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Brief Introduction:

Beijing Capital International Airport (ICAO: ZBAA; IATA: PEK) is the principal airport of the city and the busiest civilian airport in China, and meanwhile, the headquarter of Air China. It once replaced Tokyo Haneda Airport as the busiest airport in Asian and listed among the four busiest airports in Asia, together with Hong Kong, Bangkok and Tokyo in 2004. The same year, the third terminal building started to be built and opened into use in 2008. It is the largest independent terminal building, as large as 170 soccer fields. Since then, Capital Airport became the first one nationwide with three terminal buildings, two control towers and three aerodrome runways in service coinstantaneously.

Capital International Airport is an important portal of entry for foreign exchanges, being the center of network of China Civil Aviation. At present, it has 98 domestic flights to 91 cities of the country and 101 international routes to 76 cities outside the country. Compared with this crucial transportation hub in Northeast Asia, the other airport in Beijing, Nanyuan Airport is small. It is for both military and civilian use. There are domestic air routes only, heading for some major cities like Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Haikou, Sanya, Chongqing, Changsha and some smaller place, such as Foshan, Linyi, Fuyang, Ordos, Baotou, Quzhou, Yulin, Lianyungang, Changzhou, Hailar and Manchuria.

Beijing Flight Schedule:

The following is a list of partial routes departing from Beijing to other cities. Please regard it as a reference. You can search more schedules to other destinations in real time through the search tool above. 

 Domestic Flights:




Departure Time

Arrival Time

Full Ticket of
First Class

Full Ticket of
Economy Class

MU5138 Shanghai 07:00 09:10 CNY2,420 CNY1,290
FM9102 Shanghai 08:30 10:40 CNY2,420 CNY1,290
CA934 Shanghai 14:00 16:05 CNY2,990 CNY1,290
MU5140 Shanghai 14:30 16:45 CNY2,420 CNY1,290
CZ3108 Guangzhou 08:30 11:45 CNY4,070 CNY1,860
HU7801 Guangzhou 15:00 18:10 CNY3,220 CNY1,860
CA1203 Xian 07:15 09:00 CNY2,790 CNY1,210
MU2112 Xian 14:10 16:05 CNY2,790 CNY1,210
CA1311 Guilin 07:30 10:25 CNY3,380 CNY2,490
CA1471 Guilin 12:30 15:20 CNY3,380 CNY2,490
MU5164 Hangzhou 09:00 11:15 CNY1,890 CNY1,310
CA1716 Hangzhou 14:00 16:00 CNY2,460 CNY1,310
3U8896 Chengdu 08:20 11:15 CNY2,320 CNY2,030
CA4196 Chengdu 13:00 16:00 CNY3,470 CNY1,600
ZH9960 Shenzhen 12:00 15:15 CNY4,190 CNY1,910
CA905 Kunming 08:05 11:40 CNY3,420 CNY1,970
CA1485 Nanning 11:55 15:10 CNY4,260 CNY2,210
MU2802 Nanjing 10:30 12:10 CNY1,980 CNY1,170
CA4112 Lhasa 09:00 15:00 CNY5,020 CNY2,590
MU2452 Wuhan 11:30 13:40 CNY2,100 CNY1,240
CZ6904 Urumqi 09:04 13:15 CNY4,980 CNY2,570
CN7127 Harbin 08:20 10:15 CNY1,600 CNY1,120
CZ3116 Zhengzhou 10:25 11:50 CNY1,490 CNY800
CA1891 Xiamen 08:50 11:35 CNY3,580 CNY2,730
MU5296 Taiyuan 13:25 14:25 CNY1,340 CNY700
KN2937 Hohhot 16:20 17:10 CNY1,010 CNY610
CZ3120 Haikou 12:45 16:35 CNY4,210 CNY2,410
SC4652 Qingdao 09:50 11:10 CNY1,530 CNY820

 International Flights:



Airline Company



CZ310 Hong Kong China Southern Airlines  3h35m Daily
CA111 Hong Kong Air China 3h35m Daily
KA991 Hong Kong Dragon Air  3h30m Daily
CA3601 Macau Air China 3h40m Daily
CA3603 Macau Air China 3h50m Daily
CA981 New York Air China 14h20m Daily
CA937 London Air China 11h20m Daily
CA961 Munich Air China 10h50m Every Monday, Wednesday 
and Saturday
SU572 Moscow  Aeroflot  8h15m Every Monday, Wednesday, 
Friday and Saturday
PR359 Manila Philippine Airlines 4h45m Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 
Friday and Saturday
SQ803 Singapore Singapore Airlines 6h20m Daily
MH379 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines 6h15m Every Monday, Thursday, 
Friday and Saturday
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