 7h25m Daily
MU521 (via Shanghai) Tokyo China Eastern Airlines 7h55m Daily
MU291 (via Shanghai) Nagoya China Eastern Airlines 5h10m Daily
MU5021 (via Qingdao) Seoul China Eastern Airlines 3h55m


FD589 Bangkok AirAisa Airlines 4h Daily

Seasonal Flights



Frequency (per week)

Taipei 3h35m Seven times
Taichung 1h50m Twice
Singapore 5h40m Three times
Phuket 4h40m Every six days
Jeju 3h10m Twice
Gangwon-do (Yangyang-gun) 2h Every five days
Cheongju (chartered plane) 3h30m Twice
Busan 3h Four times
Kuala Lumpur 5h Three times
Siem Reap 4h Every five days
Da Nang (chartered plane) 3h25m Twice
Helsinki 8h Three times
Moscow 7h25m Twice
Paris (since Sep. 3, 2014) 8h Twice
Seattle (via Beijing) 16h25m Twice

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