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Brief Introduction:

Located 20 kilometers away to the northeast of downtown area, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport has been one of the three air hubs in southwest China. At this moment, over 70 air routes are in operation in Jiangbei Airport, connecting the city with 60 domestic and international destinations. Except of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, there are direct flights from Chongqing to all other capital cities in China as well as to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Scheduled domestic flights to Guilin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Quanzhou, Lijiang, Jiuzhaigou and Tengchong are supplied everyday. Passengers could also take the direct international airplanes to South Korea (Seoul), Japan (Tokyo and Nagoya) and Thailand (Bangkok). Via Beijing, Shanghai Pudong and Guangzhou, there are also air routes to New York, Washington D.C., London and Paris from Chongqing. 

China Flight Schedule:

The following is a list of partial routes departing from Chongqing to other cities. Please regard it as a reference. You can search more schedules to other destinations in real time through the search tool above.

 Domestic Flights:




Departure Time

Arrival Time

Full Ticket of
First Class

Full Ticket of
Economy Class

CA4129 Beijing 08:00 10:20 CNY3,280 CNY1,720
CA4141 Beijing 14:00 16:30 CNY3,280 CNY1,720
MU5420 Shanghai 08:00 10:10 CNY3,140 CNY1,650
3U8973 Shanghai 14:35 16:45 CNY2,400 CNY2,100
3U8741 Guangzhou 07:40 09:30 CNY1,930 CNY1,690
CZ8139 Guangzhou 15:10 17:00 CNY2,280 CNY1,340
MU2262 Xian 10:30 11:40 CNY1,370 CNY810
MF8460 Xian 14:20 15:30 CNY1,370 CNY810
ZH9762 Shenzhen 08:55 10:50 CNY2,460 CNY1,440
CZ8191 Guilin 13:40 14:50 CNY1,420 CNY840
MF8474 Hangzhou 11:45 13:40 CNY2,610 CNY1,520
CA4545 Nanjing 08:00 09:55 CNY2,460 CNY1,440
MF8488 Quanzhou 11:25 14:40 CNY2,860 CNY1,660
CZ8163 Lijiang 13:00 14:40 CNY1,960 CNY1,160
CZ3860 Shantou 11:55 15:10 CNY2,410 CNY1,660
CA4123 Xiamen 08:30 10:30 CNY2,340 CNY1,610
3U8821 Xining 11:10 12:50 CNY1,750 CNY1,540
SC4811 Lanzhou 11:15 12:50 CNY1,800 CNY1,250
MU5722 Kunming 10:40 11:55 CNY1,390 CNY820
CZ6038 Urumqi 10:15 14:15 CNY3,990 CNY2,290
CZ3183 Lhasa 11:30 14:00 CNY3,420 CNY1,790
MF8488 Changsha 11:25 12:35 CNY1,440 CNY850

 International Flights:



Airline Company



CA419 Hong Kong Air China 2h10m Daily
CA409 Taipei Air China 3h0m Every Tuesday,
Friday and Sunday
SQ5175 Singapore Singapore Airlines 4h55m Every Monday
and Saturday
CA157 Tokyo (via Shanghai) All Nippon Airways 8h10m Daily

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